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  1. This thread has inspired me to go out and buy an RV myself. I’m currently unemployed and legally blind, but I just took out a 3rd mortgage and maxed out my credit cards to buy a brand new, top of the line rig. The dealer said I need a commercial drivers license but fuck that, I almost graduated community college so I think I can handle it. My wife was going to leave me and take the kids with her but I figure 18 months on the road together will smooth everything over. My friends and family haven’t exactly been supportive, but this is just like the time they tried to get me to go to rehab for the 6th time and I escaped by crawling out the bathroom window. I’m actually sitting my my RV now just laughing to myself about how fucking smart I am and what a brilliant idea this is.
  2. Any time you can get Baylor lawyers off the street it's a good thing.
  3. Landen King? More like Goodbye Queen! Does that make sense? It made sense in my head.
  4. All players should cross train at every position. It’s called positionless football and it’s what smart programs do.
  5. Vetting Klobs would be a blast. Just listening to her former staffers tell you stories about how she took away their healthcare because someone accidentally replied all to an email or when she slapped an assistant for making eye contact.
  6. I watched 1/2 a season and then came back a couple months later to finish it and ended up going insane trying to remember who the fuck all the characters are and what they are doing.
  7. Usually when this thread gains 4 pages in an afternoon we got a commit but no it turns out futureman decided to make a sock.There needs to be a software update that automatically puts ignored poster’s socks on ignore too.
  8. You really don’t want to mix your PPP money with your operating account. My lawyer (troph) advised me to take all of the money out of all my accounts in cash, and then also cash out my PPP money. I keep the money organized in piles on the floor of my office with a sticky note indicating what account the money goes in. One time I knocked over a pile into another pile and had to burn both, lest they become intermingled. It’s a pain, but doing things the right way is worth it.
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