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  1. Buy a car off bring a trailer and update this thread as you bid. That would be entertaining.
  2. https://www.thethings.com/reasons-why-infiniti-is-in-big-trouble-in-2020/
  3. There’s a good chance Infiniti doesn’t exist in a couple of years.
  4. I remember Austin in the 90s, nothing but antique shops and wine bars, just like Fredericksburg.
  5. I like that we missed on Earle and went out of state to get a guy with a similar skill set, rather than pulling a late era Mack and taking a JAG from Texas. I like JJ Henry, but it’s hard to play any position in college when you weigh 125 pounds.
  6. I think there’s a good chance that Alexis ends up a composite 4 star, but he’s the exact kind of three star you want. Has good measurables with elite speed, he’s just raw when it comes to route running and playing WR in general. Credit to Herman, he’s been really good landing high upside 3 stars for the most part, a couple guys in the 2021 class notwithstanding.
  7. Buy the luxury car coming off of a 3 year lease with low miles and dealer service records and a few years of warranty still left.
  8. Yeah, can you imagine if the law and law enforcement were political?
  9. I still remember watching King play whatever televised game it was last year and just sucking so much ass. Sucking on a level that no D1 player ever should regardless of the competition. Throwing multiple interceptions and getting sacked constantly. That was maybe my favorite game I saw in 2019.
  10. He was also the dirtiest player in the NFL. Which I respect.
  11. Somehow this is all Bill Brewer’s fault.
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