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  1. If only Ewers had the same strong character as Tunmise.
  2. All these visits means Stewart is going to be a millionaire by February. Respect.
  3. I think Altria is probably a little bit pissed that their 10 billion plus investment in Juul is now worth 2-3 billion.
  4. The goal should be the complete and total eradication of all crime, including thought crime.
  5. Just saw this thread, I was too busy fighting off a gang of homeless murderers from killing my children in Montrose. Yeah it’s a pain trying to fend off wave after wave of criminal from raping my family, but you can’t beat the commute to downtown. Man, I wish I was smart enough to live 45 minutes away in a former cotton field/swamp surrounded by guys who work at the Verizon store and have used jet skis parked in their driveways.
  6. Look for a law firm that isn’t just a car wreck mill, meaning lots of lawyers handling lots of low value cases that just get processed because you won’t get good value for your claim. Hire a firm that specializes in car wreck cases, not firms that say they handle every single kind of injury case under the sun. Harris vs Montgomery lawyer probably doesn’t matter much.
  7. Lots of terrible advice on this thread. The other drivers insurance company is not going to tender policy limits unless you have massive medical bills and it’s a minimum policy or some shit. They also will not tell you what the policy limits are because they don’t have to. The only time I tell people not to hire a lawyer is when they’re not really that hurt and can get a few grand from the insurance company and be done with it.
  8. You should have gotten run over in Harris county, Montgomery County sucks.
  9. Crazy that the new Florida anti protest laws don’t apply to the Cuban protesters. Also:
  10. The Dems need to kick this up a notch and divert the plane to Cuba. I want to see Abbott order the Texas Military to invade Cuba.
  11. Rick and Morty fans being weirdos and arguing on the internet? I don’t believe it.
  12. Looks like the US needs to invade. What could go wrong?
  13. I find it hilarious that football coaches all over the country are currently screaming at their staff about why they don’t have an NFT program while having no idea what it is. Some poor staffer is having to explain blockchain to Ed Orgeron.
  14. After losing Williams and Banks but landing 2 white linemen you have to think that Sark can’t close with black players. You would think he would be great relating to POC players because he’s Armenian.
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