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  1. I posted this article twice on my Traces of Texas Facebook page. Believe it or not, the two posts reached nearly 2 million people. One of them was the CEO of Dairy Queen operations in Texas, who sent me this response: We noticed that your Traces of Texas Facebook page has recently shared an old Texas Monthly article from April 2018 multiple times in the last week. As CEO of the Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you our response and speak to the health of Dairy Queen across the state of Texas. We would love a heads up if you plan on posting anything else regarding the matter, and please reach out if you have any questions on the topic. DQ is proud to be a strong, vibrant staple of Texas culture since 1947. Our 608 (and growing) locations in communities across this great state are locally owned and operated and employ over 9,000 people. Dairy Queen owners and operators in Texas include multi-generational families – parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents – who have worked hard and sacrificed to build what Texas Dairy Queen represents in this state. These are the same proud, honorable families who have been growing their successful Dairy Queen empires since 1947. Several generations currently have ownership entities which have been passed down and expanded to include more of the restaurants they are developing even at this writing. Texas Dairy Queen’s operator community built over 53 new locations in the past five years and continues to open new locations this year. Texas Dairy Queen has re-introduced its iconic “That’s What I Like About Texas” tagline as we continue to be an important part of the fabric of Texas’ local communities and heritage. We know the world of QSR dining continues to change. Our plans, both in and out of the kitchen, are designed to play back the message that are we satisfying both our long-time loyal customers and yet more generations to come. As Texas Dairy Queen owners, we uphold the high standards of upkeep and health standards required by our franchisor as we take pride in both our community images and our dedication to quality treats and eats.
  2. I read this and I have to say that it made me so sad. In many of these small Texas towns the DQ is pretty much the only place to get a restaurant meal. They are woven into the social fabric of these small towns. Often, when I'm driving around Texas looking for something to photograph, I'll stop in the DQ and talk to one of the old timers who's invariably sitting there drinking coffee and socializing, strike up a conversation, and the next thing you know I'm being told about, say, a bank vault door that Bonnie and Clyde walked through that is now in somebody's barn. They don't call 'em Texas stop signs for nothin'! https://www.texasmonthly.com/food/farewell-to-dairy-queen/
  3. Wouldn't it be far easier, and cheaper, to just lower our "standard?"
  4. I have never been hit with a helmet to my naked skull and feel incomplete in terms of my life experiences as a man on planet earth.
  5. Temple at Longview tonight at 7:30 p.m. Temple's offense scoring 48 points per game. Longview has a stout defense. Quinten Johnston with 29 receptions and 7 TDs on the year. Would appreciate updates.
  6. If you folks on Facebook and Twitter would just stick to Traces of Texas, your experience would be much more enjoyable. Just sayin'.
  7. Wait til you guys see the spinning Longhorn hologram over the stadium.
  8. Bijan's stats going into the first round of the playoffs. 22.2 yards per carry. Is that good? Games: 9 Carries: 89 Yards: 1974 Avg: 22.2 Y/G: 219.3 Longest: 92 TD: 36 This has got to be the biggest "man among boys" discrepancy ever.
  9. A happy 64th birthday to the baddest hand sign in all the land and God bless Harley Clark!
  10. 10th rate? My fwiend in Wome, Biggus Dickus, will not be amused by this comment.
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