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  1. Be even funnier if that happened and they beat Ohio State.
  2. What's really ironic is that Hollis, Oklahoma, where DKR was born, was actually in Greer County, Texas until 1896 i.e. for the first 60 years of Texas' existence. So, if DKR could have been born 28 years earlier, he'd have been a Texan.
  3. Could be like a reverse Alaska type deal in which we sell Puerto Rico to the Russians.
  4. I just saw this. Thank you for the kindly words. I'm very appreciative.
  5. Dear Penthouse Forum, I never really believed any of these letters were real until I ran into my new girlfriend, whom I will call Kristin, .....
  6. I think we should dock the moderator's pay. That will teach them!
  7. His forearms are exceptional, too. Thomas Carriger-esque. The kind of forearms you want to see in a football player.
  8. Wait a minute .... what am I going to do with these two five gallon water bottles I have filled with pennies?
  9. I think it might be Duckworth. She punches all the buttons.
  10. Senator Cornyn has retweeted me several times this weekend. Ted Cruz did, too. Beto O'Rourke is following me but I don't think he has retweeted me yet.
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