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  1. Flew from DC to Zurich on Friday on Swiss. Business was basically empty. I’d say 1/8th full. Took a peek out to see how the plebes were livin’ in economy. Was a third full.
  2. Absolutely correct. The entire concept of the “Greater Israel” plan is well-documented, yet conveniently ignored across the board by corporate-controlled media on both sides of the political aisle. The moment that concept is understood, all of our “frolics and detours” though the Middle East over the past decades all of a sudden make a lot more sense, as it absolutely corresponds to where we are hell bent on waging regime change wars. And no, this is not a conspiratorial screed...it’s a simple observation that pro-Israeli expansionist entities have much more clout over the whores who supposedly “represent us” in Washington have.
  3. Oh, stated goal or are you talking about desired goal realized? Is that what you mean when 3/4 of internationally recognized Palestine has been annexed by Israel?
  4. Yeah, they should just be content to allow justice to manifest itself through the process. No reason to distrust the process at all.
  5. Turkey is an aggressor in a non-covered foreign land. Article 5 does not apply. Nor does 6. Turkey can get fucked. Legally speaking, that is.
  6. I work for a very large well-known company in the German auto industry. We cancelled 3,500 hotel reservations in a large city here in Germany for a quarterly conference today. Meeting was set to begin Monday. We are all gonna die.
  7. Woo Han! Got Us All in Check officially over here in Germany as of today. Specifically the district of Munich where I live has the honor. It’s the first documented “person to person” transmission outside of China. Some poor dude caught it from a colleague from Wuhan who was in town for work. Was nice knowing y’all.
  8. Yep. I have been here for years and the disconnect between how Americans see our military actions and how most Western Continental Europeans see our actions still amazes me. The legacy of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with respect to European popular opinion is that we are largely seen as trigger-happy oil looters by all levels of society. In the urban/higher educated areas, I would say over 90% of the population has an extremely negative view of US military and foreign policy decisions.
  9. PM said in his initial address to parliament prior to the vote that the resolution voting US troops out passed, he would sign. One of the Iraqi analysts on German TV tonight is saying that there will be contention over the one-year issue, as there were provisions in the agreement between the US and Iraq explicitly prohibiting: attacks not relating to ISIS, attacks against Iran launched by the US from Iraqi soil and attacks against Iraqi military (into which the PMUs were absorbed officially last year). He is saying that attacks against non-ISIS actors were to be carried out with the approval of/in coordination with the Iraqi military. Of course, Soleimani via his direction of the PMUs, was one of the reasons ISIS has had its ass kicked in Syria and Iraq, so gonna be pretty tough to pin this strike on that provision. Not that it will make a difference in the long run. The US will leave when it decides to leave, of course.
  10. Helicopter footage of the turnout at Soleimani's funeral in his hometown of Ahvaz.
  11. So, when the Iraqi Parliament finally votes to expel U.S. troops today in their special session, I am sure we will respect the will of the legitimate government of Iraq and leave. /s News reports are already saying that Sunni and Kurdish MPs are refusing to show up for the vote and that Shiite groups are threatening any MP that doesn't show up to cast a vote with death. Even so, 170 (out of 329) MPs have already apparently come out in support of expulsion. I am sure that this won't further escalate sectarian tensions /s. https://arab.news/8qzy5
  12. They just reported this on the morning news here in Germany. Not a lot of details, but they said Al Shabaab had entered the base and that shit was still burning at the moment. They had a quote from some Kenyan military guy who said the bulk of the attack had been repulsed but that pockets of Al Shabaab may still be inside the base.
  13. I've been in Glasgow all week and had two cab drivers tell me that they lived in Jo's district and couldn't wait to vote her out. She really seems to have done what was required to piss away the "55-year old Glaswegian Cabbie" vote.
  14. Regardless of one's position on this conflict, is it not an indictment on the seriousness of the U.S. media when it comes to reporting on this conflict that this "moderate rebel" Salim Idriss, who solicited and received funds and (serious) arms (i.e., TOWs) directly from the United States until at least 2017, is now the Minister of Defense of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army, which is the umbrella org covering the Turkish-controlled proxy militias that are carrying out all the atrocities against the Kurds on behalf of Erdogan. Situations certainly change during war, and that is certainly true between the time he was posing with McCain/soliciting arms next to the leader of the centre-Left parliamentary group in the EU and carrying out war crimes against the Kurds, but Americans should not have to read po-dunk alt-media sites or German or French language papers to learn that this jihadi group is being led by a former recipient of our largesse. It is newsworthy.
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