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  1. 90% of his assists were dumping it down to Karl Malone after he road graded some poor bastard that he outweighed by 100 lbs into the third row. I actually looked at John Stockton highlights before I made my post, trying to remind myself if there was something that I missed or had forgotten. The one thing I will say is that he was probably the best ever at passing with his off hand off the dribble. Those are impressive, but Stockton played for 1000 years and had almost 16,000 assists and those were the best highlights they could find? Fuck the numbers. Watch this Jason Kidd reel and tell me that John Stockton was a better passer.
  2. Apologies if this is taken out of context, but with all due respect, you are one of the few who has been tested and shown to have antibodies. You are operating with a completely different level of certainty and safety than the rest of us.
  3. Are you kidding me? The Jazz were the most system-based team in the NBA. They ran the same shit for years and years under Jerry Sloan. I mean, they ran it into the fucking ground. I always likened Stockton to an air-raid system QB with inflated stats - great numbers, but how much was him and how much was the system he was in? And you can't discount Karl Malone's impact on his success. Not only was it like the air raid, it was like running the air raid with Earl Campbell as his running back. And never forget that Stockton was one of the dirtiest, cheap shot motherfuckers to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. Fuck John Stockton. My list: Kidd, Paul, Payton, Stockton, Nash.
  4. I thought for sure that sumbitch was going to end up at OU and winning a Heisman.
  5. Are people still having problems getting hand sanitizer? I was presented with an opportunity to make/sell it in 50 or 100 ml containers.
  6. All SAE are reported, regardless of whether they are treatment-related. So, an increase in disease severity in this case is considered an SAE, which you would consider par for the course in this disease. It looks like very few of the SAE were treatment related. You would think with an already approved drug, they would have a pretty good idea of side effects and SAE.
  7. Last 20 years head to head record: A&M vs OU: 3-11 A&M vs LSU: 1-8
  8. While I don't miss the mid-range game per se, I think that you don't see guys attempt and make as many difficult shots as you used to. And most of those shots were in the mid-range. Nobody takes a spinning, double clutch three pointer. The guys today are much more skilled shooters, there's no doubt. But there just doesn't seem to be as much creativity any more. Also, I do miss post play. Watching MJ operate out of the post and drilling a turnaround in the Last Dance felt refreshing, especially for something that is 20+ years old. I miss that part of the game, for sure. By the Bulls, yes. He still went on to make around $80 million after leaving Chicago which was after he turned 33. He was just as overpaid in the latter part of his career as he was underpaid in his prime. Yeah, it's already here. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw a 3 on 2 fast break and one of the guys on the wing fanned out to the three point line. I'm sure there's some analytics guy out there saying it is the right play to make, but it goes against all of my sensibilities.
  9. I'm probably going to get killed for this, but I microwave my bacon in a pyrex dish with a lid on it. No mess outside the dish, done in like 5-6 minutes. Comes out just about perfect every time.
  10. My kids are supposed to be at camp starting June 21. I paid the bill, but we can cancel at anytime and get a refund. I think it's pretty obvious that in a month, the numbers are going to keep going up as they reopen more things. My wife is convinced that there is no way that the kids are going. I'm just playing it by ear until we get more information but it's a daily discussion in our house. I'm really on the fence with it. On one hand, I figure they are at really low risk and I really want them to get the fuck out of the house and have the experience, especially after what they've gone through so far. On the other, they are going to be mixing with kids from all over, mostly from large metro Texas cities, but who knows what they are going to bring home.
  11. I should have kept it as "while he was playing" because he's getting a shitload more love now than he ever did when he played. History has been much kinder to him than when he was actually playing. And I was going to chastise you for citing Bleacher Report, and then I looked at the latest ESPN list and they have him at 21. I'm not sure that a guy who finished top 5 (and #5 at that) in MVP voting a total of one time in his career is really the 21st best player to ever play in the history of the NBA.
  12. Pippen never really got his due even when he was playing. Jordan's star burned so bright that he couldn't help but be caught in the shadows. For his career, Pippen made three All-NBA first teams and two of them were in the two years that MJ was "retired." Pippen's game wasn't really the type to be overly celebrated either because he wasn't a big scorer and never stuffed the stat sheet. His career numbers were 16, 5 and 6. He only had a few seasons where he eclipsed 20 ppg. He was more of a facilitator on offense and he was just absolutely suffocating on defense. But he was maybe the best glue guy, ever. Pretty much anything you needed to get done to help you win a basketball game that didn't show up in the box score, he was fucking great at. That said, I'm not sure he was a perennial top 5 player in the league. During that era, nobody would have taken him over Hakeem or David Robinson or Jordan or Barkley or Karl Malone. Well, maybe Karl Malone because he was such a dickhead. But Pippen wasn't considered to be better than guys like Drexler or even Dominique back then. He was never considered to be a superstar that you could build a team around. He was the greatest #2 ever, but does that make him a true top 5 player? In fact, doesn't that kind of argue that he wasn't?
  13. In 2018 they signed five 4 star dlinemen in Michael Thompson, Ron Tatum, Ronnie Perkins, Jalen Redmond, and Jordan Kelley. Thompson got hurt, moved to offense then transferred. Tatum transferred. Perkins has been good but got suspended for the Peach Bowl probably for failing a drug test. Redmond has been pretty good. Kelley has been mostly injured. Point being, they've signed really good DL classes in the very recent past. Recruiting them hasn't really been their problem.
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