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  1. They still shouldn't be this bad. That game last night was about effort. And their effort sucked until the fourth quarter. I don't get it with this team. They are 9-15, habitually lose to the dregs of the league, and act like they can flip the switch to pull out wins whenever they feel like it. If this were any other franchise in the league, the head coach would be on the hot seat.
  2. Lol. We are fucking horrible. On five days rest at home with Cleveland, one of the absolute worst teams in the league sporting an eight game losing streak, playing the second night of a back to back after traveling from Cleveland and playing to the wire last night. Just a terrible, inexcusable horrific loss.
  3. That game is worth, what, $30 million to the conference? I don't think it's going anywhere. Plus, you get the bonus of a possible upset that potentially puts two teams into the playoff. I don't like it either, but zero chance they give up that revenue.
  4. If Milwaukee wins 70 (currently on pace for 72 in a dreadful conference), I could definitely see him repeating. The competing narrative being 1) that AD, an MVP candidate in his own right, is making Lebron's job easier; and 2) I don't want to denigrate what Luka or the Mavs have done so far, but they've had the easiest schedule in the Western Conference. I don't think they are going to keep up this pace (56 wins) for the rest of the season. A low 50 win total is probably a more likely scenario, and it's going to be difficult to vote for an MVP of a low 50 win team.
  5. Giannis is averaging 30, 13 and 5 and his team is 22-3. I'm thinking he might be in the MVP discussion.
  6. I'm sorry that I even brought up the advanced stats. I don't think they tell the whole story, which is why I take most of them with a grain of salt. And while I understand that his numbers are adjusted for pace, that doesn't really tell the whole story. Pace just adjusts for the number of possessions. It does not take into account style of play, which when the game is wide open, tends to deteriorate on the defensive end. So when the Bullets are giving up >120/game, the other team typically isn't playing at the same level of defensive intensity. If we are being honest, there is probably a nonlinearity to pace that is not accounted for, because all possessions are not created equally when the contest has turned into a glorified pick up game three minutes into the first quarter. Which is how the Wizards play almost every night. Don't get me wrong, I still wish we had the guy and for sure Pop should have been giving him more minutes. My real point is that I don't feel like he's having that massive of a breakout season where he is impacting wins and losses. I think he is mostly still the same player as he always was for the Spurs, just getting more burn and playing in a style conducive to his strengths that inflates his numbers. If he were still with the Spurs, would their record be any different than it is today? I don't believe so. I still think Morris would have had a bigger impact on wins and losses and I can't blame the Spurs for that one. They got screwed by the most bush league franchise in sports pulling a complete bullshit move. It will be interesting to see what happens to Bertans this offseason. I think there are a lot of teams with cap space and it's a weak free agency class. My prediction is that somebody is going to get a hard on for his shooting and overpay the hell out of him.
  7. I'm kind of in this boat too. I haven't watched him enough to make a bold "Sam Bradford seems like he sucks" call that would backfire curse him into a Heisman trophy, but the few times I did see him, I never thought I was seeing a generational talent. An excellent running back? Sure. But Adrian Peterson-level can't miss hall of fame level level running back? I didn't get that impression.
  8. The other thing about Bertans is that he's playing on a team with the third highest pace in the league and the single worst defensive team in the league. In addition to the increase in minutes, those numbers are inflated like a motherfucker because of how they play. I'm not big on advanced stats and especially the defensive ones, but his advanced numbers are way down compared to what they were for the Spurs. He's one of 6 players in the league with negative defensive win shares, and 4 of the other ones are his teammates. Who'd a thunk he'd thrive on a team where all he has to do is jack shots and not play any defense? Despite how terrible the Spurs are defensively and were last year as well, Pop was at least going to make him try. Don't get me wrong, I'd take him back in a heartbeat and the Marcus Morris thing still pisses me off, but somebody is going to give him a horrible contract this Summer.
  9. Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs aka Mr. Blonde, not to be confused with Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.
  10. Joke is on us when we end up one ping pong ball short of the number 1 pick.
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