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  1. I remember when he was billed as a 6-4 210 guy. That's quite the regression.
  2. This feels like a joke, but I'll believe it because I want to.
  3. Sheesh. They really just poured all of the strong physical genes into Cam and left the scraps for his brothers.
  4. The two might be related, but he's also a piece of shit who has been badmouthing the program to other recruits
  5. Pluck generally means he uses his hands with ease. There are many who bring balls in with their arms, bodies, fights the ball before controlling it, etc.
  6. One undersized, slow-footed DB, one overmatched linebacker prospect, and two safeties with average looking athleticism It's easier to see his tools in that vid though
  7. Coaches are allowed to have personalities. The kids will love it like they loved Herman's grill when he was winning.
  8. Taking him now won't keep us from dropping contact with him later if things go the season goes well. Just like he could blow up and drop us.
  9. Lockett is from Oklahoma. Maybe he's just saying "from Texas" like from the Texas coaching staff.
  10. Michael Sam was the SEC co-defensive player of the year. Had double digit sacks in the SEC and basically went undrafted from the SEC.
  11. Kid's a 5* lunch pail kind of guy if I've ever seen one
  12. I didn't even realize they were both rated 95 on 247, I thought i recalled Jackson being the lesser preferred transfer between the two. I'm a blunt guy, so I'm not intentionally dogpiling. Part of the fun in draft day is seeing names you remember reading about in those recruiting articles. I couldn't find an answer on google, so I came here.
  13. I mentioned it on the draft thread, but we took a two time All-ACC performer in Parker Braun and left him undrafted. tOSU took a lower regarded prospect in Jonah Jackson and put him in the 3rd round. I can't even find a draft profile on this guy. Anyone know what happened?
  14. nah, CJ has been with that girl for a while. She's been in he and his brother's videos.
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