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  1. Valmy77

    AP Top 25

    Quadruple post! New personal best! In my defense the forum software gave no indication it had posted.
  2. Valmy77

    AP Top 25

    Is it though? I mean I guess if you are clearly a top team it is pretty easy. But I don't see how that is really different from the big 12 nor do I think we have the worst conference reputation, we are just sitting there with the ACC and PAC 12. Agree that Jerry World sucks though.
  3. Valmy77

    AP Top 25

    Auburn can save the day by beating both SEC pretenders.
  4. I buy his numbers. I am totally on board with the amount of times Tom goes for it. I have my criticism but that is certainly not one of them. That is just called being a 21st century head coach and not living in the archaic past.
  5. Yeah if the AD has to come in and tell the HC how to run his staff, the HC is probably already a failure. But maybe somebody can tell me of that time that that situation worked out great.
  6. Valmy77

    AP Top 25

    Will this be the second LSU v Bama "Game of the Century" that was completely pointless?
  7. I don't get it. 2016 Pitt was not a top team or anything but they weren't bad. 2019 South Carolina is a pitiful bottom feeder.
  8. I just thought maybe the four and five star guys who were coming in might be talented and we might at least be as good. So...I am clearly an idiot.
  9. Talk about a meteor game.
  10. Winners are the right personality at Texas and he is a winner.
  11. Yeah. Pierce may turn it around but last year was a disaster. We are not anywhere close to being confident that baseball is being well managed.
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