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  1. No, no sir you are not. My 2002 CWS HIghlight film is on VHS...damn has it been that long?
  2. Seriously? Damn. I was looking forward to that series.
  3. Well I guess that is a common sense precaution. I can still watch on TV. Fortunately the Texas heat should take care of this Coronavirus thing at some point, shouldn't it? It does for the normal flu.
  4. Really. I mean even if we were 16-0 none of it really matters until we get into Big 12 play.
  5. Yeah now this, this is like last year.
  6. Huh. I only look at Baseball America and D1baseball. I was not aware there were so many polls.
  7. I think that is our RPI or something. I don't see us rated in any polls.
  8. And we are not rated at all so what does that say?
  9. 122 for one game in baseball? Is that a record?
  10. I had bacon this morning to celebrate Arky's failure.
  11. I think we are excited but cautious. We know that the Big 12 is what really matters, this is a warm up. Will our pitching staff hold up in the Big 12? Will our hitting be able to continue to manufacture enough runs to win consistently in the Big 12? Those are the major questions that need to be answered.
  12. I mean I loved doing those things but we all noticed the big problems and I was just hoping somehow they would be solved while we were still winning. But obviously it just got worse. This year the team is fundamentally sound and a decent baseball team...so far. I am excited to see if we can go 9-0 and how we do against the top 10 teams in the tournament.
  13. Which is why I found EZ$'s take pretty weak. What defined last year's team was being fundamentally unsound at Catcher and in the middle infield, along with a bullpen that hit batters and threw wild pitches. It was not the things he listed, which are true of every team for the past decade. How did we give up the lead tonight? We gave up hits. Imagine that? Having a bullpen so great that the other team actually has to swing the bat to get runs? After last year that was refreshing. So no, this team is not the same kind of team as last years. At least not yet. Let me know when we throw multiple wild pitches and walk the bases loaded, then I will be convinced EZ$ is correct. I question he actually suffered through last year with that take.
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