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  1. So a day or so after my last post I got to 52.0 lbs lost on the year. Then I ate a lot last Friday and Sunday. Gained...get this...12.4 lbs. I packed on the water. I must have been really dehydrated and needing fluids. The carbs and salt I had helped store all the fluids I drank. Been fasting since Sunday night. Have lost 6 of those pounds, and I feel like I'll lose a couple more by morning. I'm breaking my fast with BBQ Friday and on Saturday I have a family function to celebrate the life of a cousin that just passed. I'll eat there as well (burgers/dogs). Sunday I'll get back on the fast train.
  2. And that breakfast sandwich...get it double meat, double cheese.
  3. #3 w/ cheese, mayo & mustard, only pickles Large onion rings But I don't get the same thing every time. Sometimes w/ bacon. Sometimes with japs. Sometimes the HBBQCSS. I really like their buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich.
  4. Longhorn Al


    Has anyone had the Lady Marmalade at Hopdoddy? They have it till March 3rd. I'm not a huge Hopdoddy fan, but it looks too good to pass up. Might have to try it this weekend. Bacon Onion Marmalade, Gouda Fondue, Beef Patty, Dill Pickles, Dijon Mustard
  5. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    Another one I like: Macho Taco - In Manchaca next door to the Mr. Gatti's. Mostly for tacos. I had their cheese enchiladas recently and they were ok. But I go for their barbacoa tacos. They have good sauces, as well.
  6. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    Same. I might have gone there once, but don't remember it. Will have to try it again.
  7. Boston losing at home 3-1 vs. Calgary. They'll be nice and pissed for our game.
  8. Chicago just jumped on St. Louis to start the 2nd. Now 3-1 Hawks.
  9. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    Brodie Oaks? It's the same group, but I've never thought Texican Cantina (Brodie Oaks) was as good as the original in Manchaca.
  10. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    I'm a simple guy. I get their El Paso cheese enchiladas. Love that smoky sauce they use. Not the typical gravy. And I get a sour cream chicken enchilada a la carte. That thing is amazing. Their chips and salsa is good, too. Haven't had their cabrito yet.
  11. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    I'm a fan of Texican Café in Manchaca.
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