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  1. We want a scoreboard integrated into a website. This will also need to have schedule/record pages for each team included. We'd like these team pages to store each season as time goes on. How it works is we have people monitor social media for live score updates. They then manually update the score/time into the scoreboard, and it then pushes a tweet with the score, time, links and hashtags. There will be a different number of games each week, so the scoreboard needs to be flexible in that regard. Also, some games will be on the radio or streamed online, so we'd like to be able to link to those as well. As for the schedule page, we just want to be able to input each team's schedule at the beginning of the year and have the scoreboard update them each week automatically.
  2. I do worry more about my 73 y/o dad, though. Heart patient with high blood pressure. Doesn't smoke or drink, but has always had iffy lungs. If he ever gets sick, his cough will last a good 2+ months. And as a kid, he was exposed to TB. If not the heart, he's said his lungs will be his end.
  3. I had a weird sickness late January. Came on quick. Middle of the afternoon I got a tickle in my chest. By that evening I had a dry cough and a fever with major chills. I basically sat on the couch for about 2 and a half days. Cough didn't worsen. Never went to the head. Never really produced any mucus. No body aches. No idea what it was. I don't have allergies and have never had the flu, so I don't know how to compare it to those. If I've had the flu in the past, then it was nothing like what is described by others. I've never had the muscle aches and whatnot. As for dealing with the stockpiling morons, I bought two 40pk of water and 2 gallons of distilled water (CPAP machine) and one 12pk of toilet paper. That will last me a long time. I might buy some more water. Food? I haven't bought anything yet. If the shit hits the fan, I can fast for 2 weeks at a time with no problem.
  4. Really enjoyed this. Finishing it up now. I never realized Frank partied the hardest.
  5. I've been diving into Babymetal the last couple of days. I remember seeing some reactions to them on youtube last year, but didn't follow up. I can't believe I missed out on them for the last ~7 years.
  6. So a day or so after my last post I got to 52.0 lbs lost on the year. Then I ate a lot last Friday and Sunday. Gained...get this...12.4 lbs. I packed on the water. I must have been really dehydrated and needing fluids. The carbs and salt I had helped store all the fluids I drank. Been fasting since Sunday night. Have lost 6 of those pounds, and I feel like I'll lose a couple more by morning. I'm breaking my fast with BBQ Friday and on Saturday I have a family function to celebrate the life of a cousin that just passed. I'll eat there as well (burgers/dogs). Sunday I'll get back on the fast train.
  7. And that breakfast sandwich...get it double meat, double cheese.
  8. #3 w/ cheese, mayo & mustard, only pickles Large onion rings But I don't get the same thing every time. Sometimes w/ bacon. Sometimes with japs. Sometimes the HBBQCSS. I really like their buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich.
  9. Longhorn Al


    Has anyone had the Lady Marmalade at Hopdoddy? They have it till March 3rd. I'm not a huge Hopdoddy fan, but it looks too good to pass up. Might have to try it this weekend. Bacon Onion Marmalade, Gouda Fondue, Beef Patty, Dill Pickles, Dijon Mustard
  10. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    Another one I like: Macho Taco - In Manchaca next door to the Mr. Gatti's. Mostly for tacos. I had their cheese enchiladas recently and they were ok. But I go for their barbacoa tacos. They have good sauces, as well.
  11. Longhorn Al

    Tex Mex

    Same. I might have gone there once, but don't remember it. Will have to try it again.
  12. Boston losing at home 3-1 vs. Calgary. They'll be nice and pissed for our game.
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