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  1. Idles puts on a great show. We've seen them at Stubbs and in New Orleans and had a blast both times. My son saw them in Houston last night and said it was their best yet that he's seen.
  2. We only ever do brunch there, and it's one of my all time favorite brunches ever, anywhere. We like it so much that when we had a 4 hour layover in Vegas a few years back we took a cab over to the Venetian just to have brunch at Bouchon before heading back to the airport. Everyone we take loves it too.
  3. FYI Live Nation is doing their $25 tickets deal again. I see shows at Moody Amphitheater (Idles), Stubbs, Emos, the race track, Scoot Inn. Sale lasts through 5/14.
  4. Anybody have hook ups for tonight's show at Mohawk with Royel Otis and Girl and Girl? Show is sold out.
  5. Looks like my dumbass Stella, a rescue chihuahua. She hates everyone who doesn’t live in our house and tries to bite me when I go to put her leash on for a walk because she’s lazy as fuck. I love her dearly and I would shoot a bitch who tried to harm her.
  6. Rex confuses mainline Protestant denominations with American evangelicalism. It ain’t the same thing. At all. And guess which version of Christianity dominates US politics thanks to the modern Republican Party’s selling of its soul back in the 80s.
  7. Man you are way out of touch with modern American evangelicalism. And citing your Methodist bonfides proves it. There is very little connection between the Methodist version of Christianity and evangelical version of Baptists, Church of Christ types and Bible church types. I grew up in a Bible church, very fundamentalist evangelical. Parents went to Moody Bible Institute. They now go to a Baptist church because that’s where all of their old evangelical friends now go. When I decided to go to a Methodist church as an adult they thought that was the next worst thing to atheism or Catholicism. IMO You will never hear mainstream evangelical thought in the vast majority of Methodist churches. And my parents know that and despise it. My very evangelical parents and in-laws very much support Israel both to support Gods chosen ones and for its end times implications. They also very much believe Jews (except Jews for Jesus) are going to hell. And they are very much all in on MAGA and all that stands for as are all of their evangelical friends from Bible churches and Baptist churches. We no longer discuss religion or politics, but I hear enough from this to know this.
  8. Bright Light Social Hour Saturday night at Scoot Inn
  9. Yeah it would. The economics seem to have changed quite a bit since Covid. I wish I still had some of the paperwork we got from the big agencies. I remember being surprised by some of the numbers - some more than expected, some less. Probably not surprising that the bigger nationally recognizable touring acts were $100K plus.
  10. When I was involved in a money losing music promotion venture out in Midland a decade ago we got to see the going rates for a lot of bands. Texas bands who you’ve heard of (think Ray Wylie Hubbard, lower level Texas country bands) were in the $5-10K range. Any national level act whose name you’ve heard was $15-20K plus. I believe we got Avett Bros for $30-40K and that was a discount because we caught them in a convenient spot in between shows. I suspect 38 Special was somewhere between $25-50K.
  11. Jealous. We've seen them in Brooklyn, Austin, New Orleans and Dublin and had a blast each time.
  12. MidTexHorn

    SXSW 2024

    Ha! Yeah, my wife was with me which cut down on the creeper photos. Didn’t want to risk the side eye from her. Google is your friend.
  13. MidTexHorn

    SXSW 2024

    Had some health issues this week so haven’t made it out much like I wanted to. Did make it down to SXSJ for a bit yesterday. Saw part of cumgirl8’s set. Not that musically impressive but they were an eyeful for sure - felt like I was at a strip club. My fun discovery was Native Sun out of NYC at Radio East this afternoon. Rowdy grunge/punk rock and roll and a lot of fun.
  14. MidTexHorn

    SXSW 2024

    That’s hilarious. I almost went to this actually, would’ve been another old white lawyer, but work unfortunately intervened. Looks like a pretty cool dive bar.
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