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  1. Actually need two now so probably won’t be able to help you out. Sorry.
  2. On Thursday or Friday the Texassports.com website will post the game day schedule and it will tell you exactly when Bevo shows up just to the southwest of the stadium for a short walk into the stadium led by the band and cheer. Highly recommend it for the kids.
  3. When I used to vote GOP, I actually rarely voted in the general election because there was just no point. All of the GOP guys were gonna win no matter what. I'm sure some of that thinking still persists even in these crazy days.
  4. MidTexHorn

    Austin FC

    Thinking of hitting Lustre Pearl South tomorrow. I live behind Bowie HS so it’s close and should be a nice day to watch outside.
  5. More of the same. The Rs double down on embarrassing bullshit time after time.
  6. Works for me here in Austin. Big Lloyd Maines fan.
  7. First time seeing Roger Waters was pretty cool. Show was unrelentingly political but have to respect his conviction. More of a spectacle or Broadway show almost than a rock concert. IMG_6623.MOV
  8. Seeing Roger Waters tonight in Austin at the Moody Center, at least I think I am. Won two tickets months ago, and they still haven't been sent but the Moody lady says I'll get them.
  9. Anyone know what might be going on the weekend of 11/11-13? Hotel prices are pretty steep and I don't see anything on the calendar that weekend that would seem to justify that.
  10. Haven’t stayed there but yes that location is in the middle of everything French Quarter
  11. Yeah we tried to do that Saturday only to discover it was closed.
  12. Agreed. Back when I went to the Chicago hotel I thought nothing of Trump. He was just a self-aggrandizing real estate guy and it was just a nice higher end hotel. Wouldn’t step into one of his places now.
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