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  1. Kids are in town for Thanksgiving! Hit me up.
  2. Great show. Definitely would’ve been better at ACL Live but still had a blast. Parking at Manor Garage ended up perfect. Super easy in and out.
  3. I did the same. We’ll probably both regret it afterwards.
  4. Wife and I will be there tonight on the floor. Things are definitely different here from 2016. Still love this town. And looking forward to the show.
  5. Gonna go see Greensky Bluegrass Friday at the small Moody downtown. I don't know their music, going with a friend who likes them, but sounds like they're contemporaries of Billy Strings and play a similar bluegrass/rock/jamband style. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
  6. Just bought tickets to Black Pumas at the new Stable Hall venue in San Antonio for February. Looking forward to that one.
  7. My boss is down there right now too, banging his 25 year old smoking hot girlfriend. He's 60 something. I'd say maybe you'll run into him, but I doubt he ever leaves his hotel room. Can't say that I blame him.
  8. I haven’t read the whole thread. Trying to build up United points. Do I just cancel my Chase United card now that I’ve received my sign up points? What next? Get an Amex for the points then go back to Chase next year for more points?
  9. Stood behind the team at the Tx/Ou game. Nice young ladies. Some clutch play by the freshman today down the stretch.
  10. I’ve hung out at the top of a section before. Sometimes the ushers won’t harass you if you find the right spot. That’s all I’ve got.
  11. I'm staying at the Tru next door to you. I mapped out a route using Google Maps street view that looks like it will work cutting under the interstate and through the parking lot for the World Trade Center. There's a walkway over the train tracks to get to the Market Center station from there. Little over a half mile walk. If it doesn't work for some reason, I'll just take an Uber.
  12. I'm gonna do Market Center as well, but I'm walking there from my hotel rather than parking.
  13. I’ve used NordVPN with great success in South America and I’m no tech guru.
  14. Really wish they weren't playing an outside show in Austin on this tour. I've sworn those off until the temps drop below 90 which may never happen.
  15. I need 2 if you still have them. Can Venmo you $75 total ASAP.
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