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  1. Speaking of old bottles . . . [*csb alert*] A few years back I was having the interior of my house painted. House was built in 1915. The painter was working on the interior of a reach-in closet and noticed that one or two of the boards forming part of one of the sidewalls were loose and could be removed. So he did, and he found three old bottles that were stashed inside the wall next to the closet. One of the three was a pint bottle of Four Roses "Spiritus Frumenti," which apparently was a "medicinal whiskey" that Four Roses made during Prohibition. The bottle has a pharmacy sticker on one side with a date of 2/16/23. Unfortunately, it was open and empty. One of the other bottles had a screwtop and was about 2/3 full of some nasty-looking dark liquid. The third bottle was empty and had a homemade sticker that said "Gin" on it. Ah, Prohibition-life back in the 1920's -- hide your liquor in the walls. [/csb]
  2. How does Nebraska compare to Texas in your opinion? Especially over the last, say, ten games? As for looking forward, everyone associated with the Texas program would be LOOKING FORWARD to playing Nebraska and getting that sure W. Can't say the same about Nebraska. I have family and friends in Nebraska. They candidly admit that Nebraska would get drilled by Texas if the two programs were to play right now.
  3. Lulz. I was going back through this thread for the same reason and could not find it.
  4. Hill hurt his foot several weeks ago -- not sure of the exact nature of the injury. Zimmer and the entire Vikings organization are very tight-lipped about injuries, so it's difficult to get any info. They put Hill on IR about a week ago, and he'll be eligible to return to the roster after he sits out three weeks. In terms of off-field shenanigans (i.e., weed), Hill has kept his nose clean so far this season. He served two four-game suspensions last season, so he missed half the 2019 season. But during the offseason and so far during the 2020 season, Hill hasn't had any issues. Knock on wood . . .
  5. He's starting because of injuries to 3 of Minnesota's top 4 corners (one of whom is Holton Hill), but he's done a really good job handling the starting role. Tonight was his second start, and he looked very good. Granted, the Chicago and Detroit offenses aren't exactly worldbeaters, but Boyd has done a good job. He did miss a tackle that allowed a TD against Detroit, but he balanced that out with several nice plays in that game.
  6. Pour from the 1.75 into quart mason jars. It'll seem like old times.
  7. I killed off a bottle of that last night, coincidentally. It was a gift and I had no complaints.
  8. Gotdam, Henry. Tell me where. I is your SoCal residential brethren.
  9. I snuck in a flask of whiskey in my boots. My then-GF somehow managed to sneak in a huge ziploc bag of jello shots (hey, she was a chick) made with grain alcohol that we shared with the people sitting around us. And this was after we'd already been drinking all day along with several friends -- started in the morning. Like the Houston football team, we got obliterated.
  10. That was a pro team against a college team.
  11. For those not familiar with the 1990 game against Houston, bear in mind that Houston had absolutely destroyed Texas in each of the three prior games by a combined score of 173-64. Houston had Heisman-winner Andre Ware playing in the last two of those games, and it was f'in ugly. By 1990, Ware was gone, but David Klingler had taken his place and was slinging the ball around with the same results. The Texas team and fans were completely sick of getting curb-stomped, and we finally had a good team and a defense with the speed to deal with Houston's run-and-shoot. We were not going to be denied that day. It was a night game and everyone had plenty of time to get liquored up in advance. The crowd was yelling the entire game and, after a bit of a slow start, the Horns beat the shit out of Houston basically all night.
  12. Actually, it was the same season as the UH game -- it was in the bowl game. What a miserable Cotton Bowl that was.
  13. Definitely the loudest I've ever heard it at DKR. Completely electric atmosphere. The crowd was amped up before the game even started and it didn't seem like the energy level ever dissipated during the game. Much alcohol was consumed that day. Good times to say the least.
  14. Based on the recs in this thread, tried some Smoke Wagon SB for the first time tonight. Quite good, esp. for 4-5 yo juice. Putting Uncut on my list of bottles to look for.
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