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  1. Every car brand has some issues with certain vehicles. Some brands have more problems than others in general. Best thing to do, IMO, is research the particular model, engine, etc.
  2. Yeah, I just don't trust FCA vehicles from a reliability standpoint. Love the way the Dodge/Ram trucks look, love their interior and tech -- but I won't even consider buying one due to the reliability concerns. Same thing with Jeeps.
  3. How are you liking the 2.7? Someone posted on a Bronco forum that the 2.7 has the fewest warranty claims of all the current Ford engines, so that matches up with your comment about it being the most reliable of the Ford powertrains. My own research is tending to bear that out -- most people driving it seem to like it and say it's reliable.
  4. My understanding is that the OU player (he's the holder for their kicks) was the guy in the brown jacket. There's a thread on IT about it. Here's his punchable face . . . that got punched. Looks to me like the dude in the brown jacket.
  5. He needed a large expanded carry-on with him for that quick, one-night turnaround trip.
  6. Combo of all three. Was talking to a relative who lives in Omaha, and she was chuckling about some Houstonian on a news report who was worried about temps possibly dipping below 32. She hasn't seen temps in the positive double digits since the middle of last week, and said the low a couple nights ago was -23. They're all doing fine, but then again, they're accustomed to weather like this. I'm out here in SoCal hoping ya'll can hold out for another couple days until the weather warms up and the power starts coming back, and I'm also scratching my head about how this could have happe
  7. He's back, Part II. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ap-sources-chicago-cubs-agree-174147645.html
  8. If I decide to go with the Bronco, I'll step up to the 2.7. More torque than the 2.3. My research has been similar to yours -- it gets pretty strong reviews.
  9. I suspect certain engine/transmission combos might have better reliability histories than others. For example, way back when I was looking at buying a used '97, I did some research and learned that the 5.4 V8 had a lot more problems than the 4.6. In more recent model years, I wonder if the V8s might be more reliable than the Ecoboost V-6 models. Or vice versa.
  10. Yeah, I'd seen both of those over the last couple of days while doing research. I like what Nissan has done with the Frontier (I don't mind a higher bed) and I hear good things about the powertrain they started using in the '21 that will carry over to the new truck. But I'm still leaning toward either the Bronco or Ranger at this point.
  11. This. If the label says refrigerate after opening, I do. If it doesn't, I don't.
  12. Following out of similar interest. Once upon a time I had a decent stereo setup (Denon receiver, a Philips CD player, some Klipsch speakers, a Denon turntable, etc.), but it's all down now. Lately, I've been listening to music mostly on Spotify through headphones. My TV sound setup is just a simple sound bar with a couple mini satellite speakers and a subwoofer. I'm jonesing to get some kind of sound system going again as well as elevate the home theater setup. I may end up integrating everything into one. But I'm going to wait until after the home remodel is done later this year.
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