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  1. I doubt that they'll end up serving full sentences just because full sentences are almost never served out. If they behave themselves, they'll get out early. But that also would have been the case if they had pled out last year.
  2. Always had a lot of respect for Jerry Sloan, both as a player and a coach. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29210650/legendary-nba-coaches-celebrate-late-jerry-sloan?platform=amp&fbclid=IwAR0DkY6iYGZ-FRkWx4ZJ-DhAQbnlZK_Rw4q19YBz_o4FxGDt7R8iDOsmjh0
  3. That's a pretty substantial palate range , as the Ardbeg and Highland Park are going to be quite a bit peatier than the Glenmorangie . . . at least that's what I assume based on the products that Ardbeg and HP put out. (I haven't had either one of those particular distillations.) If you like the Glenmorangie, then you'll probably really like the Lasanta, as others have recommended. You might try Macallan 12 or 15, both of which are a little fuller than the basic Macallan 10. And given that you like the Ardbeg and HP, you might like one of my faves in the under $50 category -- Talisker 10. Good balance of peat and grassy, IMO. I'm more of a bourbon guy, but when it's colder and rainier, I often reach for scotch instead. Summertime? I start heading for rum. Bourbon all year 'round.
  4. I'll allow it on account of the cool ZZ Top-related stuff you posted on the other thread.
  5. I'm speculating, but I've read about it happening in other cases. Don't think they have real young kids -- just the two spoiled college-age ones they were trying to sneak into USC.
  6. Maybe not their biggest worry, but it's something they wouldn't have had to deal with last year.
  7. Bet she and her husband wish they'd pled last year like Huffman did. Now they're looking at spending time in some federal facility, presumably on a staggered basis (I assume the judge won't require them to be incarcerated simultaneously). Even the minimum-security facilities are going to involve substantially escalated COVID risks compared to their current home environment.
  8. Well, you seemed to take exception to it, so . . . I agree the O-line play was substantially below par against both OU and Baylor last season, and it's no coincidence Texas lost those games. The O-line started off the '19 season nicely, then went through a period of malaise in the middle of the season, and then finished up strong against Tech and Utah. They need to be more consistent as a unit this coming season.
  9. You did see the first clause of that sentence, right? If it makes you feel more comfortable, toss out the second clause that you bolded. Angilau was solid last season and should be even better this fall working between two very experienced players in Cosmi and Kerstetter. I'd be more concerned about the right side of the line, where we'll see two new starters (or, in the case of Okafor, someone who only has a handful of starts) trying to mesh together in a COVID-shortened amount of time. The talent is there whether we're talking Okafor-Jones, Johnson-Jones, or some other combination at RG-RT. But continuity, familiarity, and communication are critical to O-line play, and the right side will be dealing with a deficit in those areas due to the COVID shutdown. That's partly why I won't be surprised at all if Okafor gets the nod at one of those spots, at least at the beginning. The shutdown will place a premium on experience as teams try to get up to speed faster than usual.
  10. WTF? Angilau played very solid last season, esp. for a redshirt frosh. The left side of the line (LT to C) this coming season should be very good, with Cosmi-Angilau-Kerstetter.
  11. Then there's more than one thing wrong with it.
  12. Last sentence -- particularly strong delusion.
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