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  1. To me, the 100 was alright -- not great but not terrible. However, there are many others in the same price range that I like better. The RYSB is terrific.
  2. Of the two I've tried (the 1910 and 1920), the 1910 is the clear choice. I haven't been a huge fan of OF in the past simply because I get a medicinal taste up front with both the 1870 and the 1920. But I didn't get that with the 1910, which is quite tasty. Haven't tried the single barrel. The OFBB is a unicorn for me -- someday I'll score a bottle.
  3. Heard one report a while back which indicated the pilot may have actually been trying to turn around.
  4. Very classy. Heard Popovich was behind it, and that doesn't surprise me at all. He and Kobe had enormous respect for each other.
  5. All the local news stations out here have preempted regular coverage and are covering this story. Latest word = Kobe and daughter among the 5 dead along with another young player on the same team as Kobe's daughter plus that player's parent, and then of course the pilot. One station said they are very familiar with the local copter pilot community because of all the news-related work they often do, and they have a good idea who the pilot was but can't release anything at present. They also said that if the pilot was who they think it was, the dude was extremely well qualified and had the highest pilot certification possible.
  6. Shit. It's all over the news now, so it appears it is true. Was hoping it was a hoax or erroneous reporting.
  7. Looks like I fucked up and somehow managed to post my thread on the Movies board. Anyway, like I said over there, this situation interests me because it reminds me of the lawsuits between Bun E. Carlos, the drummer for Cheap Trick, and his fellow bandmates several years ago. It's also unfortunate that the other members of Aerosmith went so far as to hire security guards to keep Kramer away. You'd think they would be willing to at least talk face to face after all these years.
  8. Shit -- posted under wrong topic. Not sure how that happened. Maybe someone with magic powers can move it to music.
  9. Lulz -- just posted something about this myself . . . but without a fraction of the information.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/23/entertainment/drummer-joey-kramer-aerosmith-court-case/index.html I'm not really an Aerosmith fan, but this caught my eye for a few reasons. First, it's always interesting when band members who have been working together for decades have a parting of the ways. It's sad but fascinating at the same time. Second, it reminds me of when Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick (a band that I love) got into litigation with his bandmates. Third, I was reading elsewhere that the other band members hired security guards to bar Kramer from the studio where they were rehearsing for the Grammys. You'd think they would at least be willing to talk to the guy even if they don't want to play with him, esp. after nearly 50 years together. Guess not.
  11. I use the EW black label as my mixing juice, and the BiB is very respectable for its price, IMO. You might try the 1783 small batch if you can find it. I typically see it priced under $20, but it punches above its weight. Like most of the other EW label products, it errs on the side of being sedate and smooth, so if you're into the spicier bourbons it might not be your cup of . . . er, bourbon. I prefer the BiB myself.
  12. Same disease that took my dad. Like cancer, aphasia sucks. RIP Mr. Jones.
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