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  1. This douchebag needs to be taken back into custody pronto. Felon possessing firearms. Illegal hunting. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/capitol-riot-suspect-fatally-shoots-mountain-lion-defies-order-not-n1267551
  2. I cannot play guitar. This guy most definitely could.
  3. I like 1910 better than either 1870 or 1920. I guess I need to try the 1897 and the 100. The rye is actually pretty respectable for its price. OFBB . . . someday.
  4. Tell daughter to withhold sex until s-i-l comes around. Profit.
  5. For car rentals, I typically use AutoSlash or Costco. I've found that they are usually substantially cheaper than going through Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, etc. or the rental company sites. I reserved a car a few weeks ago for a trip in late June. For grins, today I checked rates just to see if there were any better deals. The total rate has gone up $100+ for the same dates, category of vehicle, etc., since I made my reservation. AutoSlash and Costco had the lowest available rates of the websites I checked out.
  6. I haven't used Priceline directly, but I do sometimes use AutoSlash, which includes Priceline rates in its analysis/survey.
  7. This. Also, Hertz declared bankruptcy about a year ago, and sold off a lot of its fleet for that reason as well. And now that demand is revving up again, rental car companies can't augment their fleets fast enough due to auto manufacturing shortfalls because of computer chip shortages.
  8. Timely thread is timely. Just picked up a bottle of EW BiB a few days ago when I saw it for just under $15. Don't think you can do better for under $18 or so (which is the amount I typically see it priced at).
  9. Yeah. For example, San Francisco is California's queen city. [*rimshot*]
  10. Unbelievable how bad these guys are with RISP
  11. Nothing intrinsically wrong with Nebraska leaving the Big 12. Just don't make up excuses after the fact and pretend that it was anything other than Nebraska getting its shit pushed in on a regular basis that caused it to flee.
  12. Well, I also hate cooked spinach. And OU.
  13. So tragic. Can't imagine how that family is feeling right now. RIP, Jake. You're with your dad now.
  14. I have no issues with the Caps defending themselves when the Rangers came out and dropped gloves last night. (I also think the Rangers had to do *something* or be considered pussies by the rest of the league -- the later slashing and highsticking stuff by Buchnevich crossed the line, though, and warranted the misconduct and penalties even though I can understand why he was pissed off.) But I tend to agree with the Rangers that Wilson should have been suspended in addition to being fined. Throwing outright punches at the back of a guy's head when he's down on the ice is pretty bad and a
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