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  1. Fico

    2021 NFL DRAFT

    Every NFL team is there, with their own stop watch.
  2. Zilker Hills - 30 Hours no power and counting
  3. He is not well sourced at all and hasn't been in years. Seriously go back and find that last thing that he "broke" that turned out to be accurate.... it doesn't exist.
  4. Watson wants Kelly, has stated such, and he just helped Watson put together a historical statistical season. Keeping Kelly is anything we should be worried about here. There are 1000 other things that need to be addressed prior to any concern with Kelly staying on board. It's also crazy to me that a team chaplain or VP or people of whatever the fuck Easterby was/is, has an agent...
  5. When was the last time McClain has been correct? He has zero connections and zero insight. Hell, that coming from McClain basically ensures it Bieniemy.
  6. Mack Brown is a shitty person and coached at both. Granted not stoops level jarjar shit.
  7. I agree with you on a lot, especially the capability to be multiple without giving the D time to sub. On the other hand, a DE can impact a game in a way I don't think the way a TE is possible. To your point on best athletes and explosive plays, a game changer at DE take away those explosive plays from an offense. IMO, they are harder to find/recruit plus harder to scheme against once you have dominate one. All in all, I am just glad he's a 'horn. And just because
  8. He definitely didn’t mock the position.
  9. Those are the lines to a Future song. He even posted the song title after making that post. There is plenty to be upset about, but harping over ever word someone mentions on social media, with no context, is tiresome.
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