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  1. 2nd place to David Tyree's SB helmet catch but did win conference championship on that play. BB was a solid QB.
  2. Trinity U alumni in the house
  3. Fico

    June 27th

    I got drank by the pint, dro by the poundHeaded to the kappa and da boss top down
  4. I was looking for an old gif of stoop's head blowing up with dildos from the 2009 MS Paint thread. That shit ain't in classics??
  5. Put everything on the table. Let's listen to each other, talk it out and make a decision based upon all of our opinions. We are all on the same team, damn it. Hook 'em.
  6. Looks like National Guard? Think I saw an MP badge? Maybe why they are doing a good job and not escalating the situation.
  7. Parsley has not given back any space in the new tower yet. They terminated part of their lease hold until he current building, Colorado Tower. That space was then back filled by DLA Piper.
  8. Fuck that picture in the background
  9. Endeavor owns it. They more than likely won’t do anything with it this cycle.
  10. We’ve all been in control position on your mom.
  11. Literally no defensive back coaches this. You run faster facing forward. If you look back you lose speed. You keep your eyes on the WR and play their hands. The only time you look back for the ball is when you are in a control position. With younger players they are not going to be in a control position that often. It is coached that way at every level of football.
  12. Fico


    Jewboy is good. Fo sho.
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