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  1. Get you some Firestone 500s to go that, just to be sure. FYI reference to Firestone 500s, a tire recalled back in the 1970s due to poor design and manufacturing causing blowouts and shredding.
  2. The spinning reel is my go to for throwing a popping cork. I have tried to throw the cork with a bait caster, but being in a kayak, half drunk, and fighting the wind and the wonky cork set up was always too frustrating. I obviously don't need any kind of flouro for the connection, so I just tie the braid straight to a quick connect and clip on the cork set up...but I digress. A spinning reel in the $30-$50 range is just fine for him as a present at this age. I have a couple in that price range that have served me well so I can spend my money on my top water bait casters. I back the spinners with mono connected with an Alberto knot. 12lb mono to 20lb braid with 6-8 twists. Much better than mono.
  3. Day 19 of 22 day junket to Norway. Temps are still awesome here..not looking forward to going back to Austin hellscape
  4. Can confirm central Europe is fucked. Flight to Frankfurt was one hour late. Connecting flight to Oslo was canceled and rescheduled 7 hours later. That flight was one hour late. 3 of 4 checked bags did not make it to Oslo. We filled out online reports for missing bags and never talked to a live person until the delivery guy called us....3 days later, the day before we were to leave Oslo for Bergen. Spent first two full days in Oslo shopping for clothes. Wife was a nervous wreck even though we had carry on contingency items. This is a 3 week trip all over the country and we needed specialty gear and climbing equipment as well. Also, Frankfurt customs had a 2 hour line. We would have missed that flight anyway, even if it wasn't canceled.
  5. In Bergen, Norway today. Took the train from Oslo through the mountains to get here. I can verify it is awesome not being in Texas right now. Suck it surly.
  6. I happened upon this over the weekend. It was really powerful even though I was familiar with most of it already. I ended up on another documentary which went into the relationship between Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali. Two fascinating guys decades ahead of the times.
  7. I finally tested negative this morning, two weeks to the day after exposure. A few dates just so you know what to expect: Tuesday 6/21. Infection date. Friday 6/24 Symptoms begin with head aches. Sat/Sunday 6/25.26 Symptoms get slightly worse but no loss of energy. Proceeded with life as if I had allergies. Late Sunday. Tested +. Mon-Fri. Alternating good day with bad day. Fri. Tested + again Sat Sun Mon. Feeling good and sleeping well. Tuesday. Tested negative. Advice. Take it easy. Lots of water and headache meds.
  8. Info is getting sloppy in here. My parents (80s)have already had a 4th shot. 2 shots original vacine + booster 1 + booster 2. I myself at the young age of 55 have had booster 1 and am ellipse for booster 2. I think it is 50+ now considered old.
  9. As it turns out this was the event. We had about a dozen Japanese guys in the meeting and they are all stuck here in Austin because they are not welcome back in their home country. I am supposed to go to Norway on the 6th with my family. I have to go straight to my quarantine room when I get home. My wife controls all the streaming passwords and they have not been forthcoming. I am allowed to watch TV as long as I go outside and look through the window. I do get room service though. I'm thinking eggs Benedict for breakfast.
  10. I used to have small spray foam business. Quit because I hate sales and people. Great product though. Payback is about 5 years on a typical tract home retrofit -roof only. Current home(4000 sqft) is spray foamed haven't had a bill over $300 ever.
  11. Fat Lorenzo's over by Lake Nokomis for casual Italian. Love that place. Close to the airport so convenient for layovers.
  12. I will also add...very contagious. I think I got mine at the one and only meeting I have attended in the kast two years.
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