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  1. Mackovic looks like he is doing the "world's smallest violin" sign rather than the hook 'em. What a piece of work he was.
  2. Last night, your mom was glad I ate her too.
  3. I have never heard of a bull shark on the Texas coast being anywhere close to 12'. Tiger and hammerhead all the time. It's gotta be a bull, probably 8' max.
  4. South Padre was generally considered a better shark fishing area than the National Seashore, at least back in my shark catching days which ended about 15 years ago. I heard some bullshit reasons why over the years but nothing I could really get behind. Shark fishing in Texas generally gets better the farther south you go according to legend, but that has not been my experience. One theory goes that the surf guts are deeper, but what do I know.
  5. That whole area could use a really good scrubbing, but Jesus, Johnny.
  6. Strong "your mom" game the last couple of days. So good I gotta watch my wording real careful like.
  7. You have clearly never been on a road trip with my wife or kids.
  8. We drove back from Vail a few weeks ago, and although the temperature shift was gradual, the geography/culture shift was not. We drove back on the back side of the Rockies through New Mexico and hit Amarillo from the west side. Even in northern New Mexico heading east to the Texas border there were plateaus, hills, extinct volcanos, rolling high grass praries, and other lovely features. As soon as we hit the Texas border it was a hell scape of desolate flat scrub and monoculture dotted with grain silos and Dollar Generals. The drive got better a bit latter, but that is some bullshit up there.
  9. Im getting pushback from some due to value. Over 700k seems to be an issue. Also, we have commercial standing seam roof, commercial 4 ply TPO gravel balasted roof, and commercial hydro tech garden roof over concrefe roof deck. So we will never have a roof claim, at least for hail, but somehow this is a problem all of a sudden.
  10. Why are you the way that you are? Do you enjoy jinxing us? Are you a roofing contractor? What?
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