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  1. lulzy shit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/dy3q6m/wcgw_if_i_tried_to_land_a_truck_on_a_frozen_lake/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  2. ahahahahahhahaha. holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Damn, all this death to small down and Dairy Queen talk has me hankering to watch Texasville again. Where can I find it to watch it?
  4. There should be a test for people who want to have kids. They must first raise a dog. If they can't raise a dog correctly, there's no f'ing way they will raise a child who won't grow up to be an asshole to society. In fact, if they can't raise a dog correctly, the government should neuter them. This is especially true for the f'ing assholes who leave poop bags all over the greenbelt.
  5. Had my first Spicy Chicken sandwich last weekend at the Cameron Rd location. Took f'ing forever to get order taken. Line was already 5 deep when I went in. No one took an order for at least 5 minutes. Finally ordered about 10 mins after getting in line. Took another 5 mins to get the sammich. It was damn good, better than CFA, certainly a better value. Two Popeyes regulars in front of me were pissed off since they started serving the sammiches. "Them sandwiches fucked up everything." They said it takes forever now to order anything because of the shit show the sandwiches caused. True dat.
  6. BTW, someone should sue BK and McD on behalf of the cows for making food which makes their sacrifice taste like shit.
  7. I would think that no self respecting vegan would willingly eat at any hamburger fast food joint unless there is an ulterior motive, like feigning ignorance of the cooking process and suing.
  8. Did you purchase a new phone via TMobile or did you BYOD to TMobile? If you brought your own device, you can insert another carrier's sim card with no issues. If you bought from TMobile, you'll need them to "unlock" your phone to allow other SIMs to work. You can do this buy telling TMobile you're traveling internationally for work and need to use local incountry carrier. They *should* unlock without issues. You can purchase daily short term (day, two days, a week, etc) from AT&T. I do this when I go to the Texas hill country. It's pretty cheap depending on the data plan, I think as little as $2 per day. AT&T will ALWAYS have the best coverage in Texas. They are old Southwestern Bell. They could leverage off existing infrastructure (buildings, towers, fibers, cables, etc) all across Texas to expand their network. Any carrier not already in those places have to spend uber amounts of capital to expand the network. Some/most rural places, it's simply not cost effective.
  9. When cops make a traffic stop, they can charge you for theft of their time away from a donut shop.
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