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  1. I've had this happen 2 times on 2 different laptops. After the first time I realized it was after a Windows update. I repaired the boot thingymajiggybopper with a bootable windows USB drive. Did the same after the 2nd time. Now when I update Windows, I watch the reboot process. If it hangs up for any amount of time in initial boot up screen, I hard shut down the computer by holding down the power button. Then hitting power button again and it boots up fine.
  2. The Protax statement should show the original and final market value.
  3. 1st game. holy fuck he's our savior! 2nd game. holy fuck he sucks donkey balls dipped on a mixture zebra cum and king cobra venom. it's the second game of a new OC and scheme where we didn't have spring ball to implement anything. we are basically trialing the new dev code in production. shit is going to break. take a look across the cfb landscape. most teams, including offenses, suck. this has been a crazy fucking year. nothing normal applies. i blame the shitty O more on the Oline sucking shit, sam looking like shit for much of the game and not trusting his Oline and receivers, and the Oline sucking more shit by committing stupid fucking penalties every drive. let's say we won in spite of the Oline. the D is another thread unto itself. again the same situation applies. we are implementing a brand new scheme without the benefit of spring ball. plus our LBs fucking SUCK in coverage and tackling. this would be a dismal season except that nothing normal applies. a lot of teams look like shit and will continue to look like shit because of the shittastic year.
  4. just got my email from protax. they were able to reduce the Market value 4.33%. Travis county living in Crestview. not sure what that equates to in tax dollars saved. 4% is better than nothing i guess.
  5. little dude is awesome. 5-6 lber? https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/j13ech/little_kid_bringing_in_a_huge_fish/
  6. Did someone kidnap Yur and replace him with Beck? This team sucks
  7. btw, Jester's Wendy's is officially Jendy's. Pretty funny and cool that they changed the name to what everyone was calling it.
  8. convince me that's not Jesus. go ahead and try.
  9. i have purchase or owned 13 different earbuds: $230 Airpod pros, $130 Airpods Gen 2, $130 Samsung Galaxy Buds+, to a shitton of sub $40 earbuds. for sound quality, there is absolutely NO reason why you should pay more than $40-50 for wireless earbuds. you can find some really good SQ earbuds for around $25-30. for my taste (neutral, non bright, non basshead, sound) my $40 soundpeats truengine se earbuds are the best sounding earbuds. they have dual drivers. the sound staging is damn incredible for $40 earbuds. Airpod Pros SQ is decent, but meh for the price. Samsung Galaxy buds+ sound better then the Airpod pros but are still not worth $130. For SQ, my second favorite pair only costs $25. for open earbuds (orig Airpods type), i have a $15 pair that sound so fucking much better than the $130 Gen 2 Airpods. sound is much more rounded and detailed with tighter and better bass. earbuds are not like sound speakers where cabinet design, build, material and then crossover and speaker type and driver material, etc all play a complex equation in producing sound. there's only so many earbuds drivers and they are house in small plastic houses. there's only so much you can do to SQ. most all earbuds sound decent. it's really hard to find really bad sounding earbuds. it's up to you how much the other features matter and at what price you are willing to pay. for me, some earbuds fit better than others. some are able to keep a better connection over others, but it really does depend on how many other bt devices/earbuds are near and interfering. like with anything wireless, all of the devices are sharing the same relatively small spectrum of wavelength. the more devices broadcasting and interfering in that wavelength, the shittier the connection.
  10. 1st daughter live at Blanton in the Honors quad. Rooms sucked. No sinks. 2nd daughter is in the Castilian. She likes it. It is the same price as Jester but meal plan is included so it's about $1500 less expensive than Jester if you include the meal plan. BTW, the nickname for the Castilian is Nasty Casty. Not sure why it got that nick but it's nice, a hell of a lot nicer then the dorms in the Honors quad.
  11. i'd argue it is the masterpiece frame painting on the left. i can't make out the subject of the picture but they strike me as the Degas type, whimsical free flowing brush strokes of young ballet dancers.
  12. how can that ass take all that length?
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