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  1. i got a lot of questions. 1. did she buy those pants/tights at a discount because they ran out of material when they got made? 2. how does he piss? 3. how does he tie his shoe laces? 4. how does he wipe? 5. is he dead of a heart attack or diabetes since that gif was made? 6. what is that bitch in the upper frame riding?' 7. what white trash festival is that where a scene like that is normal? 8. when is thanos killing half of the world's population?
  2. Now i REALLY hope this page is the first Google result when you pull their names. BL and Imma about to get another lawyer letter.
  3. A bunch of dudes gossiping seven pages about the daily goings on of Harry and Megan. If manly dudes are this vexed, just think of the general public. Yep they are going to be uber rich in whatever endeavours they choose to do.
  4. isn't there an old folks community that these old fuckholes can move to and be with other aholes? The world will be a better place when these ahole baby boomers die off.
  5. lulz on the brocks. fuck herman and fuck the brocks.
  6. If you regularly read reddit, about once a month you'll read a story how DNA test royally fucked up some family. Stores of infidelity, rape, etc. The worst are the cases of inbreeding where the kid finds out that s/he is a product of incest.
  7. Nothing good can come from a dna test. The best outcome is to validate the status quo. Hey, everything is as is in your life. However, there are so many worse outcomes...
  8. Rewatching Rebels. Holy shit this is an amazing series. Season two gets fucking amazing, especially the season finale, and carries it all the way until the end of the series. Filoni was amazing in this series. I can't begin to imagine how good next season of The Mando is going to be. All things Star Wars should go through Filoni going foward.
  9. "Daryl!!! Not now! We can fuck around later. Let's focus on the suspect."
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