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  1. he was the pied piper for the 2023 class. he was pushing both Manning and Cook to Texas. odd that coming off a reportedly awesome weekend for those 3, a few days later, he decommits. yes it is a lot disconcerting. there's many miles to go in this recruitment. anything can happen but to spin this as anything other than a big disappointed is not understanding what this might mean.
  2. We may not have brakes but our transmission is stuck in park.
  3. if's funny that you think that our critical infrastructure isn't hack. these companies are run by bubba's who only care about maximizing profits. Joe Bob CIO: IT security? What's that? Can we make money from it? Then fuck it.
  4. I believe Vic is the originator of this quote.
  5. Sounds like Dailey was having a bad day of golf. I've been paired with a few people who had off days which screwed with my game. And I've had bad days of golf to screw with other people's game. Tis golf. Maybe the son started to play like shit because Daily was in the woods for most of the front 9 and needed to blame Dailey for ruining his chance.
  6. Like I said in another thread, if you're an asshole, pretty good bet that your kid will be an asshole. Asshole dad should be proud of his asshole son. What a pair douchebags. Is the putter wielding dad, Oliver Smith of Memphis Tennessee, still the President of Capital Prime. Do the employees of Capital Prime know that they have a doucebag asshole is President?
  7. in jail, a foursome will have new meaning. in jail, he'll feel the pain of every stroke during stroke play. in jail, he will be the ball wash.
  8. in jail, he's going to have balls drove into his hole. just like golf but more personal. in jail, he'll have plenty of help finding his balls in the rough. in jail, let the big dog eat will have new meaning. in jail, dudes will yell Get in the Hole right before they get in the hole. in jail, he'll be pitching with more than his just his wedge.
  9. that's all kinds of fucked up. shit like this is the reason why i will never step foot on a traveling carnie ride. i don't imagine those methhead operators give two shits about safety protocols and shit. for these dipshits to be this negligent is an entirely different story.
  10. I can't even imagine the horror. You're excited at the amazing views so and you are about to exit the gondola to more amazing views. All happy and then a second later, it's utter fear and hell. Damn. Poor people and their families. I can't imagine watching that footage if one of my family members was onboard.
  11. re the Italy gondola crash. HOLY SHIT. they were so close.
  12. I just installed a new HVAC system. My asshole is already gaping wide open. As long as they use lube....
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