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  1. very interesting map. aside for the dispersion of property prices, i never realize how much of the west is public land. public land is cool. the reddit thread is an interesting read. for example https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/uthpss/average_land_value_by_zip_code_in_the_us/ Birdy_Cephon_Altera See that snake of light green running across the middle of public lands through southern Wyoming, northern panhandle of Utah, and across the northern part of Nevada? That's a result of building the first transcontinental railroad. In order to entice the railroad companies to build the rail line in the 1860's, the US government granted the railroads ten square miles of land for every mile of rail line they built. And in Northern Nevada, those parcels were purchased by Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, when they acquired Santa Fe Pacific. Now they’re owned by Nevada Gold Mines, a JV between Barrick and Newmont. It snakes through one of the largest gold-producing regions in the world. Really interesting stuff. Here's another fact. The process of distributing that land was corrupt af. The railroads gouged the government, and the government still had to bail out the union pacific company due to it's bankruptcy threeish years after completion. and in ww2 when the government needed some of the rails for the war effort, there was a ceremony to "undrive" the golden spike. The rush to complete the Transcontinental Railroad resulted in track so poorly built it had to be replaced or upgraded extensively starting in the 1870s (i.e. within ten years after completion).
  2. the pro life party doesn't want to do anything to educate on contraception and prevention, nor provide free contraception to avoid pregnancies. after 10 weeks, well kid you are fucked. after the baby is born, the pro life party will demonize that kid and her baby and tell them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. the pro life party will offer no help in terms of welfare, healthcare, child care, or livable wage for that kid and her baby to succeed. they will use her and her baby as poster children on what's wrong with america while never looking in the fucking mirror and realizing that they do not lift a god damn finger to prevent the pregnancy or help the mom and baby have a better life. pro life party my fucking ass. they are just a party of assholes. pure evil assholes. and they have the audacity to reference the bible for this bullshit while oblivious to the fact that jesus was all fucking IN with helping the poor, something these assholes don't do but instead condemn the poor. yea fuck the "pro life" party. bunch of god damn hypocrites.
  3. We wouldn't let a 15 year old adopt a baby. But we will force her to have one. GOP thinking at it's finest
  4. Jordan and Tiger are friends. He and Justin Thomas were at Tiger's induction to HoF. Jordan is probably by himself because he's playing like shit.
  5. lulz, jordan's long put which he leaves short. some lady yells "gotta hit it". bitch, you get your fat ass out here an make that put.
  6. damn 2 straight holes from the tee, spieth is inches from the short grass. he's a bit unlucky so far.
  7. yes i believe so, but he's going to need to get his shit together or he'll miss the cut.
  8. tiger is playing exactly like someone who has barely played any competitive golf in a long while. mostly good shots with a few "WTF was that" sprinkled in between.
  9. it's to support the FDA so that they can expedite approvals to alleviate supply chain woes. we have a shortage from our our existing supply chain. we need to vet and approve new suppliers. there's a process to do so. why would anyone be against this? cause it costs $28M? it is because a democrat is in the office and now the republicans pretend to find fiscal responsibility. i can link NUMEROUS examples of absolute bullshit spending during Trumps tenure where the "fiscally" responsible republicans forgot that they were fiscally responsible. this is just a continuation of the bullshit hypocrisy that their voters seem to be ok with.
  10. jordan is playing like shit. get your head straight, jordan.
  11. he looks like a drunk santa claus who had mrs claus make his clothes out of tacky green window curtains. so probably.
  12. the fucking "pro life" party. fuck these assholes. fuck em all.
  13. Who were the idiot posters who cried about Jade Helm? We can expect them shortly to bitch about this or did they learn not to be so easily duped by Russian bots?
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