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  1. Wonder how they will do an abbreviated spring training after.
  2. Well, they took drastic public health measures that we did not. In any case, hope everyone stays healthy, even the biggest asshole annoying posters.
  3. We don't steal signs until the games count!
  4. At least there's a few off days the first 2 weeks of the season.
  5. Actually, you combine those two and get a pretty nice 1B and one surly poster.
  6. My God, the Mariners have an even worse history of workplace sexual harassment and had a video guy shooting beaver. And Robinson Cano used steroids there. What a terrible message for the kids.
  7. One couldn't stop smoking. One couldn't stop eating.
  8. His weight doesn't matter, finding the strike zone does. He's only 22.
  9. Exactly, that is how a sociopath shows "remorse"
  10. Tucker is having a nice spring.
  11. His beard could be a foot long, and he'd still be bald and ugly.
  12. I thought Giles's ring had an asterisk on it anyway.
  13. Dusty says he's ready to throw 240 innings this year!
  14. Looking back, we should have scheduled Nebraska...
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