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  1. More: https://www.baltimoreravens.com/video/justin-tucker-kicks-with-ravens-fans-15506581
  2. Too bad, I was really hoping to see the Tom Herman coaching tree sprout a tiny little twig.
  3. Y'all chill. We're bargain hunters.
  4. I guess we are back to fuck you money again in FA?
  5. If Correa had Altuve's passion, drive, leadership, and toughness, he would be well on his way to the Hall of Fame. Instead, our beloved midget is the one getting it done.
  6. So Correa would have to pass a physical?
  7. What if I told you there's a guy out there with P5 experience, very creative with blitzes even if they don't work, and fearless enough to bring the house on 3rd and 17?
  8. Being called Portapotty boy/girl or craps table MILF are huge compliments, trust me
  9. 9 years. Holy shit, does Strom get a cut from that? I guess the Astros are as sick of Correa as we are.
  10. I hear those tip over all the time, and pieces of shit just go flying
  11. No, that's not what you said. You said Herman always someone else to run the offense even though he had to take over playcalling last year. Because of the results at the end of the year, he arrogantly thought he could do everything and didn't look for someone to take over. Now that this year went shittily, it is back to he wants someone else to call plays because he needs an excuse to keep his job.
  12. Then why didn't he get a new OC last offseason? Yeah.
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