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  1. Yu Darvish thinks the Astros should be stripped? I beg to differ. Instead, they should send full winner shares to him for sucking at home in Game 7, to Bellinger for being such an easy out, and to Roberts for mismanagement of his bullpen. That way, they can be winners, too.
  2. That SI story of how salty CU is cracks me up. Shit happens, bitches. What is Tucker supposed to do, no show for an event because a deal may or may not work out?
  3. Dear Gawd, Josh Reddick has just broken him in half. Aww, Gawd, they've got to stop this, it's making me sick. We're tawking about a human being here, a man with a family.
  4. Hit Correa and be prepared to feel the wrath of Greinke's precisely placed 89 mph heat!
  5. The only thing missing from that interview was Bellinger's hypocritical failure to call out the 2018 Red Sox. That's funny to hear about Altuve's crappy tattoo.
  6. Do their Indians wear fucking Chief Wahoo?
  7. Sounds like you're a better hitter than anyone on the Yankees.
  8. That's a fake quote because no MLB manager knows the word "permeate."
  9. What the fuck do you expect here, a bunch of diehard Astros fans to apologize? What did people expect today from the Astros, "our wins are bullshit, we couldn't have won the World Series without cheating, take away our rings"? If the Astros don't maintain their standard this year, then fine, I'll accept that the sign stealing system made a significant difference. If they remain one of the best few teams, then fuck off because I'm pretty sure a large percentage of the league was doing something similar.
  10. A bunch of reporters aren’t there to accept an apology. The Astros just have to apologize then prove they can win while being scrutinized.
  11. Can you prove the Astros weren't using mind control? Pocket abacuses? Carrier pigeons?
  12. Cesspool. "Riep" sounds guilty, just not "Tom Raper" bad.
  13. Maybe the plaintiff shouldn't throw a fastball in the upper 80s. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/mike-bolsinger/11137/graphs?position=P&pitchgraphs=true&statArr=279&legend=1,2&split=base&time=daily&start=2015&end=2017&rtype=mult&gt1=15&dStatArray=FC&ymin=&ymax=
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