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  1. Yea I read they want him Lucas to see if he can help him. Maybe so. Wood is out tonight too so I think we are seeing a lot of guys missing every game from here on out till the trade deadline. Let’s go full rebuild and grab a top 3 pick.
  2. So Porter jr hasn't played this season? then i look it up and 4 days ago the cavs were about to release him for a outburst in the locker room then the rockets come in and trade a second round pick for him. He was drafted 30Th overall in 2019. I know nothing about his game and I am all about risk/reward but holy fuck how many headcases do we need to deal with? Hope it works out for him though and the Rockets. The Rockets should do everything they can to trade everyone they can for First round picks besides Christian Wood and then tank for a top 4 pick. I'm not sure why anyone would
  3. Wait, onacomputer is a Eastern European from the movie Taken?
  4. See though we have morons leading the charge so whatever is the best package expect them to take the lesser package with another team that leaves everyone saying “wtf”.
  5. Like anyone thought this shit show would make the right hire. It’s clear though they want a DC head coach since that’s all they’ve looked at. Bienemy should be the guy but we have fuck stains running the show.
  6. Well in season 3 she has released the twins. I've got the O/U on her being in a movie showing tits or a porn at 2 years.
  7. Exum is straight trash now so why can’t we just dump him?
  8. Should be a good game. What’s beards record vs shaka? Seems like he would be coaching circles around him. If we win this game it would seriously make me think shaka has turned a corner. ive been cautiously optimistic not wanting to be all in then watch the wheels fly off.
  9. I don’t really get what people expected. And honestly I can give two shits what fucking twitter thinks about anything. Not directed at you js1.
  10. Is that tom hanks in the back in a red hat?
  11. Clutch fans are morons. When you’re trading a superstar wtf do you expect to get back? Did they expect to get back another superstar and picks? It never was going to happen.
  12. Yep this is why I said before the season trade him now and don’t wait. The longer you wait the worse the packages and picks get. But the picks in this deal are good. I bet they trade tucker and definitely will try to off load Gordon. And I said try but his contract blows ass.
  13. Houston I’m sure will end up trying to move gordon(his contract blows ass though) and they should have no issue trading Tucker to a contender.
  14. If harden can be second fiddle the nets have a shot. He definitely cannot lead a team to the title on his own though. Obviously.
  15. Well if we suck we have our hopefully lottery pick with these picks. So in some years we could be selecting twice. Of course I have no idea what years we even have a pick since we gutted our future for fat fuck harden.
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