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  1. Money, fame and athleticism is the game usually. He must have a small pee pee.
  2. No shit the guy is a fucking millionaire and could get grade a pussy anytime then does this? I mean those are surly fat guy moves when we go to massage envy but Not deshaun. I definitely am walking taller today knowing I have more game than a nfl star qb.
  3. Well that just ruins my bitching argument about the FO so I choose to not believe that
  4. I bet Johnnie could get him off land I thought buzzbee was his lawyer too my bad. Still. Fuck aggy.
  5. Deshaun needs johnnie Cochran not a aggy. He’s fucked. Also I’m still fuming the Texans didn’t trade him two months ago. Unbelievable.
  6. Doyle posts kinda like danger snax from shaggy. Whatever happened to that dude.
  7. We can have them fight and futureman fist himself on the podcast and we get real time reaction. Let’s go for the greatest hour on podcast ever.
  8. I don’t know man I loved watching jerry and the fights. Just please have derka on too, after covid we(surly) deserve a on air derka explosion response to slorch. Even if it’s staged. I don’t care. Just do it.
  9. I’ll cash app you $100 to not be a bitch or a pussy about cheap shots and just go on. Let those feelings of rage hang.
  10. That’s what I want to hear slouch, take shots back don’t stand for it. But you are being a pussy and we want to hear how west Texas angry that makes you. Just get on the surly podcast and let’s make history. Give me a shout out too.
  11. Haha I hope so but it feels like when it hits Houston it’s comes down harder than usual.
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