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  1. If we beat their DC I don’t want him.
  2. That was like watching two blind kids slap fighting on the short bus.
  3. I actually would love to see it go to a true playoff format like you know every other level of football that does besides Division 1. Who doesn't love Texas High School football playoffs? Division 2 or 3? I would love to see a 7-3 team catch fire and win the National Championship. We love March Madness because of the Cinderella story and i'm not sure why we can't at the least go to 8. I could care less if a team makes it with 2 losses because if they caught fire at the right time then they are the best. It's like bitching that Butler made the final 4 two years in a row and saying they shouldn't been in it because they are "butler" from a shit conference.
  4. Another ou title and we are keeping our shitty head coach hoping he can hire 37 assistant coaches to keep his job.
  5. I really was expecting buzz to be better than this even in his first year. They are terrible. Which mean shaka will find a way for it to be a 1-2 point game.
  6. I was told it's doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?
  7. I'm still trying to figure out if this Harrell to OC thing is just the hopes and wishing of the fanbase and $9.95ers or is there some actual quote that a source has gotten from Herman or a Texas official that we will go after him? Do people realize Herman IS a OC and runs his offense the Power Spread? I mean IF he goes after Harrell which I hgope he does it will mean our super arrogant mensa card holding HC is abandoning the offense he brought here for the Air Raid or Harrell's version of it? I hope I WAYYYY wrong but I have a hard time seeing that happening. It would be Like Charlie bringing his 3-3-5 here and then bringing in a DC that runs a 4-3 or some opposite version he knows. It's very rare. The flip side on the DC search is I am right there with what Rod Babers said on there podcast yesterday and that's if Chris Ash is "the guy" then you did no search and there should be 3-5 guys interviewed before anyone is hired. Ash would be another comfort hire imo.
  8. Last nights game is another great example of why this team won't get out of the second round and that's if they get out of the first. I've never seen a team blow double digits leads so consistently as this one and while they have still won some games you cannot win a title trending that way all season. There inability to close out games after having a big lead blows my mind, especially given how shitty the spurs are.
  9. Who shows up to watch a game with friends with a pom pom? do sec fans realize they are fucking insane and dumb as fuck?
  10. Dramatically better? Drink the kool-aid man.
  11. Yea I’m out of my element on a message board full of know it alls.
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