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  1. I miss the old days when it was in a ballroom at a hotel and they had spin dial phones at every table calling the guys they drafted. Draft was way more exciting than this shit.
  2. He’s doing pretty good this season in okc so I doubt he will want to come back to college.
  3. Shaka doesn’t just suck at in game adjustments and any type of offensive game planning but I’ve been saying for years he doesn’t recruit basketball kids with IQ or any that can fucking shoot, he recruits athletes with raw basketball skills that never develop because he blows ass. Whoever the new coach is I hope he recruits shooters and even the occasional euro kid that’s 6’10 and shoot.
  4. Harden 1-17 haha. maybe I’m just pissed after the Texans and then the Astros but we have tried like every possible combination known to man to win with harden and it’s just not happening. At some point we will either be ok with just what we are or we are open to trading everyone for draft picks and rebuilding.
  5. This team just isn’t very good. The bench fucking blows. tucker 1-3 house 1-4 gordon 1-8 if we had anyone else that could hit a fucking shot we would be up by 10 easy. The role players are not good and I fully expect morey to do something. I’d keep tucker for defense and hustle but everyone else needs to be traded.
  6. Losing to LA in the regular season isn’t that big of a deal, losing to Memphis and Portland before them and now to LA is a huge deal. 3 game losing streak and our biggest issue is a shitty supporting cast around harden and Westbrook. If they had anyone that could fucking hit a shot consistently we would have won the last 3 games. I’m getting to the end of my rope with morey and this roster and not sure what he could even add to make us better at this point with basically no draft picks left. All we have as assets to flip would be Gordon and capella and what could they even get us that would make us better? I’m not sure at this point.
  7. Another great quality lose by Shaka! It’s year 5 and we are sooooooo close! He will get us there eventually by year 7 or 10. Oh well, can’t win them all! NIT watch out!!! We dem boyzzzzz.. God I hate fucking Shaka. 5 fucking years of watching this same shit.
  8. Watching Texas fall apart down the stretch and end up losing by 10 is pretty fitting for Shaka career.
  9. This upset win followed by losses to shit teams will help us secure that 1 seed in the NIT! Let’s goooooooo.
  10. Herman needs to be raiding the portal this year to get a quick turnaround. How many transfers could we get with our roster?
  11. Oh look the media is making up stories with no proof of anything. This should be on cnn any moment now.
  12. THIS is why he is a bitch. You run your mouth on national television, get called out and wanna settle it on private email. Lol. Don’t run your mouth about something from 10 years ago that was meant to be left in the locker room. Fucking bitch. I hope he reads this. Be a man and take the heat if you’re gonna run your fucking mouth for laughs and attention.
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