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  1. I'm 32 and still clawing my way out of grad school debt, but this sounds like just the sort of thing I'd like to do when I've saved some coin. Not necessarily horned toads specifically (although that sounds awesome), but some sort of habitat and wildlife restoration, even if at a very small scale. I would be incredibly content spending the second half of my life on a project that never really ends like that.
  2. Oregon trail was the defining aspect of computer lab for me. 99 boxes of bullets, a shit ton of oxen and a doctor as my occupation. Pay the money for the ferry to float the wagon across every time it was presented as an option. Cholera couldn't derail my wagon but the Sioux couldn't wait to find me with 0 axles and 4000 lbs of rotted bison meat. That strategy got me past chimney rock every time. Probably made it to the Willamette Valley once. Im an early millennial, if that means anything. Boomers would also go with 99 boxes of bullets, but rather than oxen or a valuable profession, they probably brought 1,000 boxes of bootstraps.
  3. I've been meaning to spend more than I've ever spent on a single bottle of beer, scotch and champagne so I have options of what order I get drunk on that glorious day.
  4. Just to pile on some stuff not getting the spotlight currently, Trump's wall in Arizona is getting built. Wasting money and unnecessarily exposing people to Covid in a hotspot state, cutting down giant saguaros in Organ Pipe National Monument, blowing up O'odham burial grounds, damming the San Pedro River and sucking groundwater that feeds the desert oasis, Quitobaquito Springs, to mix concrete. No big deal though, just native and public lands getting destroyed for a stupid fucking ego project.
  5. It seems pretty pointless to definitively plan anything at this point, but I gave myself a 4-day weekend the first weekend in October with the intention of taking what will then be my 7-month old dog on a little backpacking trip. I know the canine companion pretty much eliminates big bend and other west Texas highlights, but any drivable recs from DFW that time of year? I've mostly been looking west, but dog-friendly areas like Davis Mountains SP seem a bit small for a 3-4 night trip. I've also looked at some longer hikes in the Lincoln NF, but any other ideas would be appreciated. I also need a backpacking tent. North Face has a 50% off deal for healthcare workers I can take advantage of, if anyone feels one way or the other about any of their tents.
  6. I'm relatively new to politics, only starting to pay any attention in the last few years when a psychopath took over. I get that democrats aren't some saints who are going to fix everything and the democratic party apparatus is very poorly maintained garage sale tricycle. But people on here talk like being a Democrat pre-Trump is some Scarlet Letter. "I'm a conservative, I voted for all these Republicans until Trump, but now..." or whatever, like it's some evidence of being sensible and not some bleeding-heart liberal. But were conservatives ever really not overtly racist, environment-destroying, greedy shitheads? Because that's all I've really seen from that party. Keep gays from getting married, sell off public land to the highest bidder, focus entirely on the unborn rather than the born somewhere else, and ensure that black/immigrant voices and votes are minimized. The whole federal spending thing is clearly a joke. I'm not proud to be a Democrat, it's not like they have been routinely ahead of the curve as far as these things are concerned. But I'm sure as shit proud to have never called myself a Republican. This fucking bullshit didn't start 1/20/16.
  7. Member how Washington state was hit hard at the beginning and had that really shitty nursing home situation? And how Trump has attacked Inslee for being incompetent? And how, despite being basically ground zero for Covid in he US, Washington state is solidly in the bottom half of cases and deaths per capita, despite them being the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the god damn country? Jesus christ, it feels like Trump has been president my entire adulthood and I'm 32 fucking years old.
  8. Took the little girl out for a hike on a gravel forest service road specifically so she wouldn't get muddy. Welp...
  9. How long does this fat fuck think he's going to live?
  10. Mango is a holy terror at 3 months. She's going to be a beast before long though. 34 lbs @ 3 months, which looks about 10 pounds more than the average female Dobie weighs at that age. Big brother continues to enjoy the company.
  11. Are India's death numbers today just a backlog? They have been steadily increasing all day and are over 2,000 now.
  12. Diablo, those are male house finches. They use to be a strictly western North American bird but got introduced in NY I think about 50 years ago and spread from there. It is amazing how many new birds you will notice once you start looking up, especially in April/May if you're living in Texas.
  13. Don't worry, he's been destroying wildlife refuges and Indian burial sites in Arizona while people are distracted by the pandemic to put up Wall. As if the country weren't cursed enough as it is.
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