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  1. Looking to spend a week here in May with the wife. From what I can tell online, it seems like the island has largely recovered from the 2017 hurricanes. I've got an airbnb on the south side of the island in Fish Bay. Any recs on restaurants/bars? I know we will have to drive into Cruz and Coral Bay for that. We also plan on doing some snorkeling. Any tours or specific areas of the island to do that? I'm interested in doing a half-day fishing charter as well, but don't necessarily want to pay the full price for just 2 people. Anyone know anything about trying to book a shared charter with another small group?
  2. Work in Denton and live in Decatur (not voluntarily). Can't wait to see what I will be coming home to this evening, if I'm able to get there.
  3. I discover new people to hate every day now. It's exhausting. I miss the days when I didn't feel the need to pay so much attention to this shit.
  4. I heard that on the radio and was shocked to discover that Georgia had apparently elected an 8th grader. Imagine having days, weeks even, to come up with a 2 minute speech in the House of Reps and dropping that gem. Badass alert!
  5. This is the worst surly thread of all time and we haven't even hired a couple shitty coordinators yet. Can't wait to see this place after we lose by 20 to Utah. It's shaping up to be a great offseason.
  6. Signed up for the 70.3 Ironman in Galveston this coming April. I've done an Olympic-distance triathlon in Marble Falls about 4 years ago. I'm now 31 and have very infrequently worked out since moving to north Texas last summer and felt like I needed something to break out of this funk. I slowly worked back into cardio for a month before starting a 20-week training plan about 4 weeks ago. Things are going smoothly so far, although my training plan is described as 1/10 difficulty, training enough to finish. While I've been very consistent with my workouts, I know my diet could stand to be improved. I really plan on getting more serious about that at the start of the year, which will still be 3 months out from race day. Are there any good diet plans for triathlons y'all would recommend? I'm always hungry now and the first thing I reach for isn't always the best. Also, I don't have a bike anymore and was considering just renting for race day. I'm just looking to finish the race, and I almost exclusively used the exercise bike for training the last go around. Anyone done the rental thing before?
  7. Cool shot of the canyon wren. Where do you see those guys?
  8. Rare poster here who would be willing to contribute
  9. These dbs play the ball so much better than ours, even when beat a little.
  10. There were a few questions that definitely could have used a "neither agree nor disagree".
  11. Moved from saginaw to Decatur so this hits close to home. I'm surprised my town wasn't completely empty for the rally yesterday evening.
  12. It was still closed when I was there as well as they updated a boardwalk I think, so we didn't really see any of the thermal features. Just soaked in the solitude.
  13. I plan on getting cameras tomorrow, so recommendations for something that would be easy to put up and take down when we are fortunate enough to get the fuck out of here would be appreciated. Unfortunately, we can't leave until she finishes school. She has shut down talk of moving closer to a real city and commuting, and is afraid approaching the neighbors will just put more of a target on us, although that was my initial inclination. If something happens again, I have every intention of notifying the police, and hopefully I would have footage of the shitheads at that point as well.
  14. My wife and I recently moved to small town TX as she finishes grad school. I'm white, she's Asian. We've been here for about 6 weeks, and this weekend we received some neighborly greetings. We also got a similar message in the mailbox and on her car too. These were at least 2, if not 3 separate incidents over Saturday and Sunday, so I suspect it's a teenager on our street or something. So far there has not been any actual damage caused. We are stuck here for at least another year and I don't really know how to handle this without losing my shit. I'm not really worried at this point as much as I am incredibly angry. Any advice for handling this situation in a rational manner? I expected to not fit in and and to get nasty looks and shit, but this is on a different level. I'm not so ignorant as to think this stuff doesn't happen, but as a white guy spending most of my life in Houston, I obviously never experienced anything personally. My wife certainly did, and I would hear her stories on occasion. I certainly believed her, but now I really feel like a dick for probably brushing them to the side to some degree. I could just ramble endlessly, I'm so angry right now. And I realize that I have just been subjected to this once, while my wife, and I know many posters here, have to deal with worse shit than this their entire lives. Cloak room alert!!! Us white dudes aren't the fucking victims in this country. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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