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  1. If there is ever a jumbo program like this I would be interested. For any that haven’t tried Phil and Thad, do it. They are great to work with.
  2. Brrrrrrrrt, the money machine is printing!
  3. I would recommend Dr. Tacquard here in Austin. She’s been very good for our son who has thyroid issues. Make sure whoever you pick is not close to retirement since you’re going to be seeing them for a long time.
  4. You want to fuck someone up, put an empty beer can in a vertical sewer pipe. It will not go around a bend, it will stop up the pipe, and damn near impossible to find. In something like a four inch pipe it’s perfect. As for a body, as long as you dissolve it first you should be good. Typical headworks filtering is 7 mm or so, chunks of flesh would get caught in that.
  5. A real scheiss meister. I design plants. It's been a trend with low flush toilets and other water saving devices, that flows trend downward over time. We're seeing them as low as 30 gallons per capita per day, especially in single family residential with new construction. There is a lot more shit in mg/L than there used to be as well. So he is exactly right, we can correlate the concentration/occurrence of any detectable material and make a very educated guess as to how widespread it is. A lot of people flush weird shit down the toilet btw. It's all found at the headworks of the plant.
  6. Hertz is going bust so probably a lot of fleet cars hitting the market. I would think used is going to drop but I’m looking at either used or new, whichever ends up as a better deal.
  7. I have lost my ass in my play money account. My serious accounts are 90 percent cash, 10 percent bonds and staying there for the foreseeable future. I saw a couple of articles about this being an algo driven market and that makes more sense than people looking at the data and saying this is fine. The market crash is going to be worse the longer this stupid fight to keep equites high lasts. Earnings eventually matter.
  8. It went out in my office. The idiots have gotten their playbook.
  9. Bob's is meh, tbh. I had a gift card from a contractor for Christmas, so we went, and we were very underwhelmed. 3 Forks or Austin Land & Cattle for me. Not for a while though, we've just been buying steak at the grocery store and making it at home, and it's as good or better. My family is going to eat out a lot less, permanently, after this. We've saved a lot of money, and eaten better.
  10. Needs a newspaper with today's date to be complete.
  11. Why do you need a lawdog? I write strongly worded missives from time to time.
  12. Not sure he looks patient. Kind of hungry, and ready to go for a while.
  13. I still think we’re going to 2000. Too much accumulated pain has not been paid for yet.
  14. Holy shit the cognitive dissonance in the market right now is unbelievable. +rep
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