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  1. This is the most 2020 thing to happen in 2020 yet. Joker.gif and here we go.
  2. The three or four Thiem forehand winners were pretty spectacular. We’ve been spoiled by the big 3. Go back and watch Roddick or the early 2000s opens and tell me this was worse. I didn’t see Thiem choke but it’s perspectives I guess.
  3. Pretty remarkable tennis throughout actually. Zverev aquitted himself very well, and I am sure he is going to be a top player if he can continue to improve his mental strength (the double faulting has to stop). Thiem played just a little better overall, and throughout the tournament seemed the most complete player besides Djoker. I still don't think anyone beats Djokovic this tournament but who knows? RG should be really fun.
  4. It’s also the soundtrack for Maximum Overdrive, one of the best movies ever.
  5. Osaka turned up the quality in the third set. She was off in the first and Vika was super aggressive. It was a fun match and could have gone either way easily. I think Thiem blows Zverev off the court unless his serve is consistent at 125 plus and well located. Thiem looks so brutal hitting the ball but his shots are fantastic. I think it’s a four set Thiem win.
  6. If I wasn't bald I'd have to cut my hair. Starting thinning at about 30, by 35 it was very noticeable and since I've just gone super short, like a #2 on the sides. Bald is sexy, especially if the alternative is a combover or a toupee. I know a couple of guys who wear them and I don't get it - it's really obvious.
  7. My story amuses my wife (also a UT grad) a lot. She got hers verified a while back, no problem, and she contributes. Mine came addressed to me and a neighbor from down the street - a guy, who is also married. She asked me if I needed to tell her something.
  8. Shit I thought something had happened to Chris Del Conte! Glad it's just our government's old premier health agency.
  9. My prediction? Pain. Score: 34 Texas, 20 UTEP. Lots o distractions, and who knows where the team's mind is.
  10. You don't even know how to turn your autosig off. Tapatalk is balls. And I am definitely lightening up with football starting. Everyone is excited to watch us stomp a mudhole in UTEP today.
  11. Not Knox, but the armchair epidimeologists on this site crack me up! Masks don't work, herd immunity is here, the virus is just like the flu! Meanwhile we're headed to 400k dead, economy is in the shitter, no vaccine in sight, but everything is awesome. Get your heads out of your ass and figure out how to live until summer 2020 with restrictions. The state government of Texas recognizes this as they are going to continue to suspend the open meetings act rules requiring in person meetings for political subdivisions at least past the end of the year. If you buy the bullshit that we're on the downswing and not just in another cycle, I don't know what to tell you.
  12. From a boring ass conference call in Austin, Texas!
  13. Jesus that sounds terrible. So far for our high schoolers remote is going pretty well. I think elementary kids need to be back ASAP. I’m good with my kids being remote but they are self motivated with no issues learning, so they don’t need special help. This is a tough thing to watch. There is about half of their classes that the kids turn off the video and just sit on their phone.
  14. Yeah Serena is annoying as hell but she is a freak of nature. She’s too heavy but still dominant.
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