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  1. Hook ‘em Sam. I loved him as QB for the horns despite turtle Tom and the other ups and Downs. He literally bled Orange and he has endured more tragedy than anyone his age should.
  2. You basically have to go Mary Pierce dad to get tossed. I think he threatened to kill a ref?
  3. It looked bad for Halep. Sad as she is really solid and seemed like a good bet to challenge Barty at RG. SST is absolutely unwatchable to me, so the highlights of the Giorgi match where when Camila would bend over as she is pretty hot. She hits like Sabalenka but even more out of control. I thought Giorgi was Italian though. Shows what I know.
  4. Who was riding his dick (besides south Austin’s mom of course)? The analogies are almost coming together, I can feel it.
  5. Transfer game not for the weak of heart or timid. You may miss on some, who gives a fuck, keep swinging.
  6. lol my first reaction was the same. Don’t start shit.
  7. I heard his dog would bite him if he tried to pet him. He was a wanker.
  8. It's still possibly crap because their manufacturing is only as good as the company supervising it. Made in China is a strong warning signal.
  9. Sabalenka was on a Serena level in the first set. She has absolutely the highest ceiling of a player right now ( Osaka included) but she dug deep to win today. I really don’t care much for Zverev but if he plays like he did today Berrettini doesn’t have a shot. But with that head case you never know if the double fault machine is going to show up.
  10. 90s tennis with Edberg, Agassi, Chang, Rafter? Yes Sampras was massive on serve (and had a great volley game) as were a few others but I think you're off base here. Isner has a decent forehand but otherwise he is a one trick pony. Just not fun to watch.
  11. I don’t know what he did but fuck him if it was anything other than paying respects.
  12. I couldn’t bring myself to post until now. I have two kids who go to WHS and I was gut punched by this news. Unbelievably sad and the thought that this family lost their dad only to lose a brother a few years later is so awful and tragic. Serious prayers sent their way. RIP young Jake Ehlinger.
  13. Sorry to hear it man. I’ve lost way too many to the big C (mom, grandfather, various other relatives) so I can only say I know how awful this is.
  14. Nadal looked like his knees may be bothering him. He hit his returns short the entire match. And I am so happy Isner lost. I kind of want to see Ruud in the final against Thiem. Ruud has a cool game. Bublik needs to serve underhand to him though.
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