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  1. If this is a Larry Correia reference +rep
  2. Shiiiit, CTJ won’t even meet me at a home game for a foot race.
  3. So he’s a cunning Linguist? I’ll see myself out now.
  4. I never said the bottle would be full either. Regardless, the challenge has been made. You can film us a-la-case.
  5. Fuck it. I’ll race you. You pick a home game date in the fall. If you win I owe you a 750 of jw blue. If I win, Sydney has to write me a whimsical love letter.
  6. Well, technically every program is in position to sign anyone until they don’t.
  7. I don’t think it’s the haircut. It’s the that look of constant confusion that makes me hate him.
  8. Personally, I wouldn’t let the motherfucker get on the bus.
  9. Gird your loins because he’ll be there next week unless we fly a banner to get our point across again.
  10. Anyone that tries to defend Orlanxo at this point is a fucking moron.
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