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  1. I can picture it now. Looch sitting at his typewriter - sweaty and covered in chicken grease. “It took a global pandemic to keep the Aggy from quite possibly winning a natty - by themselves. The Covid meant that Aggy had to play only SEC, SEC, SEC opponents due to travel to the Mecca of college football being restricted. Since SEC, SEC, SEC teams only played SEC, SEC, SEC teams - we’re going to go ahead and add this one to wall. Fire up the engraving tool Jim John. Jimbo brought home a title.”
  2. I’m still waiting for him and CTJ to accept my challenge.
  3. This reads exactly like a @Hank Scorpio post.
  4. Will you also ask him why he’s leaving the program?
  5. Didn’t realize hydraulics was taking that big of hit.
  6. Listen, obtuse shit-heel. You drivel on in every single thread on this board like you’re some type of “woke messiah” when it comes to Texas football. I presented an actual fact based opinion based on Leach’s actual coaching record rather than your consistent and unsubstantiated conjecture that you sprinkle around like fairy dust. If you can’t wrap your mind around that, then maybe CTJ should put you back on your gimp leash. Or did you have 2 beers and start shit posting again?
  7. Leach is 7-3 against Texas A&M - who had arguably better secondaries. It’s also his offense with him calling the plays. If he doesn’t take this A&M team to the rail, I’ll admit I was wrong and buy you your next Appletini.
  8. They’ll have 6 weeks to practice a playbook that fits on an index card. Even you could figure that out.
  9. The pirate is going in DRY against jimbus. I think he hangs 50+ on them. Slow secondary, fat d-line. It’s a recipe for embarrassment. Also they lose to LSU for the same reason. Alabama is just better across the board. They’ll drop at least 1 more. 8-4 is the bar.
  10. This looks just like one of my *wife’s dogs.
  11. Didn’t even have to read more than one post to figure that the appropriate response to the last 2ish pages should be - “Take this shit to the mother fucking cloak room.”.
  12. Has anyone seen this website? Watchrapport.com Never heard of it and just launched April 2020. The prices seem too good to be true.
  13. Aggy won’t play us because one game will ruin their narrative.
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