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  1. Not sure why they're wringing their hands about Robinson. Pretty sure it was Terry Price that recruited all those guys.
  2. None of that matters. It's too perfect of a hire. The only thing that matters is what is the total cost of the buyout for Dabo. Its the same fucking playbook as the Fisher hire. Why would they not do it?
  3. The problems with that team aren't going to go away overnight. I don't care what size war chest they have.
  4. They'll try to fire Jimbo for cause before considering paying that buyout.
  5. I prefer to think they are "wiping before they poop.". In addition to that - Brooks didn't have the most affluent upbringing. It would be silly of him to chase "maybe potential" money vs. what he has guaranteed here at Texas. Also - as it was said earlier, the kid enjoys being here.
  6. What's funny about the second play in particular is that you can see Cruz look at the guy before the snap like he's thinking - "This motherfuckers' soul is about to leave his body."
  7. Thats because Durango airport only has 4 gates and you usually have to go through Phoenix, Dallas, or Denver. We usually drive it from Austin. Takes about 11 hours without kids, 13 with. Sounds like the burger spot next to the weed store I saw Dwight Howard at a couple of years back.
  8. Check out Pagosa Springs, CO. 45 min from the Durango airport and 45ish minutes between wolf creek and purgatory. Still relatively affordable by Colorado ski town standards.
  9. It's a housing affordability issue. They blame out of staters buying second, third homes there as the reason why they can't live for cheap in the more scenic mountain towns. We bought a summer/winter home outside of Durango last year and all the locals do is bitch about how they can't afford to buy or rent homes because of guys like me. My response to them more often than not - "Stop being poor.".
  10. 1. You still owe a lot of folks on Surly a foot race, sir. 2. Pretty sure 95% of them still do this on a near daily basis, which is why you'll probably still win a lot of them.
  11. If I remember correctly, that's when interest got serious as well due to concerns about his projections being addressed.
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