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  1. Suriously - I've got a ton of things that I'm thankful for, but the one I'm calling out now is for this site and y'all here. Hope each and everyone of you assholes has a great Turkey Day, and God Bless Texas!
  2. Picks up immediately after Enchanters End Game and goes on. Then there are two following tomes on Belgarath and Polgara respectively. Castle of Wizardry was prolly my favorite book out of all of them.
  3. Lamesa Mule. Lung shot with a 25-06 and then led us on a chase across scrub and cotton fields. Happy Movember y'all.
  4. Draw a line on 281 from Johnson City to Burnet. Look up and down that entire area on Zillow or Trulia (you'll find it's most expensive around Marble Falls). If you live closer to either JC or Burnet you'll find the highways are straight shots into the metro area, property values are reasonable and they still have the small town, country folk, feel to them. Really good hunting and fishing along that whole line as well. Thank you for your service to our country!
  5. Somewhere Hugo is crying to himself on why he's not considered the coolest kid on the playground.
  6. Right up there with Thujone's posts on Bob Stoops' phallic addicktions.
  7. Say what you will about Enzo - that crusty old bastard inspired a hell of a lot of amazing cars, even when he was acting like a selfish prick. Think about it, not just his own name brand but the Fords and Lamborghinis. Fuck yeah I'm seeing this, even the wife is stoked about seeing it.
  8. Holy shit - those were the exact same years I went. OP - it's the only game that competes with the Shootout, except it's a completely different flavor of football (stamina over speed). Do not, under any circumstances, leave until the Alma Maters have been sung - it's the final stamp of the final game of every college football regular season for a reason. Shit, this room gets dusty just thinking about it.
  9. Go to the Scribner museum on Camp Mabry - you'll learn the majority of personnel who build the real bridge were captured Texas National Guardsmen - yes the senior officers were British but the labor came mostly from men from Texas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Battalion_(Pacific,_World_War_II)
  10. Well then allow me to politely respond - I see athletes on the field but I sure as shit don't see any fucking coaching. Care to provide a witty repartee?
  11. Well, here goes silent me: I see athletes on the field, but I sure as shit don't see coaching.
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