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  1. I can't speak for the OP, but my guess is he started this thread and put 'lol' in the title to highlight the breathtaking hypocrisy and dishonesty of which shootings the self-labeled 'Mainstream Media' (sic) obsesses over for days and weeks and the vast majority that they bury or mostly ignore for obvious propaganda reasons. Any event where the shooter doesn't fit the narrative is quickly dropped or often not even mentioned. Or the uneven censorship to protect dishonest 'reporting', such as Twitter and most of social media banning links to the racist scumbag Buffalo shooter's manifesto, so that we all are supposed to rely on and take the word of the Mainstream Media's (sic) characterization of it. They claim it is because they don't want to encourage copycats or promote white nationalism, but it now appears it is to prevent people from easily seeing that it doesn't match how the media is spinning it in their attempts to blame and demonize half the country and to slander and effectively censor many of their ideological opponents. Without getting into a debate on how much the racist murdering scumbag loser falls into X category or Y beliefs or was influenced by Z, A, or B, I'm posting 2 brief excerpts to simply show how what he wrote doesn't at all match how the Mainstream Media (sic) is portraying it: Here's a link: https://emilkirkegaard.dk/en/wp-content/uploads/spree-killer-manifesto.pdf ...When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist... What are your views? I would prefer to call myself a populist. But you can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn’t disagree with you.... Being to the right of Marx doesn't mean actually right-wing. He's a nut, so I wouldn't take him at his word on anything, and it doesn't prove he's left, either. Debate on that can be done elsewhere. Again, I'm just showing a few of the parts that refute much of the current media narrative of who he is, who influenced him, and thus who is to blame (who they want permanently censored). This is exactly why we need less, not more censorship, Twitter and most other social media platforms are once again purposefully enabling blatant dishonest 'reporting', slander, and attempts to establish urban myths by restricting access to actual source docs, in order to advance a false narrative for control purposes. So yeah, I mourn for ALL the killed, while also frustratingly LOL at the usual shameless hypocrisy of The Media That Cried Wolf. (Though I would not have put 'lol' in the headline, too easily misinterpreted and too soon). Now that someone has pointed out and given proof that the media is lying, watch this suddenly get hidden in CR.
  2. University of Deliverance had a Free Rabies Vaccine Night last week: Fainting a vax side effect?
  3. No wonder Chris Paul is a scared nervous wreck in all those State Farm commercials.
  4. LOL, walking in a run is the about the most hair pulling frustration you can inflict on a baseball fan. This is for baby shark.
  5. Hope Maldy made that stupid furry sitting behind home plate cry.
  6. It's probably BS, but some twitter buzz that over in China, Winnie the PoohXi had an aneurysm amidst coup rumors. May or may not be living in interesting times.
  7. As for the argument of just make your own formula, from the article you can see how parents would be stressed by conflicting information: On social media, recipes are circulating for homemade baby formula — something the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises against, calling it unsafe. The academy also cautions against diluting formula to make it last longer, which will not meet infants’ nutritional needs.
  8. BS. It's a huge story but some want it hidden because of where some (not all) of the blame points at. The FDA started investigating the issue last Fall. They shut down the plant in Feb and only now will allow a limited restart, announced 2 days ago after Congress started complaining. Despite learning a month ago that none of the bacterial strains that started the shutdown can be linked to the plant. And the FDA had been way behind on much of their inspection efforts across the board because of Covid excuses. Buy some damn KN-95 masks and do your job. Further exacerbated by Fed restrictions on importing baby formula, expanded over multiple administrations, despite many of those countries meeting or exceeding fed safety standards. Why not use an executive order to declare an emergency and temporarily waive some restrictions? Or quickly get Congress to pass a measure if that is required? Instead the House has scheduled a hearing 2 weeks from now. Too busy with important matters like next week's UFO hearings. Too much concentration of supply from just a few plants. Some specialty formulas only produced in this plant. Why the hell hasn't the feds treated medical and critical supplies sourcing as a national security issue? It's not inconceivable that Russian or Iranian or any other terrorist assets could sabotage such a facility. We've only had 21 years of warning to look into such matters, and in fact did create such working groups, but the follow through hasn't been there. While not a major cause of the shortages, it doesn't help that with such known supply disruption issues, the feds have being buying up batches of formula to deal with the huge, and likely record, influx of illegal aliens (possibly 6 million this year.) I dunno, maybe take a pause and enforce the border a bit for a few months until we catch up with some of the supply shortages across the spectrum?
  9. Really looking forward to his autodocography.
  10. Ya think Rocco Baldelli drives a Corvette?
  11. Kinda wish we didn't waste Neris here, I would have kept Stanek in. (To be fair, none of the teams I've managed have ever made it to the World Series.)
  12. Found an away feed, further down the list on Sportsurge: http://www.sportsrp.com/watch/MLB-streams/houston-astros-vs-minnesota-twins/10531/1
  13. Maybe we did go to the hotel early, our offense looks like they got a very good night's sleep.
  14. Found a stream on Sportsurge, it's the Twins' broadcast, but we're scoring: http://www.tvsportslive.fr/10-4/
  15. Seeing tweets that there's still a lot of lightning to the west, so maybe that's why.
  16. Welp, guess I don't know the rules. Similar risk of tornadic storms tomorrow afternoon and evening, maybe as early as 4pm. Might have been better to play through the sprinkles tonight. Allegedly:
  17. Possible tornado passing to the north of the stadium. Line is moving so could clear within 30 minutes. Ought to be able to resume after that, looks like mostly just sprinkles behind the line for another hour or so. Would be a resumption, not a start over (but need to finish 5 innings tonight.) LOL - "It's raining cats and dogs, don't step in a poodle."
  18. They've gotten 2 EF5 tornadoes before (that's Jarrell strong)
  19. Wasn't a homer, but still a hell of a catch. Tornado warning now less than 10 miles from the stadium. Edit: And umps call the delay right after Target Field went under a severe thunderstorm warning.
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