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  1. Fuck acho and the way he is always yelling on tv. He’s annoying and his takes are usually pretty shit, but that’s probably because he just seems like a stupid try hard.
  2. This can’t be said enough! Proper form and technique across the board will be very welcome.
  3. Auburn defense is not going to be the same next year imo. The secondary is gonna be in big trouble I think.
  4. Drew is an awesome guy! I’ll never forget meeting him at one of those classic cowboys autograph tours they used to do around Texas.
  5. His record was 80-64. Same as Brian Billick. Is this like something against him?
  6. I’ll tell ya right now he should be able to score points in the sec... and he has a good chance to beat auburn next year. Mark it down
  7. Probably the best hire of the off season. As much I think it’s gonna be awesome to see what happens with Leach in the SEC west, I do actually think it’s a good hire for MSU and one that is outside the box of the SEC hive mind. Certainly will be better than Joe
  8. Probably means Emmett is out for us
  9. Fuck Shaka. Didn’t even watch tonight. Don’t care
  10. taybo20

    Sam Ehlinger

    So does the fan base
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