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  1. Butler giving PJ the "hook'em horns"
  2. Love the article! hopefully it brings even more energy! I remember Pederson’s for the Braves last year…that one became a rallying cry. Lets fucking go Horns!!
  3. Definitely part of it.
  4. I like the real do it yourself type of presentation… it’s a styrofoam table top… I see why he wants the 600k lol
  5. KU goes before Texas in the draft… if it’s not clear now, then some fans will never see just how poor our personnel really was
  6. Yeah even if it’s full recovery…I don’t see much upside for a guy that’s whole job involves him running and hitting people as hard as possible. But good luck to him for sure and his spine
  7. Felt like we reached hard for picks 1 and 2…but at least they know that the lines are needed…especially OL
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