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  1. They can stick with rattler all year for all I care
  2. Yeah it’s a pretty awful look. If no one is gonna sit there, let the students fill the seats after game time lol
  3. You’re a worthless poster so I guess you would know about being nothing of value
  4. Didn’t read any of these yet, but fuck Ian Boyd
  5. Jeff Banks has made ST soooooooooooo much better. also the way Collins has come on this game, let’s fucking go!!!
  6. I can’t believe there are still 5 min left in 2nd Q
  7. Casey makes a mistake… 2 plays later makes up for with a TD. Love this kid!
  8. He’s starting to generate so much faith that he will always find a way to make a play
  9. It really did seem the 2nd team OL had a little more nasty in them overall.
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