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  1. Why would you tho? The point is to never give them back the ball at that point. And At the time we were right hash making the fg kick harder. I agree the illegal formation penalty was actually benefit and fuck me if that was on purpose lol
  2. It seemed stupid to me. KSU had no timeouts and we were running plays like we wanted to score a TD. When all we needed to do was take knees, call timeout and kick the fg. KSU should have let us score a TD before the 5 men in the backfield play to get the ball back to have a chance.
  3. This team is so well coached. Route running and offensive and defensive ball skills are solid
  4. And yes to both points. Fleck has the culture and buy in, because the foundation is solid coaching and care for his players
  5. He just signed a 7 year extension to stay so unless something big happens
  6. Minny looks good and the playcalling has been aggressive and smart
  7. I think pj fleck is a legit coach and doing more with less talent
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