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  1. Do they offer bulk discounts in TJ surgery?
  2. $8 a month for woke sports? Tens of people will take them up on that.
  3. CANCEL SOULJA BOY Soulja Boy (Robert E Lee) off in this oh Watch me crank it (oppress black people), watch me roll (genocide) Watch me crank dat (oppress), Soulja Boy (Robert E Lee) Then Superman dat oh…(rape women of color)
  4. Scope and Contents: The collection includes personal correspondence of J. F. Cavitt, a cousin of W.R. Cavitt, member of Board of Regents of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. Other documents of significant importance are the correspondence of and articles about Ann Cavitt Armstrong, that sheds a light on the early settlement period of Texas. Financial documents also shed a light on the early history of Texas, including court documents and receipts of slave purchases. Also included is J. F. Cavitt's ceremonial robe from his membership in the KKK. http://archon.library.tamu.edu/?p=collections/controlcard&id=805
  5. Car buying is a whole different topic. Theoretically, if your investments yield better interest than the car loan than it makes sense to take the loan. Practically, 1) they will just make their money on the price rather than the interest if offering no or low interest. A cash buyer will always get a lower negotiated price. 2) Most people who finance cars are not using the piles of cash they didn’t spend to do sharp investing. Of course there are exceptions.
  6. I order less from amazon since I don’t get my shit within a day or two anymore
  7. How many people do you know that take 84 month car loans and also keep cash lying around?
  8. I would recommend everyone have AT LEAST a million in cash. If you don’t you should definitely do it.
  9. Boneyard match was good. Much better than a live Undertaker match would have been.
  10. Iron Condor? So we want to bet on neutrality in this market? Good luck!
  11. LOL, I had the same thought when I read that
  12. I think there will be buys, but the bargain basement won’t come for a while. We are sailing into a severe recession/ depression.
  13. I know he sold Barstool to penn gaming, I’m assuming for stock, that subsequently declined 75% or so. Is there something else?
  14. That is true. This is not being done to prop up the stock market per se. I wan't claiming it was. My comment is addressing how sour the attitude of the stock market is where such a huge policy announcement is still met with a downward market trajectory.
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