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  1. That is a great story. Unfortunately, the way the world works now, someone is currently digging through his old tweets to see if he has ever said anything “problematic.”
  2. I wish I could just pay the $5 regional sports fee and get ATTSN only.
  3. If he was just going to rub and tugs he wouldn’t be in this predicament.
  4. A personal injury lawyer says “it isn’t about the money” and you take that on face value to mean he doesn’t want money?
  5. You keep saying that. It isn’t true. When they say the pled “minimum jurisdictional limits of $500” it does not mean they are only seeking $500. It is a formality that has to be included in a petition for subject matter jurisdiction. They will be seeking to be paid 6 or 7 figures each. And Buzbee is going to take about 40% of whatever they get.
  6. It is hilarious how little you understand about the practice of law.
  7. I too want to hear more about how shitty and unjust our country is from a man that was born to immigrants from Nigeria and went to St. Mark’s and then the University of Texas on scholarship. Imagine all he would have been able to do if he lived in a non-oppressive country.
  8. They don’t just beat women. They are quite adept at beating their children as well.
  9. God bless the kid. Awful.
  10. Because when you raid them they are shocked and end up confessing more often than not. Violence on CP raids is not common.
  11. He checks all my boxes. (X) Not an incompetent puffy faced troll named Mike Stoops
  12. Yes, which makes it more egregious. It is like owning a restaurant and hiring OJ to work the valet stand.
  13. I would rather have Scott Derry teach guys to mug on every play
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