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  1. Bernie gets the latent misogynist vote that neither Hillary nor Warren can. That’s a big part of how he wins in November. However his coattails are going to be nubs.
  2. Of course Obama’s delivery would be better, since at the time he probably had 10 more years’ practice giving stump speeches. But it’s not that much better. Pete’s is not shoddy, dime store. A guy who’s only been a Midwestern mayor would not be getting these primary votes otherwise.
  3. Auburn fan with the iron clad grasp of world geography.
  4. There must be nothing upon nothing to do in Manhattan KS besides watch a bad basketball team.
  5. Kai wouldn’t be confused with a guy with strong hands
  6. At least part of the reason we’re last in fouls called for us has to be that the refs have absolutely zero fear of Shaka. Just for once I’d like to see him go beserk after a call and make a ref worry there’s a non zero chance he’s going to get clocked.
  7. I’m still concerned about the offense. I see the same uppercutting hitch swings from a lot of the guys as last year. Those won’t stand the test of a season. I wanted to see more compact line drive swings. I like the kid they played at third last night. He’s got a nice compact stroke.
  8. Antidisestablishmentarianism talk not going away
  9. Is the hole in Dixon’s bat going to be worth his defense?
  10. He thinks Bernie can’t beat Trump but even he did Russia would still have free rein to do whatever it wants in the former republics and Middle East. He sees Bernie winning as a no lose scenario.
  11. To do what? Burn Trump on a stage, or be President? Trump didn’t beat Hillary because Hillary didn’t take enough shots at him.
  12. That whole thing was a mess but it reinforced who I’m going to vote for if they survive until my state.
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