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  1. If Roach is such a great guy then why don’t Bobby, EJ, and Gerry still work at 247? Seems like more than a coincidence to me.
  2. Wow that schedule is trash. Lots of reclamation jobs, new coaches, new QBs, programs in disarray. Prairie View could be a trap game though. Those guys are getting hidden gems that Houston Baptist overlooks.
  3. This old fat guy is the worst. He doesn’t know the rules or he can’t process information or both.
  4. I can’t watch this shot anymore. The refs and our stupidity make it unwatchable for me.
  5. It’s a gift. A donation. The seats are a tote bag, cookbook, and CD box set.
  6. “He found out when he went to the airport and Texas had cancelled the ticket they had bought for him”. Hahhahahaha. That’s like college career day interview stuff. Haha.
  7. That seems like a shitty deal for SC
  8. Staff is complete. It’s an excellent staff. We have a top 5 DC and a top 5 play caller. We have an OL coach who isn’t a stiff. We have two of the best recruiters out there. No excuse now not to win a bunch of fucking games over the next few years.
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