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  1. that’s how he cleared the shark so easily
  2. Can’t tell the story but suffice it to say one cinderblock is inadequate to keep a human body submerged.
  3. Unfortunately he was our next best option at T whenever Kerstetter had to move to center, and he just wasn’t as good as Braun or Angilau.
  4. Trust me you don’t want the other kind
  5. If any of these players were really that good they would have already flunked out or suffered a career ending injury by now, or would have taken a free church roof from another program.
  6. We should put tvondre at fullback on goal line
  7. He has the personality of a fence post.
  8. That must be the 2020s version of bag over her head
  9. I believe it’s Helvetica
  10. I’m going to start at west coast bowel movement. Mosey on over to Vakaville and pick me up some tacos.
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