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  1. Right now we have golden opportunity to drop football.
  2. Can confirm. He was on my flight to DAL. Awkward as hell.
  3. Tell us the company so we can never have anything to do with them ever.
  4. Before last week happened, I thought I was going to start methodically buying back in over several months, regardless of the roller coaster. Things changed so fast on both a micro and macro scale. Right now my criterion for buying back in is feeling like this: “I will buy back in when I no longer worry that I might need that cash to live”.
  5. Lack of sports is turning me back into a good person again. It’s terrible.
  6. Yeah but other bills go way down for most people, either by choice or edict - like gas, entertainment, and child care. If you are lucky enough to be able to work from home and not get a pay cut, you can circle the wagons for a while. This is why sending 1200 checks indiscriminately makes no sense to me.
  7. What does CB stand for?
  8. I member when that wasn’t “North Austin”
  9. They don’t go anywhere? I mean when was the last time you were trampled at Westminster Abbey by Indian tourists?
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