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  1. Hell yeah man. Can't wait to see it done. Obviously I'm a penstar guy but I'm a fan of muscle no matter the badge. Keep us updated.
  2. Curious to see how it turns out man. What the specs on the chevelle?
  3. Newest arrival to the 120g, another clam...squamoasa. The third picture is of my first squamosa clam that I've had for a while. New one is more blue than brown which is unique.
  4. Yup, we are being told the aircraft maintence training pipeline has been deemed mission essential. To prevent combat capabilities degradation and thwart readiness issues. 2 star general said press until I say stop. So.....puts the lotion on the skin. Does what it's told.
  5. We are still sending folks to everywhere except level 3 countries. It's a complete shit show.
  6. Admin sep more than likely....assuming he recovers.
  7. We have continued the pipeline of air force training through all this as we have been deemed mission essential. We were dreading this day but we knew it was coming. Basic and technical training is a petre dish just waiting to explode.
  8. All my macro algae resides in my refugium. Currently running chaeto and red gracileria.
  9. We did this after hurricane Michael. We have our bags and boxes identified in the event of a bug out. Propane bottles, stove, MREs, lights, tow straps, gas cans etc. Not living that life again. 30 mins of preparedness goes along way to survival.
  10. He has a large collection of hammer corals and Duncans in that tank. Aquascaping is nice, and it looks to be a bare bottom tank.
  11. Has Riley truly developed a QB, they seems to be all transfers. Spencer Rater will be his first if memory serves me right.
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