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  1. Now we're talking. Would love to have a big tank like that.
  2. Yeah, took down all the equipment yesterday and I'll work on the tank this week. Looking to get back in to the hobby but not until I'm in my forever home in a few years. Not a good bye completely.
  3. We are good got the house dried out and have been cleaning the past few days. It's much better, now we wait for insurance adjusters and the circle jerk that is property management company/landlord.
  4. You coast guys stay safe. Hopefully it doesnt stall out and picks up speed and moves on quickly.
  5. Mother mopar

    Truck Nuts

    Starter shit out on the 07 Ram 2500 3 days ago. Common problem on the Cummins with the contacts. Summit finally delivered the new one and while it wasn't the easiest starter change why does it have to weigh 20+lbs...damn.
  6. Purchasing a wrecked vehicle...bold move bud. There are so many things that you just can't see until it is put on a machine. Airbags go off? Just a fender bender? Hard to tell buy I'd start at $5K easy, body work is about $100 an hour and that adds up very quickly.
  7. Well today was a sad day, gave away everything in my 120G reef tank. We lost power thanks to Hurricane Sally and after 8 hrs finally threw up a post on the local reef forum and had a few guys come in pick what they wanted. After the water resides I'll sell the tank, stand and lights. Here's to the next build...after I move out of Florida. One of my favorites tanks for sure.
  8. Appreciate the outreach surly. We will be alright and will take it day by day. Got a hotel booked and am in the middle of rehoming my fish to some folks on local forums/boards. Rain has slowly died down but wind has picked up immensely. Here is the stream at the back door.
  9. We lived thru hurricane Michael at Tyndall AFB and the constant rain was nothing like this. Combined with it moving so slow there is no where for the water to go. I assume Harvey was alot like that except way stronger IIRC. The shitty thing is my 120G reef aquarium that I've had for a few years and invested so much time in will all perish.
  10. Power has been out since 3:40 and the inside of our house is sitting in 2"-4" of water. Our only road out of the community is flooded and the starter on my truck took a shit yesterday. Songoing to try and stay in a hotel assuming they have power and I can get out some how.
  11. That's because they all moved to Panhandle of Florida. Those things are flipping everywhere down here. I let them be and eat small bugs.
  12. We are contemplating building an arc...shits been raining non stop here in Fort Walton Beach. My pool is white capping and about to overflow, crazy. Could be a lot worse so I'm counting my blessings.
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