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  1. Not a Mopar guy I see [emoji41]. In all seriousness, you get a very nice driver for $40K
  2. I can tell you that you can get some nice cars for $40K. The aftermarket is huge for blue ovals and bow tie cars. If you want to tinker and smell gas and have some mechanical aptitude you'll do just fine with a big block and a carb.
  3. I'll bite, what's your budget? Are you mechanically inclined if so it can help with the budget some. What kind of car, resto, clone, pure numbers type car? Take your budget and add 20% then you are ready to look. Are you a brand loyalist or just enjoy the nostalgia feeling. A lot of factors play into this hobby. You want horsepower or are you content with a 289? Horsepower costs money, no question about it especially when you get above 500. Bottom line you need to define what you want and its associated functionality.
  4. Mother mopar

    Truck Nuts

    Always let them work the bugs out on the first year then buy the 2nd year run.
  5. The next QB that Lincoln develops will be his first.
  6. We are approaching porti potty chick, chow's 7-11 guy, craps MILF type of intel here. Play on playa!
  7. Mother mopar

    Truck Nuts

    I used sonax as well and was able to score them on Ebay. For the life of me I just can't understand where people equate plastic in hot tranny environments is a good idea in hopes it last 400K+ miles. When I changed the accumulator piston I also changed the spring for one that was a bit more firm. Love me hard/firm shifts especially when towing.
  8. Mother mopar

    Truck Nuts

    Can't speak for Ford/Chevy but the dodge 48RE needs a few upgrades before it can be trusted to haul heavy for sure. Governor solenoid comes to mind. Also one thing people forget is you have to adjust the bands on these trans or they will not work right....part of a routine 35K maintenance schedule. I've installed a 4L65E governor pressure solenoid, upgraded valve body, and ditched some of the plastic pieces in favor of billet pieces on my 06 Dodge 2500 and she will pull all day long and never get hotter than 200 degrees.
  9. Mother mopar

    Truck Nuts

    7.3s are notorious for leaking at the turbo pedestal....just a couple of orings that deteriorate over time. Not too hard of a job if you have mechanical aptitude. Not near austin, so cant help with the mechanic recommendations.
  10. Fan assemby installed, took me a few hours with just one good arm (recent shoulder replacement surgery) but masking tape boltanon the back and a bit of patience paid off. Last piece of the cooling system is done! Contemplating on using Evans (waterless) coolant instead of the conventional coolant. Anybody have experience with it?
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