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  1. Here we go,1969.5 triple black A12 "tribute" roadrunner. Obviously, not a real 1969.5 car or we would be talking $170-200k for this color and combo. Oddly enough this is 30 mins from where I grew up in Texas.
  2. They can get roughly a foot in captivity but bigger in the wild.
  3. Added 3 banggai cardinalfish today. Also saw the smallest clam I've ever seen at a LFS. So small I couldn't tell what he was. Little thing was blown over by the current, and it looks like a maxima clam. So we grabbed him and took him home. Placed him in a corner of the tank with nothing around him and low current. Hour later he opened right up and his mantle is really blue. Definitely a maxima clam For reference the clam is about 1" maybe 1" 1/4.
  4. Do they take a post dated check.
  5. Rutgers coaching tree continues...fml
  6. There was a netflix documentary about this issue with IKEA and supposedly they knew about the tipping hazards. Instead of abiding my the 50lb mandated tipping rule they provided some bolts and anchors and passed the burden to the buyer. At last check they still refuse to abide by the international 50lb standard like most manufacturers.
  7. Thought Ash taught DBs or am I mistaken?
  8. Does warehime have naked pictures of somebody's wife in Belmont? He needs to be cut with the quickness.
  9. Herman has stated before they are waiting for the legal stuff to run its course before a final decision is made. I thinks it's a forgone conclusion as he broke one of the 5 rules.
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