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  1. Well I was getting ready to move the tank to this in prep for the 120g standup. After fighting leaks for over 2 weeks I took it back. Contacted my local veteran owned reef store and we're going to try and make the move and switch before the end of the month. In the meantime I splurged and got a skimmer rated for 250gallons on Ebay for a steal. She fits in the sump by a 1/2". Reef octopus 2000sss skimmer with a neck cleaner.
  2. Installed the exhaust manifolds and starter today. Had a local machine ship resurface them, to ensure a good seal. Installed remflex gaskets because as I only want to do this once. Second picture show the difference in thickness compared to a normal gasket. The GM sealer is great for sealing bolts that thread into water jackets. Which mopars are notorious for having. Added 2 quarts of Lucas oil 75W-90 weight in the dana as well. Had to reasel it after initial servicing highlighted a leak. Moved over to the Cummins as I had a small antifreeze leak. Identified that and that will be next month's project as it's just a few small drops.
  3. Morris is not happening based upon his feud with herman from there G5 coaching days.
  4. Both the pouncey brothers just committed to the gators. Shocked I tell ya
  5. Has beaty figured out all his contract stuff with Kansas? Would.make a decent WR coach and good recruiter in DFW.
  6. Don't know much about coins but when I visited family last year my dad showed me this for the first time. It was passed on to him by his father. Pretty cool though.
  7. So two folks got the axe (or about to) enabling them to recruit off campus....if I'm understanding that correctly.
  8. As someone who grew up around sherman/Texoma area. I've heard good and bad things about these guys. However, I've never purchased a car from them. They do put alot of their inventory on Ebay and their prices can be a bit on the strong side. If there was a car I liked I would most definitely check it out and see if they could put it on a lift. As mentioned bring a flashlight and magnet to check for bondo queens.
  9. Or possibly a Craps milf?
  10. Why play for a dick when your health is much more important.
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