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  1. About 20 people bought it all so you will have ample chance to purchase on the secondary market like the rest of us, if that’s your thing.
  2. So is this sold AT the Longhorn Steakhouse?
  3. Old Forester Rye make a dang good Boulevardier. That is all.
  4. Oddly, I cannot get the feed via Apple box on the tv bit it works on the app on my iPad.
  5. Same thing. Anybody getting the feed?
  6. Been doing this with T-Mobile for a few years now. Have to work a little if you want to get around MLB’s archaic blackout rules...
  7. Well I’m torn. Really like High West Double Rye but not a huge fan of barrel finishes.
  8. PSA if you are looking for HH BiB around Austin the new TW in Bee Caves has a healthy supply. They’ve got some other harder to find bottles as well, looks like they were well stocked for their opening.
  9. Suspect that if you were using an Apple box to watch things would work just fine... they don’t play well with others.
  10. A lot of the physical symptoms you describe can be caused by food allergies and gut heath, so seems you are on the right track there. I’ve always viewed chiro and massage as as-needed maintenance. Do them together, put the bones back in place and relax the muscles that are pulling them out of place. Best advice I ever got was from a PT that was a former chiro - don’t use weekly chiro adjustments as a long term care strategy, get things fixed and then strengthen the muscles, adjust posture etc. to keep them fixed. Tried acupuncture, don’t mind it but doesn’t do much for me.
  11. Found a Col. Taylor Rye today at retail. I’ll buy every EHT I can find at retail. Passed on Blood Oath Ch 6 because I’ve figured out I don’t really like cask finished juice and fuck paying $120 for that. And grabbed an Uncle Nearest 1856 because that’s great stuff and will soon be unobtainable just because they won an award.
  12. I’ve got the same thing, with the $5 (I think) HBO add which now allows access to all HBO Max programming.
  13. Since I can’t figure out how to post 2 pictures at once here’s the final
  14. First time using a water pan in my ceramic. One of the better briskets I’ve done
  15. Wrapped at 168, pulled at 185, rested 2 hours in the cooler. So tender two of the bones pulled out when I unwrapped to cut.
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