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  1. I’ll offer Early Times BiB as a friendly amendment.
  2. Not unique to Dell. One of the best services our firm offers as part of our healthcare benefits is a lawyer to fight medical facility charges. I didn’t appreciate until I had an ER visit and follow-up surgery about 2 years ago. The lawyer has saved me about $20k, and they are still, 2 years later, fighting with Travis County EMS over what an ambulance ride should cost. Regular Joe walking into a hospital is screwed.
  3. You convinced me to try it, even though I’m not a fan of standard Maker’s. Don’t dislike, just there’s plenty out there at that price I like better. But the barrel select is damn tasty.
  4. Found a bottle of Weller Antique today. And yes, I would have bought 48 if they’d let me. First bottle I’ve ever found a MSRP. Hell, first bottle I’ve ever bought period.
  5. Words hurt, you Surly bastard.
  6. TxDOT emails are typically first.last@txdot.gov copy James Bass the Executive Director.
  7. Was in Lockhart this week and was steered by the locals to Blacks. Can’t speak to the decline of the other joints but can second Black’s still holding up.
  8. Just stopped by to say Fuck Me for buying back into this team over the last few games.
  9. I had that very discussion with John at Interstellar last time I was there. He offered me the outside cut which led to an extended discussion on the idiocy of some cutters and the customers that think that’s good brisket.
  10. Try Early Times BiB. Pretty solid cheap bottle.
  11. First trip to Snow’s. My fault for waiting so long. Every bit as good as advertised. Normally wouldn’t get the pork shoulder, but bought on a recommendation - best thing on the plate, and that’s saying something.
  12. Opened a bottle myself tonight. Agree with your take, good juice.
  13. Tecovas: complained about a minor blemish on a pair of Boots and had a replacement in hand before I’d even sent the first pair back. But that was within 1 day of delivery. Have no idea what that discussion looks like 6 months later.
  14. The multi-billion I-35 funding dedicated today requires CAMPO to reprioritize $600 million of already allocated funding from other local projects to I-35. That money most likely will come from loop 360 and RM 620.
  15. John Mueller in Granger says hi.
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