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  1. Serious question, did the leak from Aggy move up the timeline, or were 0U and the University always planning to announce this before the football season starts? And fuck Baylor and fuck Aggy.
  2. Exactly. I wear burnt orange 90% of the time as a TexasEx and Texas resident of 30 years. Wear bright orange when it’s appropriate (OSU playing anyone but Texas) since I am an alumni. Fuck OU and anyone that roots for the Sooners if they graduated from another school. Same for Aggy.
  3. Your wife’s boss is an idiot. I grew up in the state, got my undergrad from OSU before coming to The University for my MS. No self-respecting OSU grad would be caught dead in Crimson and cream.
  4. Spiders was the obvious and correct throwback choice. This is horrible.
  5. While my knowledge of Texas Legislature rules is not comprehensive, I believe they can’t file shit in a special session unless Abbot puts it on the session call agenda prior to starting the session. So regardless of anything else, they can’t file it in the current session, and Abbott can shut this down in any subsequent special session until the 2023 regular Legislature.
  6. Mack trying to f it up https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31783893/north-carolina-players-not-favor-12-team-college-football-playoff-says-coach-mack-brown
  7. Watch the video I posted in post 922 - guy cuts open multiple boots including a Tecovas. You can see how they are made.
  8. SWA had a rough week. With their computer issues Monday/Tuesday they has a ton of displaced passengers. My wife was trying to get home from OKC to AUS. The only reason she didn’t spend the night at HOU sleeping in the airport Tuesday night is because I called her and told her NOT to get on her flight that was delayed past her connection. Then it took two days to get her home.
  9. Previous owner built a steel workbench and shelves in my garage. If I want an F-150 i will have to rip them out to get in the bay. Add the length now.
  10. Item 6 - post Snowmageddon 1000 gallon propane plus a feed to the standalone whole-house generator is the correct answer.
  11. I’m a SWA fanboy. A-list plus, companion pass, fly into alternative airports to stay on SWA. Today their system outage stranded my wife at OKC and she can’t get home until Thursday. And the only reason she’s at my in-laws house in OKC instead of stranded in Houston without a connection tonight is me calling her and telling her not to get on a plane. Rethinking my position.
  12. Kelly showed up at a Brigid Shea campaign event tonight. I’d dare say she was the only Republican in attendance. Certainly the only R elected official.
  13. Pretty good video. Trying to sell you on his $500 boots, but well done and he know what he’s talking about. https://chisos.com/blogs/cowboy-boot-blog/thou-shalt-not-cut-corners
  14. That’s the key, though. Her proponents don’t know her history. I talked to some R movers and shakers yesterday who think she’s the future of the party in Travis County. Given their position in the culture wars, they would run the other way if they knew what this board knows.
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