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  1. Oh, I've had some good ones. 1) Torn ACL while playing basketball. My buddy threw up from the sound. Took my breath away. 2) Hit by a truck on a motorcycle. Pavement is hard, as it turns out. I was really surprised at how loud it is when your head hits the concrete, even in a full-face helmet. Nothing broken, but a nice concussion, and I hurt in places I didn't even know I had places for about 3 weeks. 3) Motocross wreck at a track in Houston. Compound arm fracture, two compressed vertebrae. A little hard to walk after that one. 4) Multiple tears in my throwing shoulder labrum while playing baseball. That one hurts to this day.
  2. This right here. I swear, if I ever buy new furniture, I will not buy ANYTHING with a flat, level surface on it.
  3. Getting back out and playing shows with my band.
  4. Have McElroy and Kinder woken up yet?
  5. I have built lots of bolt-on guitars in my life, but I never did a set-neck. I thought I'd try my hand at it, so I grabbed a Les Paul Jr. kit from Stew-Mac. I was surprised at the quality of the wood - much better than I expected. They advertise these things as really, really simple to build, but I had to take a little more care with mine on the neck joint. Since that's what really determines how the thing is going to play, it was time well spent. Ultimately, I'm really happy with the result. I'll probably do another build in the future, maybe a 335-type since I don't have one of those. Anyway, here's a pic.
  6. This is a can't miss for Mrs. Mudcat and me.
  7. Mudcat35

    Uniform Pron

    Dear God, those Aggy uniforms are awful.
  8. GTFO. Needs a 3, calls a play to drive the lane. Blocked. Still needs a 3, calls the same play, blocked again. At the very end, STILL needs a 3, calls for a drive to the hoop, BLOCKED YET AGAIN. Absolute genius.
  9. I'd be surprised if there were 7,000 there. I do know that there was a pretty large continent of KU fans. They were sitting all around us and made almost as much noise as the Longhorns crowd. I never for a second thought we were actually going to win the game, even when we were up 8, but at least they played competitively. I really wasn't expecting that.
  10. Not a home run hire, but if you're Jerry Jones, who are you going to get? Most top-tier coaches are not going to want to work for Jerry. Is McCarthy an upgrade over Garrett? Oh, hell yes he is.
  11. I am truly hoping that Jerry isn't waffling on this one. If ever there was a no-brainer to move on from a coach, this is it. The guy's been given 10 years and hasn't won anything.
  12. I'm pulling so hard for this kid. It's great that he's doing modified workouts - that's a good predictor for moving on to living a pretty normal life. He's going to school. He can get a degree. He's setting himself up for the future. If he gets to play a little football on top of that, great. If nothing else, put him in to take the snap and kneel down at the end of the game. Or, if he never suits up, I don't care one bit.
  13. It's 10:53am and Jason Garrett is still employed as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I am not happy.
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