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  1. 26154FB9-9B69-449C-A8A9-9B3BB0C60464.webp
  2. Does south Austin’s mom take Venmo?
  3. College game day will be in town to watch us make OU bite the curb
  4. Bitch Spencer Rattler has a logo with a dick bigger than his own PS Bob Stoops has disappoint
  5. Your’s make it to the garage? Lucky.
  6. So, on a similar note, I have a related story involving dog likenesses. when I was dating my wife in college, her grandparents had a mini poodle named Bitzee. Bitzee was the type of dog only loved by her owners, typical small poodle syndrome. Not long after, Bitzee died of old age. A number of years later, my parents were visiting my wife’s grandparents ranch with us, and her grandfather was giving my parents a tour of his woodworking shop. As part of the tour, he pointed out something he had made… He had carved a wooden effigy of Bitzee, and had glued some of Bitzee’s actual fur from one of her last haircuts to it. No one else in the family knew. America, meet the effigy of Bitzee the miniature poodle (one of the ears had fallen off.
  7. Does anyone know why it won’t let me put OU tix on stubhub through the app but any home game I can?
  8. 20 years at fox 26 and counting
  9. Sooooo… we’re better sports because we express our displeasure in a different (and less effective) way? idiots
  10. I am NOT here for any joe Tess slander, back off man.
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