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  1. Just reminds me, for all the haters, Gus Johnson can call a hell of a game
  2. OrangEngr

    Shit My Kid Says

    You generally have to pay more for that
  3. Vs when a&m last won it, ...something, something... Eva Braun
  4. Doggo’s like “hell yeah, let’s do that again”
  5. Except they haven’t swept the Mississippi schools and Auburn in a given year since their first in the conf. w JFF. So either that or they beat LSU or Bama. Give me 9 max
  6. They didn’t release him. They fixed the glitch
  7. Aggy: the single banana peel of SEC football
  8. I approve of the use of the term “candy up” in this case
  9. He left off the rest of the subtitle: “...And that’s still not nearly enough.”
  10. Does one double digit win season in 8 years classify as "really strong years"? There is no way I have been a good enough person on this planet for this quote to have been made in sincerity.
  11. I don’t understand why one is an ex and one is not...
  12. They tried substituting out Judas but his lazy ass didn’t get off the field in time
  13. Is that something we are legally allowed to do?!?!?!
  14. I saw this game not as “Weee’rrrree baaaaack” but more of “maybe we aren’t total dog shit”
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