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  1. That man has tattoos. Surely this was his last UIL game anyways. UIL doesn't allow competitors who are 19 years+
  2. That clip out of Edinburg is circulating pretty quickly. Not the best publicity
  3. He regressed like Zeke Elliot. Unfortunately, his regression started before he secured a 9 figure contract.
  4. My prediction was actually pretty close and would pass as an abridged version Unfortunately, the game didn't end the way we wanted it, but our team played their hearts out to the very end in a game we lost in the final seconds to No. 13 Iowa State, 23-20. We had our chances, missed on some opportunities, and when Cameron Dicker's tremendous field goal effort from 57 yards out was just wide left, I was just heartbroken for our seniors on Senior Day. They've been through so much, experienced spectacular highs, along with some difficult challenges, but they've always left it all on the field for the Burnt Orange and White and handled themselves with class and dignity. All they can do now is pick themselves up, dust off and get ready to compete again as we travel to Kansas State this Saturday (11 a.m. CT on FOX). I know they will, and they'll give it everything they have as we look to get back on the winning track.
  5. I saw on sportsbet Herman is the odds on favorite to be our coach next season
  6. Port A is basically the new Padre Island. They're probably a year away from getting a schlitterbahn or boardwalk theme park
  7. One thing that sucked about moving from Houston to DFW this year is I have to transfer from UTMB to Baylor Scott White 🤮
  8. I attend a convention every February at HSB. If only this were February I could get some intel
  9. Gaston is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team. She plays with a purpose and is very efficient on offense and her defense
  10. A UNC win always looks good on a resume. A win over UNC has kept us on the good side of the bubble a few of those years
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