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  1. Seems like we always struggle mightily @ Pepperdine. Same story today. It must be the allure of those instagram worthy beaches and cliffsides
  2. True that was a small sample size wasn't it.
  3. Damn. LSU has an ace. They’ll be tough come tournament time
  4. I guess "she's the first Mexican to...." sounded racist so they played it safe with the flag emote. lol. Yeah I hope she wins it all
  5. Mike has put together a team that can explode on offense, but our fielding could still use a lot of improvement.
  6. Hell yeah we belong among the best this season.
  7. Back to back Jacks! Just like we did against Utah
  8. UCLA's defense just seems to make all the plays
  9. another fielding error keeps the inning alive
  10. UCLA robbed us. Hell of a defensive play
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