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  1. So Toro is just going to go yard against us every game now huh
  2. WTA briefly changed her name to Elina Monfils, but have since changed it back to Svitolina. Hope they have that cleared up
  3. The silver lining of last nights embarrasing loss was we pulled the trigger on this
  4. Isn’t one of the Brocks already on the roster as a preferred walk-on? We like him at least, right?
  5. Looks like we may regularly face this guy again. I look forward to the fuckery
  6. Russia might have won gold regardless. Biles last few meets have not been great going back to US trials, and although it’s possible Biles could have made up those 3 points that Russia won by it’s no guarantee. Biles competed in all events in the qualifying and Russia still won by just over a point
  7. and the Womens gymnastics finals start just before the softball game. NBC isn't letting any network show footage of that event until Tuesday evening in prime time. I'll definitely check spoilers in the morning because fuck NBC's bullshit
  8. Not to be. Osaka lost in straights to the Czech
  9. Osaka playing with fire. 2 match points saved so far
  10. Rising Texas freshman Lydia Jacoby wins gold!
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