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  1. Fort Bend ISD has several 6A schools. Guess thats the first big domino to fall
  2. Yep. Hospitals across the state are above capacity. Patients are being turned away in some hospitals. Gotta get hospitalizations under control first and foremost. Not a good sign that we're already importing doctors and medical staff outside the state to assist us here in Texas
  3. Well I have good news. Today in Texas we have 10,405 Covid19 hospitalizations. Yesterday we had 10,410. Thats a clear improvement of 5 people Did those 5 people just die? Idk maybe but the point is our hospitalizations went down and we should pack DKR in September to cheer on the Horns!
  4. Aggy will play any team anywhere. Pop warner team wants a crack at aggy? They’ll take em up on the challenge
  5. What if some conferences/schools decide to play a fall schedule and others conferences/schools decide to play a spring schedule? Would the fall champion and the spring champion play for the national title over the summer?
  6. Pac 12 said no non-conference for volleyball. Big 12 will probably follow suit soon
  7. Gonna be a logistical nightmare moving all fall sports to the spring. But then again I don’t think spring sports are going to happen either.
  8. SANTA FE — Citing an explosion in virus cases, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said Thursday that New Mexico will reimpose a ban on indoor dining and call off high school football and other contact sports this fall. She also urged colleges and universities to postpone their football seasons but said she is still weighing whether it’s safe for New Mexico United, a professional soccer team, to play its season. https://www.abqjournal.com/1474274/watch-live-lujan-grisham-to-deliver-virus-briefing.html
  9. Big 10 just cancelled non conference opponents across ALL fall sports. No non conference games against the likes Nebraska or Wisky for us
  10. At least the big 12 has all their non conference before conference starts so it kinda makes sense if they think a few weeks will make a difference. But I don’t see why in the SEC for example it makes sense to play 8 games in September and a October and then cancel their November FCS opponent because of safety
  11. Highly doubt the virus goes away by the spring
  12. Perhaps canceling the nonconference slate is The power 5s way of showing they care about the health and safety of their student athletes so they can justify having an abbreviated season. Maybe there’s still hope yet for college football this fall
  13. CFB happened during Spanish flu everyone in the stands wore masks
  14. Sam Ehlinger may have played his last snap in burnt orange. Even if they move the season to spring, so many draft eligible upperclassmen will sit out the season for the spring season for the April NFL draft
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