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  1. Dark Horse

    Mr. Robot

    I’m glad he went out with a bang after Tyrell went out with a whimper.
  2. I love this weird ass shit.
  3. Made an English Barleywine (1.11 OG) for the first time on Saturday with Omega Voss Kveik. It’s already at FG (1.020) and drinkable. I’ll probably leave it on the yeast for another week and then keg it.
  4. Thanks for this astute observation. I will pump the breaks on expecting a title next year.
  5. Let the kid throw a pass, for fucks sake. Sam could hand off every play.
  6. It should have been intercepted by three of them. I’ve never seen so many defenders not willing to make a play on the ball. We need a new DB coach tomorrow.
  7. Went to a newish brewery in Houston with a few friends. Only checked the score a few times. This shit isn’t worth my Saturday.
  8. We lose to the most terrible of uniforms. First wilt was the TCU abortion, the the ISU mid-2000 Black out, now this.
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