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  1. Article was updated to say he's going with the Fatterson title of "Special asst to the HC", not asst-GM
  2. Took a couple months, but we've arrived at peak offseason. Congrats all.
  3. Look, man. If you want to out yourself as a boys will be boys enthusiast, be my guest. But, if you can't find the line between "let's steal beer from 7/11" and "let's put our classmate into anaphylactic shock", there's really nothing to say here.
  4. Yes. I think IT reported they hadn't talked yet, ao last week. Gerry responded to that on their board saying he'd be surprised if that was true, and he's confirming now that it isn't.
  5. Heartbreak on the Recruiting Trail: The pain of missing out on a top target More entertaining than informative - Come for Switzer crying about Earl, stay for Matt Rhule's recollections of "one of the greatest restaurants in North Jersey ever". (Includes former Texas WR, Jaden Alexis)
  6. My high school was actively campaigning for relegation. The pitch was that students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program "shouldn't count". I get it, but that went about as well as you'd imagine.
  7. Clark's ranking has been pretty consistent. They're alluding to something else - probably long speed and/or level of competition.
  8. We really wanted to land this guy 3 years ago when he signed with Tennessee https://247sports.com/Player/aaron-willis-46052557/high-school-255109/
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