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  1. With all due respect. The top half of this is uninformed speculative garbage but the second half I don’t really disagree with. To clarify, Carrington went to usc for a few reasons, but mainly that he could be a position coach. Helton hired him and when that went south, took a “demotion” at TCU in his off field role. I’m sure that’s what it took to poach him.
  2. Hiring Beau Baldwin as OC might be the worst hire of the whole cycle.
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL If Gundy is ever going to attempt to level up, this is the offseason to do it
  4. Agbo moved up the depth chart quick at guard. I assumed they love him there and he's more likely to stick. But to your point, yes he's another option.
  5. He wouldn't be. RT could be any of Conner, Neto, or Williams. Hell, they could even try Hutson there with Campbell likely starting and Robertson coming on at Center
  6. Any time I saw WVU this year, there was at least one instance of him clearly sulking about the skill positions around him. Personality and leadership qualities aside, he's probably a good get but the whole package isn't great.
  7. Between this and last offseason, Sparky is sitting at 26 transfers out. That is a roster rebuild and they're going to do it on the backs of underrecruited Texas kids. Samples and Carrington are smart hires for that reason. Bad placement for Carrington, but I'm sure he forced their hand.
  8. There's been Maye to Bama chatter. Next year it's Milroe or Ty Simpson for them.
  9. They're also moving someone else over. It's unfortunate how much mental lapse Connor has shown in game action because he'll be struggling for a starting spot next year. C would have been interesting, but not if he can't ever remember the snap count.
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