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  1. Taking Harris would reek of desperation. Make him have to transfer down a level and prove he can keep his nose clean and grades up for a year before reconsidering. Also, if a player is truly expelled from school, does he really have to transfer? Wouldn't it just be starting over?
  2. When he switched to RB I figured he'd at least be serviceable. It took one game for me to be convinced he had NFL potential. He deserves all the love and recognition that comes his way. When he retires from the NFL as a millionaire, give him a Michael Huff role in the RBs room.
  3. Now that would be unprecedented. Also, the recruiting board's transfer thread grew by 11 pages in two damn work days. Thanks @LTtxfanfor starting a thread for just actual news.
  4. It's very rare for schools in non-mountainous or cool climates to compete for a championship in XC. Arkansas is the only major exception and that was back in the 80s/90s. We'd need to allow our team to train with UTEP and attend classes remotely to stand a chance.
  5. I guess it's Moro Ojomo's turn to get high reviews from PFF.
  6. This feels rediculously much like the end of 2018, except OU is fully in our rearview mirror. I expect an Alabama-game-esque turnout from both our players and fans. Maybe we'll knock THEIR QB out of the game (just kidding (sort of)).
  7. Looks like D'Onta is about to get a huge opportunity.
  8. https://twitter.com/bad_boy_necco/status/1576301989243543554?s=46&t=lCID3bV9dnT8yw5qylWN-Q
  9. This announcement pretty much guarantees that bottles will be thrown.
  10. The TTU game this weekend has me wondering. How would everyone order the in-state football programs from most hated to least hated or most liked? I'll take a stab at it. Tier 1 (born to hate): Aggy Tier 2 (grown to hate): Rapelor Tier 3 (obnoxious): Toads Tier 4 (meh at best to slightly annoying at worst unless we're playing them): Sand Aggy, Cougar High, SMU, Tier 5 (might actually cheer for sometimes): UTSA, UTEP, RICE, North Texas, etc.
  11. I have some advice for some of y'all who have never taken or paid attention in a stats class. Break the data down to meaningful units. So for evaluating the offense, consider yards/play, points/drive, turnovers/drive, etc. Hook'em.
  12. Early forecasts are predicting a high in the mid-80s next weekend. I still wish the game would be at night, but that's pretty bearable for early September.
  13. Alabama THE Ohio State Notre Dame Utah I feel bad for any of you who legitimately think we'll be in the playoffs this year, but dream on.
  14. If we see something surprising, what will it most likely be? It wouldn't shock me to see Jamison replaced at CB. I also think Kitan Crawford will be rotated in heavily, even if he doesn't start.
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