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Gerald Wilbon and D'Andre Christmas are grad transferring

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1 hour ago, Bullneck said:

A Muslim named Christmas?  Should make for interesting times at the masjid.

Oh, I have come across many disciples including Matthew (a very good friend of mine) and John (more than one), Chris, Christo, Jesus, etc. Rose by any other name, etc. etc.

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“Bust” seems premature for Connor Williams right now. He could end up being a league average starter, which is probably about what you expect from a 2nd rounder. Omenihu has shown some promise as well.
Still, looking back at our NFL draft history for the last 10 or so years is.... not good.

I think Holton Hill will end up good if he keeps his nose clean.
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13 hours ago, texifornia said:

What a fucking goober. They walked at Senior Day for shit's sake.

"Combine both Texas football DT’s Gerald Wilbon and D’Andre Christmas-Giles putting their names in the portal on the same day and the loss in depth is huge.

What was double-dose of bad news for the Texas football program along the defensive line on Jan. 21, head coach Tom Herman figured out that he would be losing two key experienced seniors to the NCAA Transfer Portal. Both senior defensive tackles Gerald Wilbon and D’Andre Christmas-Giles had their intentions surface to put their names in the transfer portal on the same day."

Technically, the loss is "huge," because those dudes were two of our fattest players.

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On 1/21/2020 at 10:31 PM, Dr. Beeper said:

True. Connor is not good though. Don’t really follow the Texans. 

Omenihu had some impactful plays with very limited snaps.    Probably the 2nd best pass rusher on a team with one pass rusher who was hurt.   His lack of snaps at the end of the year was silly.  If he works hard he can play for a long time.

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On 1/22/2020 at 11:19 AM, closetojumping said:

It’s pretty great, actually. Sorry for hurting your feelings because I think two guys who have been dead weight leaving is a good thing and an example in its own way, given the class in which they came in and that context, of our terrible journey. Have fun cheering for them while they ride pine at their new destinations. Maybe you can show up and gleefully regale us each with week with updates. I can see it now:

”At San Diego State this week against Wyoming, Christmas-Giles played 11 snaps and almost made a diving tackle once as the Wyoming QB scrambled past him. 

In Gerald Wilbon news, he made one tackle for a loss and did a bellyrub dance in the backfield for Louisiana against Troy State. It was awesome to see you guys!”

Can’t wait. 

My feelings are not hurt in the least.  And thank you for proving my point.

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