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  1. And Tommy Nobis isn't in the HoF. The world sucks.
  2. Did he bang your Mom or something?
  3. Merge the two. Have an Upper Divison and a Lower Division. Do your own Relegation/Promotion annually. Make a BIG deal out of it. Call the Winner of the Upper Divison the Conference Champion. If you can't compete with the B1G and SEC, differentiate yourself.
  4. CB is such a moron. He's been in this business 20+ years and doesn't have the judgement to realize how he is both jeopardizing his "inside source" AND the access of all the media members by publishing a meaningless report on a even more meaningless early camp practice. If there had been a major piece of breaking news in there, that would be one thing, worth possibly burning your source. Jfc, what a brain-dead asshat.
  5. Can we collectively refer to them as The Fuckheads?
  6. So, no QB ever improved from year to year? Can't wait to see Kirk's sandy vag response to this. He ALWAYS bitches about the media being shut out. He believes they should be allowed for the entirety or all practices and probably the team meetings, too. What a whiny c*nt.
  7. I think in this scenario we lose the NC game to Maryland.
  8. Did they feature the drummer from Spinal Tap?
  9. That show once did a feature on 4 year-old Tiger Woods.
  10. Well, it was the home of the Colt 45's. What's the big mystery?
  11. Well, that's embarrassing. For us.
  12. I know one that will definitely finish lower
  13. Why can't people figure out how to use cameras so that the image isn't reversed?
  14. Patterson looks like he's dropped a lot of lbs.
  15. Is there some sort of news here?
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