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  1. A legend in your own mind
  2. I like our chances to get sacks when we face an OL that is not allowed to hold with impunity.
  3. That's not how it read, but ok.
  4. Nope. All bowls/playoff games use neutral refs. We don't have to worry about B12 refs again until we are in the SEC and go into a post-season game.
  5. What's his username on texags?
  6. Traditional kickoff times. Rose Bowl has been an afternoon kickoff and Sugar Bowl a night game for many, many years.
  7. We should raise him to $10mil/yr, extend to 10 years and fully guarantee the contract. I hear that works well.
  8. PSA - Sark to be on College Football Final in just a few min
  9. Our shit safety's what? And which safety are you calling shit?
  10. I am actually glad we played at 11am today. It means we (fans and the team) don't have to sit around all day stressing about the game. And with the win we get to bask in the victory all day while these other games are being played. Even more than that though, we get all the talking heads making our playoff case for us all day and evening. It's glorious.
  11. So do I. Waiting for the phone call from the committee asking for my input
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