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  1. I don't know about getting there from Texas, but Pagosa Springs is such a pain to get to from the East Coast. My in-laws built a place about 45 minutes out from there and it is more expensive and takes a lot longer to get there for holidays than it does when we just go to Europe...
  2. Interesting breakdown of the Texas-OU Big 12 divorce. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/big12/2023/09/22/texas-oklahoma-big-12-sec-espn-role-realignment/70910157007/ It sounds like Texas is being made while by ESPN.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Kansas game would have been on LHN if LHN was going to continue as an ongoing concern. My guess is that everyone agreed to end it with just the one game this year and play all of Texas' last year of Big 12 games on ABC/ESPN (other than any that end up on Fox obviously).
  4. They are garbage, although they tweaked the ranking methodology this year to to be slightly less garbage, which is why you see big public schools all rising in the rankings this year.
  5. Ran out of time to edit, but if they use the Big Ten system, I could see something like: I could see something like: Texas - OU, A&M, Ark A&M - Texas, LSU Ark - Texas, LSU OU - Texas LSU - A&M, Ole Miss, Ark Ole Miss - Miss State, LSU Miss State - Ole Miss Bama - Tenn, Auburn Auburn - Bama, UGA UGA - Florida, Auburn Florida - UGA Tenn - Bama, Vandy Vandy - Tenn USC - None UK - None Mizzou - None You could obviously add others (UF-Tenn or UF-Auburn, for insteance), but this seems to get anything that is seriously considered a rivalry without adding a ton of made up ones.
  6. I cannot imagine they want to lose Texas-A&M; Bama-Tenn, and Auburn-UGA. If not for those rivalries, I could see 1+8 working, but I cannot imagine they want to stop playing those every year. The closest they could come would be the Big Ten system of assigning each team a random number of rivals from 0-3.
  7. Yeah. There's pretty much no way to make fair pods and keep the most important rivalries together just because Auburn has rivalries with both Bama and Georgia, and Georgia's other rival is Florida. You could make reasonable rivalry and geographic pods by putting those four together, but that would be one hell of a death pod, especially because you would likely end up with Tennessee, USC, Vandy, UK and LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St, and Mizzou as two ridiculously easy pods.
  8. There is no way to implement a salary cap without first determining the players are employees, then having them form a union, and then having them negotiate with the conference/teams for a system that includes a salary cap. Without that, it is clearly an antitrust violation.
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