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  1. Sounds like some degree of Ukrainian mobilization is underway
  2. Sounds like Reznikov is going to be moved to Justice Minister. They don't say why, but they reference the food procurement corruption. Media: Zelensky to dismiss Defense Minister Reznikov, intelligence chief seen as likely successor https://nordot.app/994920658029379584
  3. Quite a few reports of Russian gains in Bakhmut.
  4. Hmm one of them new bombs would sure come in handy right now. Another unfortunate setback for the Crimean bridge!
  5. Crazy that some of the Mariopol defenders are still in captivity. Question for those who know: did that last blast (mortar?) actually do anything to the tank?
  6. Pretty compelling account of a Ukrainian soldier fighting Wagner in a 20 vs 200 battle. https://www.businessinsider.com/ukrainian-soldier-says-wagner-troops-wouldnt-stop-fighting-2023-2
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