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  1. Manpower is one issue, but Russia is also running out of weapons. I seriously doubt that the NK deal with come through - not least of all because Kim knows half of them will surrender to the first non-Russian they see outside of NK. But if it does, are they just going to human wave attack? Or will they bring their own weapons?
  2. I like when they add “terrorist and murderer” to the Russian officer death announcements.
  3. The most important thing for civilians, by far, is that the Russian troops are prevented from advancing and eventually pushed back. And let’s not pretend that the Russians only fire on civilian infrastructure if Ukrainian troops are located there. They destroy schools and hospitals with indiscriminate artillery fire as a matter of doctrine. And then they rape and murder the civilians once they take control of the town. UA should use any and every structure needed to successfully defend their territory. Amnesty International can STFU.
  4. They are slowly but surely gaining ground in the south around Kherson. I actually think the “return on investment” thing is a little different. Our main goal here is to grind the Russian military into dust, with the secondary (but still important) goal of restoring Ukraine’s territorial control. If it takes a long time for the latter, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Every day that Russia is fighting in Ukraine means fewer weapons and men that could hypothetically be involved in a future conflict with the US / NATO.
  5. I hope that Russian military life is as miserable as possible until they collapse as a nation.
  6. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jul/31/henrik-stenson-leads-but-donald-trump-steals-the-limelight LIV event turns into a MAGA rally. What better way to “grow the game”?
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/31/russia-claims-ukraine-drone-attack-black-sea-fleet-headquarters
  8. Orcs in Kherson are about to have a bad time.
  9. This makes a lot of sense. It certainly doesn’t seem that they’re currently limited by too few HIMARS to accomplish the mission.
  10. Remember when everyone thought this guy was the savior of humanity? He pretty much just seems like a douche right now.
  11. Just throw a couple of pieces of scrap metal in there and cover it with cement. Good as new.
  12. Hilarious that the Russians would ask for a safe evacuation corridor after what they did in Mariupol.
  13. You gotta have a fall guy. /cris carter
  14. It’s clear that the PGA Tour will never be able to match LIV dollar for dollar. The Saudi PIF is too much to handle. Although they did go back to their sponsors and get a lot of new money for the “Top 50” tournament series starting next year. What it comes down to is that players who care about tradition and legacy are going to stick with the PGA Tour. And they’re not going to live in poverty either. Guys who are in it only for money are going to hop to LIV. I predict that LIV won’t exist for more than 3-4 years though.
  15. Anyone who suggests that we should reduce support to Ukraine should read this article.
  16. It’s pretty clear how Russia ended up like this. They get taken over by a dictator, who then kills / disappears a bunch of political opponents while stealing the national wealth to enrich himself. Reasonable and smart people realize this is a shit situation and leave the country ASAP. Repeat this cycle a couple of times and what you’re left with is a country populated only by thugs and sheep.
  17. Kazakhstan taking a pretty strong stance against Russia. I like it.
  18. Listening to Belarus do their best “intimidating Russia” impression is pretty funny.
  19. I agree that we missed on bringing in an impact edge player - maybe we should have paid Mathis what he was asking for. But Diamonte Tucker-Mathis was potentially a big pickup at LB. He’s exactly the kind of guy who has kicked our asses at the MLB position at places like Baylor and TCU for years.
  20. The Russians that don’t brain-drain themselves and leave the country seem to basically be sheep. They’re pretty much willing to take unlimited abuse as long as it comes from Mother Russia and not an outsider. They’ve also been conditioned to not speak out under any circumstances, otherwise they’re off to the gulag. It’s a sad sight, really.
  21. Who is going to play QB for the Browns when Watson is suspended?
  22. That’s not how I interpret it…technically, Crimea doesn’t need to rebuilt right now. Although it probably will be after the massive battles that take place there. Ukraine has been pretty open about their intent to retake Crimea.
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