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  1. In his (very) limited defense, google does suck. I've been experimenting with a search engine called Kagi. It's ad-free so requires a sub. but it's lightning fast and highly customizable. Trial plan offers 100 free searches. If you don't mind being the customer rather than the product (paying less than $5 per month compared to giving your value to google or bing or duckduckgo) I encourage anyone to check it out.
  2. You've enshittened the enshittification thread. Congrats. Now seek mental help. You're so fucking out of touch with reality you can't even grasp the concept of WORKING AT versus VISITING. You're seriously suffering some form of cognitive impairment. The example I used about a store was one of many measures stores take to reduce inventory shrink - just like the burden of having to lift a piece of plexi.
  3. Yeah this discussion was weeks ago but for some reason you brought it up. You appear to have the reading comprehension of an aggy. You can't even quote yourself correctly let alone me. "to distract from the fact that legitimate customers don't want to buy them (my new favorite conspiracy theory)" -- I wrote nothing even remotely like this. You appear to be having hallucinations. You just told us the items aren't actually locked up. "LIFT HERE" means NOT LOCKED. Unless you can't read or have the comprehension of a sow. At least make up your mind what you're arguing. Why do you care if there's plexiglass in front that has to be lifted, or not? Is that a big deal for you? Do you get similarly chafed when you have to ask a sales person to get the size shoes you want out of the back? Or ask to get a watch or item of jewellery you'd like to look at? When I was a kid in high working at a famous record store, people had to ASK for help to look at/purchase pre-recorded cassette tapes because they were kept behind a counter to deter theft. Oh, the horror. If you're familiar with Barry Rithholtz he published this in December https://ritholtz.com/2023/12/retail-lobby-we-lied-about-organized-theft/ If you want to be a blathering idiot and point and cry about huge supposed organized retail crime (just a slice of shrinkage but it's been the most sensational), I can't stop you. But that shouldn't stop you from having a basic understanding that there's a reason for the misinformation. https://popular.info/p/organized-journalistic-crime Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, or if you have fox news brain. I'd call it ulterior motives.
  4. Some are pushing to call the new drug, the Cordova Prophylactic https://www.npr.org/2024/02/18/1232304606/fda-approval-food-allergies-xolair
  5. Did someone say there's no such thing as retail theft by shoppers? Tell me, genius, what percentage of sales nationally is inventory theft on the floor of a store and how does that compare to other ways inventory disappears? Is there a number that shows floor theft is greater now than in any previous year? Also is that your picture or did you rip it from the internet? Where is the store located? I was in a Target earlier today and saw nothing remotely like that. I was also in a Walgreens in CA 3 weeks ago and saw nothing like it. A store that puts their deodorant behind lock and key like that is a store that doesn't want to sell deodorant. Whose neck do you think retailers are trying to put their foot on? Are you, in fact, gullible enough to believe that increasing criminal penalties for petty theft is going to deter theft or prove somehow beneficial to society?
  6. This was in Australia but wth... 1. Famous evangelical pastor tries to search for "Ladies and girls kissing" but... 2. Somehow manages to put his search into a tweet and not a search engine 3. Has a church staffer claim he was hacked. Brian Houston Says His X Account Was Hacked, But The Internet Isn't Buying It - RELEVANT (relevantmagazine.com)
  7. Yes lawmakers in Italy tried a similar approach in the early 2000s but repealed it 5 years later because it was cruel and infeasible.
  8. What's next: - destruction of an embryo will likely be treated as murder in Alabama. - the rights of embryos will be extended the same rights as born children in Alabama. - IVF is legal in Alabama - but only one embryo transfer at a time, no matter the quality of the embryo and every embryo created MUST be transferred.
  9. Paramount+ is free with a walmart+ membership, which is also free if one has amex plat. Either his widow has amex plat, walmart+, or maintains paramount+ on her own. If none of the above apply then their billing department is fucked up, which wouldn't exactly be a surprise.
  10. Reddit, its, shall we say, unreliability, and its appearance on the first page of search results, is discussed in the article. Verywell, People.com, Health.com, Travel + Leisure, Byrdie, MyDomaine, The Spruce, Lifewire, Southern Living, TreeHugger, Parents.com, Real Simple, Popular Science, Tom's Guide, NY Mag, CNET, Business Insider, Buzz Feed, Better Homes and Gardens, Rolling Stone - those are many of the brands that now dominate everyone's product recommendations search results and all they're doing is pull in reviews from amazon and then link back there for affiliate sales. Here's the article's conclusion:
  11. A fascinating article about how google is allowing large publishers to not only game 'search' but also fails sites that do actual independent reviews. An explanation for why your product review search results probably suck. https://housefresh.com/david-vs-digital-goliaths/
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