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  1. Some people aren't above blatantly stealing jokes. And by some people, I mean Space Karen Holmes Musk. What the fuck is wrong with you, Elon Musk? (new thread title? @MaybeACoordinator )
  2. Agreed. Space Karen's talking about nefarious bots and so that's what I was talking about. Twitter could easily distinguish nefarious bots from entertainment bots but they have often been slow to do so. Now under Space Karen it's seems to be going an entirely different direction.
  3. Why don't they just figure out how to put the kibosh on bots, you ask? Space Karen needs all those followers.
  4. You see, ya fucking morons, all it takes is sending your cash to Elron Holmes Musk and that turns twitter into a self-moderating social media site. Fire moderator staff. Charge customers. Pure genius. Auto pilot for twitter. No drivers or moderators required!!
  5. add this to the list of things that definitely didn't happen...fucken aggy named 'tiggie' schooling UT grads. Sure, okay.
  6. Comments in the $12k for a verified brand badge thread only slightly interesting...fanbois on one side, anyone with common sense on the other.
  7. My younger sister has early stage (suspected) lung cancer. Our father (2-packs-a-day addict) died youngish (63) from lung cancer and she also was a smoker, so thankfully, at least, she's been on top of early detection. She moved from LA to Fort Collins about a year ago so I've been going to her various surgeon and pulmonologist appts. University of Colorado Health (UCH) is the largest hospital and provider network in our region. Surgeon there wanted to get her into surgery right away and planned to cut out a portion of her lung and lymph nodes. She then got a 2nd opinion from a doctor with Boulder Community Health, the last remaining independent, doctor owned network in our region. His recommendation was step 1, try a biopsy, hope for results; step 2 a few weeks later, catscan-guided bronchoscopy to get a sample if necessary and also to mark it for future surgery if necessary and to visually see if lymph nodes effected, then wait a few weeks before...; step 3, surgery to cut out anything they thought necessary. Then she discovered MD Anderson has a partnership with Banner Health in Greeley, CO where they have robotic bronchoscopy. We met with them yesterday. Greeley is a dump, maybe slightly above being the College Station of Colorado. But they have the latest and greatest technology for treating lung cancer, it's minimally invasive and offers all-in-one convenience - they can get a culture, view the lungs and lymph nodes with the tiniest of cameras and tubes, mark the areas of concern, test the tissue samples while you're on the table, and then remove them, all within a few hours. Hopefully if the insurance side of this bullshit works out she'll have it all done within 3 weeks.
  8. That dude not only fantasized about talking to a 17 year old, he likely fantasized about going on vacation to begin with, and that Sark is out there making promises about aspects of his job over which he has no say and no control, like conference and network negotiations. Fucking dorks.
  9. Chopper


    and don't order a side of kidneys
  10. tldr: You're encouraged to post sock puppet accounts. If you don't know how to create one, ask gary79 or Loochi. DO NOT post anything that will hurt the very tender aggie feelings. gary79ag was an English major at ATM, as you can probably tell by the wordsmith par excellence on his annual 'sip tears' post:
  11. Once he learned ATM was going to hire an OC who "wants to score a lot of points," he was all-in with aggy.
  12. But when the staff you're stuck with is basically a bunch of unqualified grovelers, plus a bunch of H1B visa holders who are essentially captive workers and who in no way asked for the bullshit they're being asked to buy into now... edit to note, this is the type of small breakage that some MIT guy wrote is exactly what would happen once the staff who knew how thing worked were cut...small, unexplained breakages that begin to add up, one by one.
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