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  1. I wonder if Harvdog posted Tunmise's bail? He's a good kid, after all.
  2. Wendy's is in a weird position in the market. They're better than McDonald's, Burger King, Sonic and Jack in the Box, but not as good as Whataburger, In N Out, Shake Shack , or 5 Guys. They're neither really cheap like the shit chains, nor are their burgers "good" like the others. (I don't post this to argue whether any of the "better" chains deserve to be in that category.)
  3. No it doesn't. Not when there's usually a Popeye's around much closer than a Wendy's. Wendy's isn't nearly popular enough, nor do they have enough locations to do surge pricing. Chick-fil-a could get away with that shit. Wendy's can't.
  4. Let’s just stop this “what I prefer to eat for dinner” bullshit right now.
  5. Gonna put all the stuff I normally do in the ground this week. I don't think it's gonna freeze again this year. I'll do 4 types of tomatoes, japs, serranoes, habaneros, and cayenne. I make fermented hot sauce from the peppers. I put two chili pequins in the garden last year and they got huge and killed off most of my peppers because they robbed all the light. I'll put one pequin in a large container this year instead. I put cukes directly into the lawn soil and run them up a trellis. These "winter" temps and lack of rain have me concerned about this summer.
  6. Runny eggs are delicious. I'd rather have runny eggs than burnt eggs. Burnt eggs taste like sulfer farts.
  7. No one outside of Lake Travis would be talking about this if the kid wasn't a 4-star D1 football prospect. He's basically a public figure at this point, and he needs to learn to act accordingly. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, you dipshit. Also, his mom is on the board of some sort of OU athletics support/booster bullshit. Even if he hadn't almost killed a teammate, he was probably never gonna come here.
  8. I'll give it a spin. I actually don't think I've ever listened to the whole record. I guess that's the record they made right before Rhett got sober. I read an interview somewhere that Jason Isbell was a resource for him when quitting drinking/weed.
  9. I mean, I get it. But if I want to listen to the Old 97s, I want to listen to the good shit that I like that got me into them. I know every note, every lyric to every song on their first three records. I dig Fight Songs and Satellite Rides, but don't listen to those albums as much. And Drag it Up was good but all I really love off that record is "won't be home." Everything after that felt/feels like the Rhett Miller-easy-listening-pop-experience where the songs could be used in the reconciliation scene of a rom com. They set a standard that was impossible to maintain. I still want to see them live again though.
  10. Fuck, forgot about another Drive By Truckers song. They wrote a shit ton of songs about other musicians. And not just a passing reference. Like a whole goddamn song:
  11. About Ronnie Van Zant and Neil Young More DBT/Jason Isbell about The Band's Rick Danko and Richard Manuel More songs about members of the Band - Elton John about Levon Helm More Jason Isbell about Justin Townes Earle Edit: Levon isn't actually about Levon Helm. Bernie Taupin just liked the name and wrote the lyrics to the song about a guy named Levon. Still, I think it counts.
  12. Music is important to me. Musicians that make the music that I like are important to me. Some songs/albums are more important than others, including: Social/Political Change: Billy Holiday - Strange Fruit Blowin in the Wind - Dylan Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke What's Going On - Marvin Gaye Fight the Power - Public Enemy There's a Riot Going On - Sly Stone Both Sides, Now - Joni Mitchell Innovation in songwriting/recording Robert Johnson Hank Williams Revolver & Rubber Soul - Beatles Bob Dylan - Pretty much everything he did in the 60s Jimi Hendrix Exile - Stones Redheaded Stranger - Willie The Ramones S/T Pet Sounds - Beach Boys Nevermind - Nirvana OK Computer - Radiohead I don't even listen to most of that shit regularly. But I recognize and understand the impact and importance of each in the evolution of popular music. There's a lot more shit but that's what I thought of off the top of my head.
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