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  1. If this mustard company blows up they may double down on their partnership as well. They're interesting parallels because I think Vuori was a startup when they first partnered with that LSU gymnast, and now they've raised like $400 million. I was thinking about it from the angle of small local companies who see obvious partnerships based on something as ridiculous as Bijan/Dijan name similarities. That sponsorship can result in substantial exposure for what I guess would be a relatively modest investment. Obviously Bijan is a unicorn. But this is probably the model for a case study on how/why NIL can be beneficial for both parties. Regarding Lambo, my understanding is that the sponsorship was with the Austin dealership. Since it's resulted in national exposure, I wonder if the local dealership can go back to corporate and negotiate a portion of the funds they paid to be reimbursed due to the national exposure it generated.
  2. Has there been a more lucrative sponsorship for the corporation than "Bijan Mustardson"? I can't imagine they paid a remarkable amount for his endorsement, and they've earned regular mentions/impressions on nationally-televised games. But even if they paid $1m+, it seems the PR they've received is worth it. To me, these are the kinds of synergies and partnerships that make NIL interesting.
  3. “They pick up the blitz” right as Barron burns the RB
  4. Run the fucking ball every goddamn play
  5. I’m surprised that wasn’t targeting
  6. Throw that shit away dude. Jesus fuck.
  7. For coaches, maybe. Not for players who can transfer to another school immediately after the season's over. So it's not even a full year. You can enroll in August and leave in December. It's like four months.
  8. Ya think that game was good for recruiting? Holy shit that was fun.
  9. Apparently you do. No one missed your point. It's just that everyone else accepted this inevitability a long fucking time ago and stopped bitching about it. Like it or not, this is the new reality, and thread-shitting about it isn't productive and is tiresome for everyone else on this site. You're posturing like you're the smartest person in the room, when in reality you're the only person that doesn't seem to understand or accept the way things work now. We get it. NIL is a thinly-veiled construct for Universities and supporters of those Universities to pay college athletes to play sportsball at that University, and does not correlate to their actual promotional value. You also myopically view NIL through the narrow lens of endorsements, and do not take into consideration charitable causes and community-event contributions athletes from the University can make through NIL funds like Texas One. There is no established "market rate" for that. Each University can set that rate at whatever they deem appropriate. It's not fucking capitalism. And you're not mad about NIL. You're mad about the transfer portal. Paying athletes for their time and public profile isn't creating a semi-pro league. It's that athletes can transfer to any school they want whenever they want (yes, I understand that under current rules you only get one transfer without having to sit out, but that's going away too, so prepare your vagina for that inevitable shit show) and those transfers are largely being driven by how much NIL money a player can get in an "open market". Lastly, accepting this new reality, wouldn't you rather be a supporter of one of the richest Universities and alumni-bases in the college sports landscape? To me, this new reality seems to be a competitive advantage for Texas. That's a good thing. What if you were a supporter of a school like Nebraska? You're not pointing out anything that every single person on this board already understands (Football board, not so much). Hold on to your butts. It's gonna be a wild ride.
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