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  1. Fuck. Why haven't we thought to win the conference before we leave? It's just that easy!
  2. That was beautiful. Just impossibly beautiful. They need to have a special emmy category for "best guest appearance" on a TV show so Nick Offerman can win. And I feel very, very sorry for anyone that can't see past their own prejudice and homophobia to appreciate a beautiful love story that is so expertly executed. Even in the "golden age of television" we get very few of these moments that impact profoundly. These bigots are really missing out.
  3. Sure. That's his takeaway. Not the murder. The offence that precipitated the murder.
  4. You watched a video of a civilian getting murdered by the police and the one thing you came away with is "what did this guy do wrong?" Your priorities are fucked, you boot-licking piece of shit.
  5. Curiously, your first takeaway after watching the video was what this guy did wrong. It's almost as if you're seeking evidence that justifies his murder.
  6. First, let me state that you are most certainly an asshole. But the degree of assholery is somewhat mitigated by this being self-checkout. I give way fewer shits about going over in self-checkout because, at my store, there are like 12 stations and one will open up sooner than later. Plus, if you're a fast checker-outer, and you don't have a bunch of produce you have to search for, you can get through relatively quickly. But still, definite asshole. But if you go into the 15 items or less line with 22 items where a checker is scanning your shit, I get pretty rage-y. And if you don't bag your shit and make the checker do it after they scan all your shit, I'm gonna give you a "really asshole?" look the entire fucking time. In short - 7 items over in self-checkout? You're an asshole, but I'll allow it. 7 items over in the 15 or less line? Fuck you, you dipshit.
  7. Sure. But hear me out here - wouldn't it be best if the cops stopped murdering civilians? Because when that stops happening, the riots stop happening.
  8. Correct Incorrect. It's actually "If people who typically defend the police, then don't defend the police when the police are black, and don't bring up the black victim's background...it's also because of racism." See? It's not that hard to understand. But we all believe you'll eventually be able to make that very obvious connection, little buddy. We believe in you!
  9. You're so close to getting it. I think you'll get there. Just make the connection. Good job, little buddy! I believe in you!
  10. You're not very nuanced, are you? Kinda stupid, in fact.
  11. Spite is the world's greatest motivator.
  12. I mean, when you put it THAT way.....
  13. *Regular* human special assistant to the head *women's volleyball* coach
  14. I predict they will buy Collin Simmons. He’s probably the top player in the state. And he plays the one position they absolutely don’t need. It’s incredibly on brand.
  15. Have you never seen "walla" used on this site? You have thirty-two thousand posts. How is that possible?
  16. This is like my idea to turn off positive rep in cloak room so there's only neg rep. Walla. No more cloak room posters. They'll neg each other to death. Win win.
  17. Everyone else has this dildo on ignore. Quoting him makes you as big of a dumbass as he is. Fucking stop it.
  18. Anyone have David Crosby? Cuz he dead. He also seemed like a real dickhead.
  19. He's currently at 82 before they officially implement their update. They're doing the top-50 countdown and they have Cook, Hill, Williams, and Muhammad all outside of the top 50. Only top-50 players we will have will be Arch, Baxter and McDonald. They have 8 guys from Texas in the top 50 and only one is committed to Texas. (I'm not at all complaining about the class we signed. Just interesting to see that they're relatively down on our guys from the state)
  20. This. I have absolutely no interest in watching a cantankerous old Tom Hanks grumble about the youths of today. This movie seems like the manifestation of "OK Boomer".
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