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  1. It was a Paul “Christ”-like performance.
  2. Milroe reminds me a lot of Braxton Miller the old Ohio State QB. Easy to see why Tom Herman recruited him. He would have been perfect for that era OSU offense.
  3. Watched a bit of Bama/MTSU. Both OL's are a work in progress. Neither QB has established a consistent high level of play. Both defenses look pretty stout. I think we have better overall skill talent but Milroe is a wild card. On the first series, there was a bad snap but he picked it up and housed it thirty yards for a TD. He is a talented, powerful runner with a cannon arm but prone to mistakes. Sets up as a low scoring defensive affair. Whoever makes the most of their limited opportunities probably wins. Take the under. Oh and if we let Milroe extend drives by running on 4th like Tech did last year then that will be very bad.
  4. Thanks for bumping this. This is the year Sark shows he has learned to manage both Head Coach and OC or we look for a OC to take some of the load. Either way, a full program reboot looks pretty unnecessary to me.
  5. I like Sark's staff better than Herman's. I like his OL/DL philosophy and recruiting better than Herman's. I like his player development way better than Herman's (Ojomo, Coburn, Overshown, Christian Jones, and more) I like his QB room better than Herman's. I like what he did as OC at Bama. So why is the win/loss record nothing special so far and why has the offense had mediocre 2nd halves? My guess is that he is having trouble being BOTH a Head Coach and an OC at the same time. That is why our opening scripts look great and then we trail off some later in the game. It feels like a bandwidth issue for Sark. This could continue to be a problem or it could get fixed by: Sark learning to manage it better with 2 years of experience. Sark hires an OC and focuses on being a head coach. Both of those solutions seem plausible and do not require another program reboot. I'd rather have to go find a capable OC than find a replacement head coach and do a full program reboot. So basically, to me, this is the year we find out if Sark can do both or we need to get an OC to run the offense and free Sark up to just be a Head Coach.
  6. Chryst seems like a good hire to really get the run game working well.
  7. This was Katy Jordan's first year in 6A. Only it's third year in existence.
  8. Most CFB coaching hires fail. Almost all are bets with big unknowns on how they play out. Sark is no exception. I like the plan to play big boy football a lot. I like the game week preparation a lot. I like the way a fair amount of players seem to have been developed. I like coaches getting hired away for better jobs a lot. I expect next year's OL to maybe be our best since 05-06. And yet I can see issues with in game management. Maybe he is having issues balancing calling plays and being head coach. So some good and some worries too. We should know a lot more in about 24 months. It's a good thing Longhorn fans are known for their patience.
  9. Yes my bad. I heard it from a good student source. I thought it was legit. Mea culpa.
  10. I get that there is a lot of heartburn over some questionable gameday play calling and this staff. A fair amount of that is deserved. I also think this staff is doing a very good job of maximizing what UT brings (NIL and everything else) to the table off the field and they deserve credit for that when things go as well as this class did. I have concerns that being both a play caller and head coach might not be the 100% right way to go with Sark. Especially, if they get rid of the coaching staff limits which makes the benefit less. It seemed like we got squeezed on coaching bandwidth a few times this year late in games. I also have very few concerns with the broader program. Those parts of the program seem to be in good hands with this staff. I loved seeing the player development this year as that has been one of our biggest nightmares. Eventually, it has to translate to consistent winning and conference championships so we will see down the road how it goes.
  11. I don't think Tom Herman and Co. get to sniff Manning or the Hawaii kids no matter how good our NIL game becomes. NIL is important. Staffs also have to develop and use relationships (Choice in the Southeast, PK and Choate on the West Coast) and show on the field development and growth. The staff did enough of that IMO to be a large part of the reason for this class's outcome.
  12. And I don't know if NIL would have been the thing if the defense had cratered again two years in a row. Does NIL matter? Yes, it does. Is it the only reason this staff achieved a great, balanced class? I'm going with no.
  13. Hard to think we out-NIL'd Georgia and Bama for Manning. Hard to think we out-NIL-'d Miami and Florida for Baxter. And thinking PK and Choate's west coast roots went a long way with Hawaii kids. But if I'm wrong, I'll be happy to learn about it.
  14. Hey fair enough. Texas may become a NIL Deathstar at some point but I don't think it's the deciding factor yet. This class had star power and balance. The national cherry picking (Manning, Baxter, Lefau, Akana) had a lot more to do with this staff (PK, Choate, Milwee, Choice) than NIL in my opinion.
  15. I think grabbing guys from G5 schools that have verifiable on the field production, like Neyor, is going to be the mainstay. Plus, guys caught up in coaching staff changes.
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