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  1. I was thinking about "good" hires yesterday and remembered Joe Wickline. I was convinced he was a home run hire. And then he wasn't. TLDR - I don't know shit about fuck.
  2. We haven't signed one either.
  3. Milwee is probably his own category. It's striking that Sark, Flood, Banks, and Choice are among the best coaches in the country at their position. Davis was the only defensive coach in that conversation. If I had to rank them it would be something like: Flood Choice Banks Kwiatkowski Jackson Joseph/Gideon Nansen and Baker are TBD and there's a pretty big gap between Jackson and Joseph/Gideon. I don't really know where to put Milwee.
  4. On the bright side, Baker probably coached against most of A&M's incoming portal transfers while at Western Kentucky.
  5. Someone's going to do it so it might as well be me... I suggest your mom. She's a sack master. She's good one-on-one, but isn't afraid to take on a double team. She knows how to use her hands, is good with twists and stunts. Has a quick get off and knows how to finish...
  6. Don't be an asshole. Tell me about his forearms or GTFO!
  7. He's a good take, but it looks like the difference between him and Collins is similar to the difference between Murphy and Collins. There's a pretty big gap there. Murphy, Collins, and Sweat all improved 10ish points over the previous season so if he shows similar progress he'd have a really good season. If Collins does the same he's in Sweat/Murphy territory. That's a big if though.
  8. I lived in Samoa for a while in my 20s. I'm reasonably athletic and was in pretty good shape and regularly got my ass kicked in the village rugby game by 9th graders.
  9. Nice to see Bama fans adjusting well to the post-Saban era. I can't wait to see how they react to actually losing a game.
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