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  1. @DalTxHornFan I created a thread just for you here Please go there to debate this topic and don't post in this thread any more And everyone else, when someone comes in here with this kind of shit please report and DON"T FUCKING ENGAGE WITH THEM Please go to the thread above to debate with them
  2. If you'd like to argue about guns and knives there's a thread in the politics board for it.
  3. new year, new thread, closing this one down
  4. irish wrist watch is taking some time off. disco missle this is your final warning. This thread is about the TV show. There is another thread if you want to talk about the fucking other shit that was not on the show.
  5. ztejas, if you post in a thread other than your thread on the recruiting board you're taking a vacaion
  6. I split off ztejas and earl of texas to antother thread. feel free to report any posts from other people that showed up today and I'll move those over to that thread ztejas and earl of texas, there is a thread if you want to continue in the recruting forum. don't post in this thread
  7. this picture is now available as a background. click on the pic icon to the right of your username in the menu bar to pick your background
  8. don't like the background? you're in luck. click on the picture icon next to the messages icon in the menu bar at the top, and you'll get several choices to make your background.
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