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  1. Is this sarcasm or are you talking about Legatron?
  2. that's a great story. Kubiak had some good moments as head coach and this Arian Foster/Andre Johnson/Owen Daniels fantasy owner loved what he brought to the offense in those years the Texans didn't suck.
  3. For all the shit he took, Gary Kubiak's coaching staffs seeded some impressive head coaching talent.
  4. you sound like a dumbass Yankees or Dodgers fan. get over it. it's been 16+ years.....
  5. Drellich is such a giant piece of shit and it's obvious to anyone with a whiff of common sense that he made himself a part of this story because of his long-running beef with the Astros front office during his time at the Chronicle.
  6. Bumping this thread to say there's a lot of useful advice here (some of which I need to go back and read again) and also ask some questions and share some lightbulb moments I've had in my long journey from beginner to beginner guitarist. My first question for you seasoned players is about memorizing pentatonics. I started with the basic pattern 2 and pattern 4 major and minor pentatonic scales and went from there to learn all five shapes, but the further I went the more I was confused AF by what shape went with what respective minor/major pentatonic until I finally realized they were all the same five patterns (duh) and to just keep practicing them in different keys. Any good exercises I should try aside from playing over backing tracks? My typical routine is going up and down the pentatonic vertically but I'd like to have a better feel for them across the strings horizontally. I'm not all the way there with them but I'm comfortable and getting close to having the patterns down pat but more importantly I understand the importance of knowing the root notes and how those dictate the shape of the pattern. Man, CAGED is everything!! I would never have figured it out without first learning CAGED and understanding how those octave shapes define the chord shapes and the pentatonics are all from those chord shapes. If you are a beginner (or an intermediate) and you don't know CAGED, I highly recommend learning it because it will unlock the fretboard and make the guitar a lot less mystifying, it will help you understand pentatonics, and it will also help you be able to figure out what chord you're playing when you just land on some triad that sounds good. Also, another trick I used to help me visualize how the pentatonics relate to each other was to print up a pdf of each respective pattern in both minor and major form and then cut each one out into little rectangles. I then took those little rectangles and, starting with pattern 1 as you would on, say, the D chord from frets 2-5, laid each one over the next where the root notes match. In essence they are like little jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together on each end. Amazing. I realize it probably sounds silly and obvious to the experienced guitarists but that was a really helpful visualization technique that also helped me understand how the parts fit into the whole.
  7. I agree with everything Granato says in that clip. he's spot on about Altuve, Beltran, the BBWAA, and especially Doug Glanville's take on the the difference between PEDs and sign stealing. I remember that piece when it was published and I've often thought of it when reading the hyperventilating criticisms of the Astros by fans and writers calling 2017 the greatest scandal in baseball history. Not even close, and I say that as a fan who thinks the worst thing about the PED era was the sanctimonious b.s. that came out of it. Here's the piece Granato referenced, it's a good read. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28850651/i-played-clean-steroid-era-peds-hurt-players-more-sign-stealing-does
  8. Those two living the life, pulling more than offspeed pitches.
  9. And would be more revered by Yankees fans than Jeter because of his size
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