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  1. You guys should just go ahead and place big money bets on Arlington tonight. You cannot lose.
  2. it doesn't in a 5-2 game with Montero on the mound you fucking clown. and you know it. that game was over before he came to bat. Adolis is Yasiel Puig 2.0
  3. Adolis had four Ks before a grand slam that was preceded by the Astros failing to capitalize on the bases loaded in the 8th he had no role in this game tonight
  4. definition of a frontrunner clown do it when it matters
  5. It sucks to lose tonight but this series isn't over. FUCK ALL YALL NEGATIVE NANCY PANTS MOTHERFUCKERS This season has been a roller coaster with injuries and dipshittery where the pitching went hot and the bats went cold and then the bats went hot and the pitching stunk. The Astros shit the bed against terrible teams late in the season and we were all mostly resigned to just getting in as a wild card and then seeing what happpens. Lo and behold, we win out at Arizona and win the division title after trailing in the standings all year and here we are, one huge win away from a fifth trip to the World Series in eight seasons. This is not the time for shriveling, this is the time for manifesting all that bullshit negativity into dynastic greatness.
  6. Keep talking shit if you must but....... REMEMBER. WHO. WE. ARE.
  7. of course. i was shocked that he was PH for Pena in that situation and thought it was bizarre old school righty/lefty thinking by Dusty. But my post was about my fingers and toes crossed hopes and prayers of a magical baseball moment for a dude who's had quite the roller coaster ride and had an opportunity to etch a memory for fanbase that's been blessed with quite a few great ones the last seven years. baseball, man. alas.......
  8. Nah Dusty wasn't expecting him to just walk, he was expecting him to hit an xbh
  9. aside from the no duh obviousness of it as a homer fan, I really really wanted to see Singleton come through in that huge moment just for his career arc. I was practically shitting myself with nervousness, I can't imagine how a hyped prospect with his rise and fall and return back to MLB as a 31 year old journeyman minor leaguer was ready for the enormity of it. Baseball is a game of failure, sucks that he wasn't able to be the successful side for that one at bat. Part of me thinks Dusty ran him out there for similar sentiments.....
  10. It's true. I love Dream and Earl but Altuve is next-level clutch.
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