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  1. Yep, this ^^^^ Some really good discussions on the football board here vs other sites. Some pretty idiotic things too (which is part of the fun.)
  2. Well, it's not new and it's not Mexico, but yeah...
  3. LOLZ - No shortage of comedy here: https://twitter.com/wilnerhotline/status/1649501682290806784
  4. There is a lot of activity on the Arizona board this morning with one guy who had been adamant that no PAC team would leave for the Big 12. Apparently, he got some news and now has changed his tune after MONTHS of fighting with everyone that Arizona would never leave. Nothing specific yet but it is believed to be related to Colorado and Arizona (and possibly more) moving to the Big 12 and being announced soon. For what it is worth, this poster shared the info with Jason Scheer who validated the info and brings some credibility to the rumor.
  5. Same here. At least Brett is trying to monetize what's left as best he can.
  6. Big 12 data rights deal: https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Morning-Buzz/2023/03/21/big-12-closes-in-on-data-rights-deal.aspx
  7. Don't call me Shirley You can tell me, I'm a doctor Also, the calm down bit where the lady is getting hysterical and there is a line of people wanting to beat the shit out of her No parking in the red/white zone bit
  8. Would love to see this series continue. As I understand, there are a couple of spinoff shows with "The Ballerina" and "The Continental". I really like how Reeves does his own stunts and is quite good with the actual martial arts and 3-gun shooting (check him out on YouTube.) Wouldn't mind a crossover show with Atomic Blonde, but obviously the timelines wouldn't match up (with Atomic Blonde being set in the cold war 80's.)
  9. Can't imagine Zona would stay in the shitty basketball Pac-12 conference with PPV TV coverage on the horizon. Especially when they have an opportunity to get into the Big-12 and be on regular TV in packed stadiums against ranked opponents almost every week. But hey, they're Arizona so meh?
  10. Loose Stool

    Facing Nolan

    Agreed. Great show about a great pitcher.
  11. Yeah, and he still is owed $40 million from his last contract. Dude is flush...
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