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  1. Loose Stool

    Facing Nolan

    Agreed. Great show about a great pitcher.
  2. Yeah, and he still is owed $40 million from his last contract. Dude is flush...
  3. Aggy comedy just writes itself. Who could have thought that they could screw themselves so bad that they lock themselves into a Jimbo twist for $100 million dollars? DAFUQ? Then they constantly brag about their #1 class, spend millions of NIL dollars on it and to just watch it all implode is just pure comedy gold. This level of incompetence is truly once-in-a-lifetime and to see it happen to such a bunch of fucked up shit-bag wing nuts is priceless! How can they not see this? Delusional groupthink? Aggy incompetence? Yet, we can all see it coming miles away.
  4. LOL, this is such bullshit. THIS guy has inside scoop? Riiiiiiighhhhtttttt....
  5. Tech has a strong RB group but the O Line is hammered dog shit and their backs can't get any lanes to run through. Tech's QB1 (Shough) is out because he hurt the same shoulder in game 1 as he did against Texas last year. QB2 (Smith) started the last two games and thrown 5 INTs including two pic six. His decision making skills are still in development which is not helped by the shit OL not giving him any time. Both his arm and running abilities are above average but again, hampered by questionable decisions leading to missed opportunities This is not the same Tech defense everyone jokes about. They are a solid group that flies around to the ball. Front seven are pretty good (depending on the above mentioned injury report) but depth is a concern. Corners and safeties are average and probably the weak link on the defense. The group overall tackles better than previous iterations of the alleged 'defense' but still whiffs on open field tackles from time to time and still gets burned by the wide-receiver screens. Special teams is a joke constantly giving up good returns on kicks and fucking up on punt receiving which gives the offense poor starting field position, i.e. inside their own 10 which exasperates the issues on offense. Oh and when they do get a nice return, it is typically negated by some idiotic holding call. Field goal unit is questionable with two different kickers to have struggled. McGuire holding on to his time outs and not going for the win was a real head scratcher. Also, he put in QB3 (Morton) on the last couple of series. Of course, he was moving the ball then promptly threw an INT. This year Tech probably struggles to win five games. With some better OL help and a healthy, experienced QB, they will likely do much better next year. I would think Texas wins by double digits.
  6. All this plus don't forget the Perry's Chief of Staff Mike Mckinney (who's son was the center for A&M) who likened the incident to "defending the Alamo" as he was swinging his binoculars at the "Gap kid" and his band of misfits. McKinney gets all bloodied because some Tech hooligan came up and "knocked the fool out of me" (his words, not mine.) That's when all shit broke loose. Later video confirmed that McKinney was struck in the head by an A&M fan (not a Tech hooligan as he claimed.) You can read more about it here: https://www.dailytoreador.com/archives/mckinney-accuses-tech-administrators-of-cover-up-aggie-threw-punch-at-him/article_06be8824-648b-5464-b8ed-13c8a60e8921.html Good times indeed LOL. Fucking aggie bastards.
  7. Which apparently was pretty spot on. Looking at UH's schedule - they will be favored (and likely win) their remaining 10 games leading up to the conference championship. They were hoping to be this years Cincinnati and make it to the playoff but Tech shit on that dream. Of course, Houston could have been undefeated last year heading in the conference championship but Tech fucked that up for them as well. Point is that it is good for Tech and UH to have reasons to want to pummel each other and have bragging rights (especially with schools in the same state where you, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. all went to different schools.)
  8. Here is kind of a summary of what was said:
  9. Indeed that is correct. He was out for the rest of the season.
  10. I agree with this, plus Tech's schedule is tough with six games against pre-season ranked squads - two are out of conference so they're not starting with three wins before conference play starts. I think it takes a couple of years for McGuire and Kittley to get better talent and the team adjusted to the new program.
  11. Perhaps part of the issue is that Mobilehoma is part of this deal and maybe they didn't have the legal horsepower, couldn't afford the buyout or wasn't in a position to leave early (for whatever reason?)
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