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  1. I’m actually happy with the passing today. They just need to make more shots. I know that sounds simple but sometimes the solution is.
  2. Technically you are correct but I guarantee no prosecutor was up at 2 am drafting charging documents before a police report was even written, so he prolly hasn’t been “charged” yet other than police booking him in and turning in a PC statement.
  3. Yeah I’m not ready to say klubnik sucks after one drive. We know the other guy does. However, it’s clear Syracuse really wants to be the dumber team.
  4. He really doesn’t. 2 of their top 3 pass catchers are highly rated not freshman WRs. And all 3 of the top pass catchers are highly rated recruits. So all his points are incorrect. I guess we are about to find out with Klubnik in.
  5. Sure, and if it was just a couple guys I’d say you have a point. You’ve got a bunch of other 4 stars as well as those top guys I referenced. No way they all suck. Swinney made his career with WR development.
  6. You’re completely delusional as to what poor WR recruiting even is. I literally just gave you the National ranking to your WR room. 5 National top 20 players at their position. or maybe you’ll understand this…5 of the 22 highest rated players on your roster are WRs
  7. I’m just trying to imagine having guys that went #6, #9, #12, #13, and #17 WRs in their various recruiting classes on the roster and claiming the QB has no weapons to throw to. By comparison Texas has Hall and Worthy as the only guys anywhere near that level and then Whittington was a top rated athlete. I consider Texas to have an above average WR room and it isn’t near Clemson. Swinney is going to cause his program to shrivel and die between portal dumbassery and loyalty to a crappy QB.
  8. Man I didn’t realize I was on the Clemson board. Fuck those guys and go Syracuse. The QB still sucks ass and is who we thought he was. Probably throwing to the highest rated assortment of WRs in the country and consistently can’t do shit if they aren’t wide open.
  9. Yeah that’s good stuff. Shows Correa was fully bought in on Astros analytics approach to the game.
  10. I think he will run a good 40. His acceleration is pretty good for his size. I’m guessing low 4.5 or maybe even high 4.4. He only starts looking a little slower on his longer runs where the sprinter speed folks flourish. That isn’t him, but that’s okay.
  11. It’s a talented but young offensive line. They need the weight room to start moving those big bodies on run downs
  12. I feel like people are being overly negative because they don’t want to get hurt again. I saw some good things out of both sides of the ball. Both sides of the ball dominated the 2nd strings for stretches of the game. That’s what you want to see realistically. Other than that you can’t tell much except the game was fairly evenly matched. Could mean we suck, we are average, or show me a loss. I get it, going with we suck is the easiest because we have for so long and Sark hasn’t shown he can be anything more than average as a head coach. But it’s also a really lazy take based off this spring game.
  13. I’ll never forget when my first unit deployed to Iraq they wouldn’t let us off the plane in Budapest because they were hostile to American soldiers apparently. After flying that long flight we sat there on the plane over 2 hours before taking off for Kuwait. In all my back and forth travels after that, that was the only time that happened. I’ve always wondered if that was true or just something they made up. Sounded made up at the time, but maybe not. I was so pissed because we carried half our gear and weapons on that plane and were sandwiched like sardines. We just wanted to breath for a bit. They were just chartered commercial flights so it was super cramped. Fuck Budapest…
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