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  1. so how does this money compare to what the sec can expect once we join?
  2. fun post from the austin subreddit female who might have caught it from a toilet seat?
  3. so dumb questions time isnt the vaccine actually the small pox vaccine which is really nasty? like causes major boil and can spread the live virus to kids causing them to be paralyzed for life? if that is the case, wouldn’t it be better to let this painful, but temporary and non-lethal disease run it’s corse rather than paralyze a bunch of kids? again, sorry if this is a dumb question. edit: i asked my wife who grew up in a third world country that still gives the small pox shot and has the scar. she was too young to remember, but said it was horrible when they gave it to her little brother really hope we have made upgrades or something
  4. wait. do you are willing to openly call a woman a whore for stating her opinion because of an internet rumor? one that was probably started by some incel who was upset at her for having a differing opinion? god, society can suck sometime. can’t it?
  5. why call her a whore? plenty of other words to use. stop being a sexist fuck.
  6. what a competent individual. would make an amazing president
  7. cool texas monthly article from 1974 on conference realignment it really is funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same The Decline and Fall of the Southwest Conference Two things are certain: death and Texas.
  8. same. also with abe thread
  9. oh not, the temp trees? that dates back from the 1800s. was a wonderful example of colonial architecture. horrific loss if true.
  10. my miami beach STR is awesome. thought we (well my wife) bought it out of a bankruptcy during the housing crash. at the the current rental rate, 4 years of profit will total more than she paid for it. wish she had bought more. lol
  11. umm. i hate to tell you this, but that monkey is still around…
  12. i like this kid. wish we could get him. love the personality
  13. the only benefit to large 20+ conferences is that then hopefully we can restart small regional division. Make SWC division of the SEC!
  14. i know someone who recently crossed in one of these. scary shit. thankfully she made it safely.
  15. this is so sickening. those poor people and their families.
  16. love it. but i also love Sam Raimi B horror movies.
  17. just curious, why is that?
  18. i hate how hyperspace is now instant. oh no. luke is hurt. no worry ill travel across the galaxy and be there in five minutes. oh and why the hell didn’t the star destroyer launch fighters?
  19. oh yeah. aggie coworkers have congratulated me. most are decent in person
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