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  1. Are they peacocking to 17 year olds? This whole video just seems like they are trying to trick young women. Such a weird cult
  2. Now that the game's over, can we talk about this? This is a huge blow to us, even though the SP is doing well. Do we make a move given this news or roll with what we got?
  3. The timing of this gif could not be better. The implosion was one of the best things I ever watched. My aggy friend messaged me after this play, "Championship bound. Count it". He didnt message me for months after this
  4. It's like no one remembers the "Lastros" years. You dont fire the tank commander when they are tanking like they should. The Texans literally did that with Lovie and we saw how that turned out.
  5. He is also trading the division he dominated for the division that dominated him in the WS.
  6. I really dont think JV will do well in NY but id love to be proven wrong. Dusty gave JV what he wanted. We got a 6 man rotation sometimes and JV got extra time to rest up. Not sure NYM can provide the same level of comfort. Not sure NYM can give him the same run support we have always given him. JV wants 300 wins and I will eat my hat if he gets that for NYM.
  7. This is a brain dead contract to give, given our players and his age. I love JV but he's gone if he needs that much. We have too much youth to commit that payday to him
  8. I like how you edited this post. To reiterate - you suck ass
  9. Phillies and their "intense crowd". lmao Get fucked.
  10. If we lose, we at least had the second no hitter of all time in the WS. I feel like thats still in special company and should be celebrated as such even if we lose the series
  11. FUCK Yahoo Sports. The Astros getting the second no hitter in World Series history is behind "maybe the Jazz aren't tanking after all". That's embarrassing by them edit: I dont get my news from here. A friend said they didnt even know this happened because he only checks yahoo sports
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