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  1. This is the same conversation all you numbnuts had on Choate too.
  2. Sark just took a big shit right on aggys doorstep. 🤘
  3. For all of you running your mouth ( you know who you are) the last 3 years… you can kiss my whole ass. How’s your goofy little sark names now?
  4. I see this post every year about the aggys of what they should do, but you know what… they always don’t.
  5. This has to be the Matrix, no way this is real. Ohhh wait we are talking about Aggys.
  6. I didn’t think anything would top IT saying Gary Kubiak was under serious consideration for the Texas job, but this does it. Absolutely amazing, I’ll be the first to say we are winning by 40 next year.
  7. Doesn’t matter who the new coach is most on this site will crap their pants about how Texas is now screwed. It could be bozo the clown and there will be entire threads on how he is the next Saban and we suck.
  8. In before the turds start worrying about how great the next Aggy coach is going to be and start worrying about the implications for Texas.
  9. Every turd on here will say MM is the next great QB until he throws his first interception. Then he sucks just like you all predicted. Then we need to go to Arch until he does the same thing.
  10. Aggys are right about something…other teams are going to blitz the shit out of maxi pad.
  11. You did it Jimbo! We will see you at Thanksgiving time next year.
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