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  1. I get my weird dumb bears mixed up. Sorry
  2. You been out since moving to panda land, no?
  3. Everyone should have access too eleventy guns
  4. @CowtownHorn Just handing out the finger everywhere. Fuck you asshole
  5. Woman’s finals is fucking awesome!
  6. Just great. They’re going to be leaving those scooters all over the sidewalks. Savages
  7. Proof that Big Band-Aid’s plan is working nicely. Hope you heal quick
  8. ‘May’ I sell, not ‘can’. JFC Briscoe
  9. NAVY

    Below Deck

    I’m interneting right now dick head! We didn’t know the show exists because we don’t have cable. Maybe too much Below Deck turns a person into you.
  10. NAVY

    Below Deck

    We don’t have cable at home. Visiting parents in Houston and can’t stop watching this fucking show! Such a train wreck
  11. A Few Good Men Demi Moore is peak Demi Moore. My good she is so hot in that uni
  12. This Matt guy can go fuck himself back into his mother’s asshole Rat shit bat shit dirty ol twat 69 assholes tied in a knot
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