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  1. I would sure hope during a live game that Ewers wouldn’t throw to a triple covered Parker Alford.
  2. Moving your feet a bunch right after getting the snap isn’t the same as running.
  3. Why is the DB covering Omiere missing his head in the pic? I didn’t see that on the injury report.
  4. Even if he has the best hands being able to run and cut is pretty important if he is to provide any help.
  5. Kids are just weird period, they wear hoodies when it’s hot and T-shirts and shorts when it’s cold .
  6. The Cook drop is baffling since by all accounts he excelled at camps and 7v7.
  7. Is he the one who couldn’t remember the names of all his kids in Hard Knocks?
  8. Excited to watch this kid on Friday nights the next couple years.
  9. The one that was on the field at LB last year missing tackles and generally never being in the right place.
  10. Swapping out Brockermeyer and BJ Foster alone for more competent players IMO is an additional 2-3 wins. They were just awful. Then factor in an upgrade over Thompson at QB and that’s another win or 2. As atrocious as the Defense was the offense had some major issues for periods during games (sometimes entire quarters or more). Flat out gave away the OSU, Kansas and Baylor games.
  11. Hell, that’s shorter than it takes for us to get to Manhattan, Ames and Morgantown or drive to that shithole Lubbock.
  12. It’s weird because it seems like all the athletes are doing school of choice with SV while the non athletes attend Pieper. At least looks that way currently. SV has the potential to be extremely good this year as they didn’t lose much at all from last year and quite a few D1 players including the OL committed to aggy. They should run through 5A in this area.
  13. My son said Freddie wears UT gear to their HS offseason conditioning program everyday.
  14. Should be interesting to watch, transferred to Smithson Valley this summer and with a fairly loaded roster could put up some big numbers.
  15. He likes being able to see 15 miles in every direction from a 3 story building.
  16. It definitely isn’t Thomason, he and his family are 100% in on aggy.
  17. So do you get a franchise (or several) of Papa John’s or something similar once you sign with Louisville?
  18. It would seem that prior to showing up on a NFL roster he would need to be on a college roster this season.
  19. If that really was his mom, which seemed odd in the first place, then she did a master level troll job.
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